Today marks the #25thAnniversary of my HIGHLY SLEPT ON #CLASSIC concept album #ADAYINTHELIFEAPOKADELICADVENTURE .This album features the timeless party joint #OWNLEEEUE featuring the vocals of @tasha_mabry ! Other gems include #Oneovdabigboiz and Hai❤️ (#HaiLove) This album also features the first time I rocked with my DJ for 25 yrs @tatmoney ! SHOUTS TO A SHARP & PEEKABOO ! RIP B FLAT ! : #ANEWBEGINNING !!! This one is for all the real #BoneAge heads out there!!! WE’RE STILL HERE , LETS CELEBRATE!

Thoughts on background

The one thing I miss about Kenners Bone Age toyline is background stories. Where does the power to relive dino bones come from? Whats the history of the clans, their chiefs and members? Why do they fight? And what for? Very scarce background elements can be found on the boxes and blisters. The most interesting hint being that the chiefs get “Bone Age Power” from their big skull helmets. Longer bios, a map of the world and its history would have been nice.