You know what? I do see the difference!

The guy on the left is awarding Ellen with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That’s an award given to American citizens. The guy on the right is giving a veteran the Presidential Medal of Honor, an award given to soldiers who serve their country.

Obama gave out Medals of Honor to dozens of soldiers. So it is really weird that they chose to use a photo of him with Ellen instead of one any of those. It’s almost as if they were intentionally making an unfair comparison in order to confirm the biases of the uneducated rubes who trust Facebook memes more than actual news.

Fun Fact: That veteran served in Vietnam, a war that the current commander in chief deferred from serving in FIVE TIMES because he had painful “bone spurs.”

The president heroically overcame that obstacle the second the draft was over, and now he can even play golf 2-3 times a week instead of doing the job he was elected to do.

See? You can learn something from memes. It just takes a little digging.

- John Marcotte

You know what’s never not funny?

FMA03 Scar is just so bishie. He looks like he’s in danger of starting a boy band any second. He’s so delicate. So streamline and alluring. He was an extra in a shojo anime who stumbled on set and they were like “shit man we needed someone to play the vengeful murderer youre hired”

And Brotherhood Scar is just so goddamn shredded. 80% jawline. 15% cheek bones. 5% man pain. Dude coulda bench-pressed Sloth out of the fucking Briggs fortress if he’d just been around for it. Testosterone is ashamed of its masculinity around Brotherhood!Scar. Someone chiseled a block of marble and it started talking and everyone just rolled with it.

How are these two the same character howd this happen I’m just fucking laughing

I made this guide for my mom because she is trying to eat more plant based! I hope this helps you too :)

- B1 (Thiamine)
 - B12 (Cobalamin)
 - B2 (Riboflavin)
 - B3 (Niacin)
 - B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
 - B6 (Pyridoxine)
 - B7 (Biotin)
 - Folate
 - Vitamin A
 - Vitamin C
 - Vitamin D
 - Vitamin E
 - Vitamin K

- Calcium
 - Copper
 - Iron
 - Magnesium
 - Manganese
 - Phosphorus
 - Potassium
 - Selenium
 - Sodium
 - Zinc

B1: Maintains healthy hair, nails and skin and aids in mental focus and brain function.
-Nutritional yeast, pine nuts, soymilk, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, green peas, asparagus, most beans, rice bran, watermelon, whole grains, macadamia nuts, artichokes, coriander.

B12: Red blood cell production, needed for optimal brain function to prevent depression and mania. Aids in digestion and improves iron uptake.
-Fortified almond milk, fortified cereals, spirulina, vegan protein powder and nutritional yeast. I just take a B12 tablet J

B2: Converts food to energy, maintains healthy hair, nails and skin. Aids in mental focus and brain function.
-Whole grains, almonds, sesame seeds, spinach, fortified soy milk, mushrooms, quinoa, buckwheat and prunes.

B3: Converts food to energy, maintains healthy hair, nails and skin. Aids in mental focus and brain function.
­-Chili powder, peanuts, peanut butter, rice bran, mushrooms, barley, potatoes, tomatoes, millet, chia seeds, whole grains, wild rice, buckwheat, green peas, avocados, and sunflower seeds.

B5: Converts food to energy, maintains healthy hair, nails and skin. Aids in mental focus and brain function.
-Nutritional yeast, paprika, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, whole grains, broccoli, avocados, tomatoes, soy milk, rice bran and sweet potatoes.

B6: Aids in maintaining homeostasis, prevents anxiety by helping the amino acid tryptophan to convert to niacin and serotonin for healthy nerve function. Also helps ensure a healthy sleep cycle, appetite, and mood. Helps with red blood cell production and immune function.
- Almonds, chia seeds, peanuts, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, onions, oats, tomatoes, carrots and walnuts.

 B7: Converts food to energy, helps reduce blood sugar by synthesizing glucose, helps make and break down fatty acids needed for healthy hair, skin and nails.
- Almonds, chia seeds, peanuts, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, oats, onions, tomatoes, carrots and walnuts. 

