Chapter 7: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Part XII)

He leaned down toward the other end of his desk and pulled a shiny page from an open file, explaining. ‘So far we had no luck in identifying the victim. There was no ID on him so we’re just hoping eventually someone recognises him in the paper.’

She nodded. She could see from afar it was not a head-shot of the dead body or anything similarly disgusting, just a black and white sketch by a criminal profiler. That lulled her into a false sense of calm that shattered upon facing the sketch. Her stomach twisted into a tight ball that threatened to crawl up her throat as she stared, flabbergasted, into the too familiar dark eyes.

No. It couldn’t be. The man on the picture was at least seventy years of age. Crow’s feet ran from the corner of his almond shaped eyes and there were wrinkles and spots on his forehead. His chin was hanging loose over sculptured hard bone. He still had thick hair, but it was the greyish colour of dying pigment. This couldn’t be the same guy. No way. Only the bone structure was the same. Hard jaw, big, sprawling nose, deep-set dark eyes…

It was… but it couldn’t. Not unless he aged forty years in one night and the vodka wasn’t that strong in that joint.

‘You look pale. Do you recognise him?’

Yes. Only she couldn’t tell him that. If she said this guy has been partying with Riley last night and looking thirty he would have dropped her off right in the Bohnice’s Psych Ward. So instead she just shook her head. ‘No, sorry. I just remembered his face… yesterday. Sorry.’

‘It’s alright. Thank you for trying.’

She cut him a tense smile, hugging her arms to her chest. Creepy just got creepier. Not only was he an evil motherfucking criminal, he was also… What the fuck was he? Never mind, whatever it was, she did not want to know. ‘If that’s all…’

‘Yes. Thank you.’ He stood up, offering her his hand and she shook it. When she went to withdraw he held on, looking into her eyes. ‘Be careful with him, Miss Vávra. He is not a nice person. I don’t want to see you hurt.’

‘You don’t have to tell me twice, buddy. I just decided to throw my academic future out of the window just to get out of this.’

‘I’m sorry to hear that.’

She pulled her hand away with a shrug. ‘Well, the truth is I always knew I’m going to end up in the back room of a McDonald’s restaurant. I just hoped they will fail me for my pot, not like this.’ His eyebrow quirked and she grimaced. ‘My… red, flowery pot? That I keep… on my person… always? In case of… soup? It’s my lucky pot.’

‘You’re a wild card, aren’t you,’ he said with a chuckle.

She gave a little curtsey, winking. ‘I keep my friends entertained. Have a nice day, Inspector.’

‘Likewise, Miss Vávra.’

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Beautiful. (Spencer Reid)

Warnings: 0

The night was beautiful. It was chilly, the air smelled so good and every room in the house was cold. She laid next to her lover. Her lover was asleep. On this night she laid awake wondering if he was even as beautiful asleep than he was awake. She waited a few hours after he had fallen asleep to turn over to examine his charming features. She stared at him for a few minutes looking at his curly, messy hair. She looked at his beautiful soft plump lips and his sweet innocent face. She was longing to see his beautiful hazel brown eyes. She was mourning for the sun light to appear so she could hear his sweet voice and all the facts that flow between those plush lips. She took her finger placing it on her lovers face. She started to trace every bridge on his face. Everything that he thought was so wrong with him she adored. She loved the cuteness of his nose. The sculptured cheek bones and jawline. She loved the way his lips felt when they were on her flesh. She brought her hands now up to his scruffy hair combing through the tangles with her small fragile fingers. He started to toss and turn feeling his lovers dainty cold hands in his hair. He opened his eyes gazing at her through his squinted eyes. “What are you doing?” he asked her taking her arm into his hand kissing it softly. “I just wanted to see if you were as handsome in your sleep as you were awake.” she said back with a hot, pink blush creeping up her neck to her ears then her cheeks. He smiled at her softly, “You’re such a romantic aren’t you?” She slowly nodded her head and whispered a quiet ‘Yes.’ he chuckled a bit making her grin in excitement to see that beautiful child like smile of his. “You know, it’s a bit creepy for you to stare at me in my sleep right?” he questioned her moving close to her body. She laughed a bit and nodded her head yes. They laid there staring at each others features studying them watching how they move how they change from each expression. He held his beautiful girlfriend in his arms knowing that soon he’d have to leave again. He didn’t want to miss a minute without her while she was awake. He stayed awake as long as she was still talking, even if her eyes were closed. It was his turn to study how her face was beautifully laid out. He started to kiss every inch of her face, kissing her lips, then nose, then all around her face. She laid there in contempt letting him have her, every inch of her. He started to plant kisses down her neck and slowly down her chest. “I’m going to cherish your body forever and always.”  

A/N: A fellow tumblr member thought of this idea. I thought it was cute.