Arising fresh out of the suburbs of Moscow is a compelling project named Boneage formed by sound producer Leo Vasilets and 21 year old Dani D. Their first single is named Drown In The Summer, a burning deluge of bold riveting electronic pop accented by florid indie acoustics and dark gripping R&B. Boneage’s debut reminds me of long sweltering, dark ominous summer nights. You aimlessly stroll in the cover of shadows, tormented by matters of the heart, unable to free your mind. Perhaps the promise of sunrise will bring relief and a measure of hope.

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Today marks the #25thAnniversary of my HIGHLY SLEPT ON #CLASSIC concept album #ADAYINTHELIFEAPOKADELICADVENTURE .This album features the timeless party joint #OWNLEEEUE featuring the vocals of @tasha_mabry ! Other gems include #Oneovdabigboiz and Hai❤️ (#HaiLove) This album also features the first time I rocked with my DJ for 25 yrs @tatmoney ! SHOUTS TO A SHARP & PEEKABOO ! RIP B FLAT ! : #ANEWBEGINNING !!! This one is for all the real #BoneAge heads out there!!! WE’RE STILL HERE , LETS CELEBRATE!

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