Folate: Merges with B12 and Vitamin C to utilize proteins and is essential for healthy brain development and for healthy red blood cell formation.
- Spinach, beans, lentils, asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, avocados, mangoes, oranges, whole grains, basil, peanuts, artichokes, peanut butter, cantaloupe, walnuts, flax seeds, sesame seeds, cauliflower, sunflower seeds, peas, celery, hazelnuts, and chestnuts.

Vitamin A: Keeps skin healthy, improves immune system function and aids in the production of healthy blood and cellular function.
- All leafy greens, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, winter squash, wheatgrass, grapefruit, cantaloupe, red bell peppers, orange bell peppers, and goji berries.

Vitamin C: Helps fight inflammation, improves your mood, and helps fight off diseases and colds. Beneficial for skin, hair and nails and supports natural collagen function in the body.
- All leafy greens, all vegetables, all fruits, chestnuts, goji berries. Oranges, lemons, limes and fortified orange juice are the best sources.

Vitamin D: Helps with bone health, digestive health, overall metabolic health, and important in preventing muscle weakness, cancer and depression.
- All types of mushrooms, fortified cereals, almond milk, soy milk and the sun!!

Vitamin E: Protects your skin, fights the look of aging. It’s a powerful fat soluble antioxidant that helps protect cell membranes against damaged caused by free radicals. Helps with cholesterol.
- All nuts, all seeds, avocado, spinach, rice bran, wheat germ, whole grains, broccoli, mango, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, swiss chard, olives, mustard greens and asparagus.

Vitamin K: Helps with blood clotting to prevent excessive bleeding. Also helps prevent blood clots. Important for protecting our bones and prevents easy breaks and fractures.
-Kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, swiss chard, parsley, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, blueberries, prunes, grapes and raspberries.

Calcium: For bone building, as well as responsible for proper muscle contraction, maintenance of the heartbeat and transmission of nerve impulses.
-Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, butternut squash, carrots, cauliflower, kale, sweet potato, chickpeas (hummus), lentils, pinto beans, black beans, kidney beans, fortified almond milk, fortified soy milk, whole wheat, fortified orange juice, orange and raisins.

Copper: Helps with bone and connective tissue production. Also helps produce melanin. Without it you can cause osteoporosis, joint pain, lowered immunity and helps absorb iron.
-Kale, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, sesame seeds, chickpeas, prunes, avocado, and tofu.

Iron: Needed to make proteins, such as hemoglobin and myoglobin in the blood. It helps carry oxygen from our lungs to our tissues. Iron rich foods should be eaten with foods high in Vitamin C to help with absorption.
-Molasses, dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, tofu, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds.

 Magnesium: Important nutrient for a host of regular enzymatic functions throughout your body. Helps with energy, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, lack of energy and fatigue, joint pain, low blood sugar, lack of concentration and PMS. 
-Oats, almonds, cashews, cocoa and cacao, seeds, all leafy greens, bananas, sweet potatoes, whole grains, beans and brown rice.

Manganese: Required by the body for proper enzyme functioning, nutrient absorption, wound healing and bone development.
-Hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sesame and flax seeds, whole wheat bread, tofu and beans.

Phosphorus: Required for proper cell functioning, regulation of calcium, strong bones and teeth, making of ATP, and helps with anemia, muscle pain, bone formation and weakened immune system.
-Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, Brazil nuts, tofu, beans and lentils.

Potassium: Important mineral for the proper function of all cells, tissues and organs in the human body. Helps with your nervous system and shin splints or locked toes.
-Lima beans, swiss chard, sweet potato, potatoes, soy milk, spinach, avocado, lentils, pinto beans and coconut water.

Selenium: Mineral that is needed in small amounts by the body to help regulate the thyroid hormones and support a healthy immune system. It is also an antioxidant that protects cells from damage due to free radicals.
-Mushrooms, couscous, whole wheat pasta, rice, oats, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, tofu and beans.

