Ceratopsian Month #20 – Styracosaurus albertensis

The last centrosaur for this month is one of the most distinctive and recognizable of all ceratopsians – the elaborate Styracosaurus (“spiked lizard”).

Known from Alberta, Canada, about 75 million years ago, it was part of the Centrosaurini branch of the centrosaur evolutionary tree, closely related to both Centrosaurus and Coronosaurus. Many fossils have been found in several different bonebeds, including some nearly complete skeletons with body lengths of around 5.5m (18′).

There was a lot of variation in the frill ornamentaion between different Styracosaurus individuals. They could have either two or three pairs of very long spikes at least 50cm long (19″), along with various smaller hooks, knobs, or tab-shaped projections.

The long nose horn was also very variable between specimens, with some pointing slightly backwards, some being straight, and others pointing forwards. Juveniles are known to have had small pointed brow horns which became even more reduced in adults.

Tomorrow we’re moving on to the chasmosaurs, so here’s the centrosaur evolutionary tree:


royaltyrrell Built for @royal_alberta_museum’s new children’s gallery, this Pachyrhinosaurus is a composite of casts from bones collected at the Grand Prairie Pachyrhinosaurus bonebed. To make, mount, and paint this dinosaur took >1000 hours over the course of six months. The painting alone took two technicians two weeks. The whole specimen was first spray painted with white, then brown, primer. The skull and body were then hand painted using washes and direct application of acrylic paints to highlight the depth and character of the bones

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Ceratopsian Month #18 – Centrosaurus apertus

Centrosaurus (“pointy lizard”) lends its name to the entire centrosaur group of ceratopsids – and also to a major branch within the centrosaur evolutionary tree, the Centrosaurini.

Known from Alberta, Cananda, around 76-75 million years ago, it grew up to about 6m long (19′8″) and is known from a huge number of fossils from thousands of individuals in gigantic bonebeds. These seem to represent enormous herds, making Centrosaurus one of of the most common dinosaurs in the region at the time.

It had a single large horn on its nose, which started off pointing backwards as a juvenile and changed shape as it grew, gradually hooking forwards. Two especially long spikes at the top of its frill curved strongly downwards, while its brow horns were reduced to small points.

Skin impressions are also known from one specimen, preserving a region around the right hip and upper leg, showing a pattern of small polygonal scales interspersed with larger rounded scales.


The Hudson-Meng Bison Kill Site:

In the year 1954 in rural northwest Nebraska, two ranchers named Bill Hudson and Albert Meng were digging a pond when they uncovered a mass of bones. Archaeologist Larry Agenbroad was brought in to investigate soon after. What began as a few square meters of bones was revealed through excavations to be a massive bonebed of Bison Antiquus (about 25% larger than modern day bison, they could grow as tall as 7.5 ft at the shoulder). While only a small portion of the bone bed has been left open for viewers, taken in its entirety the bed is larger than a football field. 

Located on the Oglala National Grasslands, the site sits on a windswept moor. Erosion, lack of tree cover, and the swift moving storms of the plains give the place a vulnerable feeling. That feeling is fitting for the site, as it is currently struggling for funding to remain open.