Sodium: Needed for proper muscle contractions, nerve transmissions, maintaining pH balance and hydration.
-Everything has sodium, don’t worry about this one. If you use table salt, you are good. (But don’t use too much or it will cause bloating). Drink lots of water when consuming sodium.

Zinc: Helps your body with carbohydrate metabolism, efficient production of testosterone to prevent estrogen dominance, helps enhance skin and nails, helps enhance your sense of smell, healthy growth, healthy eyesight, wound healing and your immune system. 
-Beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, oats, wheat germ, and nutritional yeast.

Humans Are Space Orcs: Braces

I have been reading a lot of these so here it is,

Just imagine an alien when they find out about braces.

“Do you mean to tell me that you strap metal to your young and slowly move their bones, without pain killers, over long periods of time? The bones that they use to eat? Then make them wear more metal in their mouths for the rest of their life, all for a standard of beauty?”

Nah dude, some do it for medical reasons. I knew someone who had three teeth stuck in the roof of their mouth so they put braces on them and fixed that right up”

“I don’t think I understand”

“They had to do it, because they had already pulled out their baby teeth so they would have had gaps or out of order teeth. Or get infected.

“But how did braces on the outside of their teeth affect the teeth that were *stuck*”

They first had to cut through the bone to get to them and then they stuck brackets on them. But after that, they just dragged the teeth into place.”

“Through the bone?”


"And it worked?”


*horrified aliens* “I thought you said you care about your young”

"We do”

*even more Horrified aliens*

*off to the side* “didn’t the human say they cared about us”

Krasivaya-Chapter 12

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years. You are deeply, completely, in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister. What happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Powers: Think Jean with immortality and accelerated healing

Trigger Warning: There is mention of suicide. if this is a trigger for you please dont read. it’s only one line, but still give it a skip

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression, Anxiety. Violence.

Thank you to @tilltheendwilliwrite because i hit the worst wall, only had a shell of a chapter and she got me out of it. 

Song:Placebo running up that hill  I recommend listening to this while reading. it gave me chills. 

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my fuckin stupid fingers: eeh weeeh tendons hurtyyy need support … weeh joint pain eeeehhh bones …. need help wehh :((( ughh too hardd..

me: ok i can wrap some support bandage to help u straighten out-

my fuckin stupid fingers: ooouughh aahh suffocatinggggg!! eeeehhh wehh cant push bloooood through this …. uuughgh oooffhh too hard ehhh…. :(((

me: can you at least try? i’ll wrap it as loose as possible

my fuckin stupid fingers: (already shriveled up, cold, & white)

me: alright fuckin fine ill take it off

my fuckin stupid fingers: teeeeeendons haaaaaarddddd… ough…

A Million Reasons

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean keeps pushing the reader away.  Will she stay?

Word Count:  1442

Warnings:  Angst

A/N:  I’m currently obsessed with A Million Reasons by Lady Gaga, which inspired this. 

Tags are at the bottom. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Originally posted by won-der-land89

A Million Reasons

Rolling over in the bed, you sigh, realizing Dean isn’t next to you. Not that you’d expect it, not lately. You know where he is. Either at a bar or in the library drinking whiskey, or passed out on whatever surface seemed the most appealing in a drunken stupor.

You can’t remember the last time he’s smiled at you, or held you or said a kind word. Lately, it had been a constant stream of arguments and tears. The pain was bone deep, the hurt, the rejection that you felt on a daily basis, it was wearing you down.

Trying to wait it out, trying to be supportive, giving him space, it was taking a toll on you. It was breaking you. You were running out of reasons to stay.


Sam hears her sobs through the bedroom door as he makes his way to the kitchen. He hesitates, his hand on the knob. He doesn’t know if he should try to comfort her or if he should give her the dignity of privacy.

What he does know is that it can’t keep going on this way. Dean is lost is his own grief, angry and bitter, hiding in his cups and taking his pain out on the both of them. She gets the brunt of it, and it kills Sam. She doesn’t deserve it.

Sam is just about to turn the knob when he hears the bunker door swing open and the heavy tread of Dean’s boot on the staircase. He shifts back and forth from foot to foot trying to decide which direction to go.

With a heavy sigh, he removes his hand from the knob and turns to confront his brother.

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[Closer] • 1

The Wolf • 

Ash’s Writing Challenge (3) - Little Red Riding Hood - This is the story behind Negan’s red scarf

Negan x Female Reader 

A/N: Thank you so so much for your response to Naked Noises! I was super nervous to post it, but you’re feedback has been amazing & I am so happy you guys enjoyed it!  xoxo This is a short, three part series based on the Little Red Riding Hood for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash challenge xx  I hope you like it! <33 

** fun fact: all my titles are based off songs! 

Tags: NSFW, SMUT - (part 2+3 have loads ;) ) 

|| Masterlist || 

(gif by @mypapawinchester


The raindrops reflected the grey, murky woods creating a mirrored labyrinth that proved difficult for you to run through. The water got in your eyes and soaked through your dirtied denim jeans. However, despite the muddy boots and damp clothes, you ran as fast as your legs would take you. The ache that twirled around your ankles and calves meant nothing because you were just desperate to get away from the place you called home.  

For over a year, you had been living under the protection of your Grandmother. She was a tough leader whose sole purpose was to watch over the people of Oceanside. Although, that wasn’t always the case. 

The change happened the day the men in your community banded together announcing that they would fight and defeat the Saviors. Your father had made an agreement with the group’s infamous leader to work together, but that Negan took complete advantage of your humble community, leaving your people with almost nothing to survive on. It wasn’t until one Savior brutally murdered a member of your own that your father finally decided to lead the fight to stop them. 

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anonymous asked:

"do you miss her(or y/n)?" I will cry if you do thisssss

Do you miss her? 

“What’s up my man?” Geoff asked, before entering my hotel room.

As soon as his gaze fell on me, his cheeky smile washed right off his friendly face and disappeared. He dropped down next to me, softly padding my shoulders.

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You Saved Me - Part 1

Request from @fandom-rpblogHey can I make a request? Can you write one in where after the events of winter soldier, (ignoring civil war as I haven’t seen it yet), Bucky has been re-introduced to the world and is recovering slowly and he and reader are sort of a thing as she was the one who found him after the events of winter soldier and she find out she is pregnant and fluff, and stuff. Please.

Note: Okay, so, as you can tell from the title this is going to be a series. Probably only about three parts though; this is because I couldn’t stop typing when I wrote out their initial meeting and there’s only so long a post can be! :) This is almost an introduction just so you know how they met before we go further into it. It was a great request so wanted to do it justice….which I felt could be done more by making it a series. Hope you enjoy! <3 Going to put bits of their past in each part too to flesh their relationship out more. 

Bucky x Reader

Words: 2027

Warnings: Violence and swearing.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4(End)


For the third time that week you found yourself walking through the doors to The Smithsonian; you didn’t know why you were visiting once again because nothing had changed since the last time you graced the halls of this place but ever since your first visit here as a child you found that you could escape in here, forget about the worries that always seemed to creep up into your life, instead you could immerse yourself in the history of other people and simply…..forget.

The Captain America exhibit was the newest addition to the institute and, personally, one of your favourites. It wasn’t every day that you were able to see into the personal life of someone that saved thousands of lives and given that he had saved yours during the attack on New York you felt like you liked to see just what it was that had made him such a brave and courageous individual.

Some bits made you laugh, others brought a tear to your eyes, but most of all you simply found yourself smiling from ear to ear at the fact that an ordinary kid from Brooklyn had become a treasured superhero. Seemed anything really was possible.

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Say It (6/8)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 7

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 5.344

Summary: you loved Bucky unconditionally, enough to sacrifice your life for his happiness, now Bucky tries to save yours. 

Warning: Lil’ bit of angst still, ya know this flow!

A/N: *peeps head up* Oh hello there, please do not kill me, I promise I’m back with this story! Do not ask me why I didn’t post it like promised yesterday, i think tumblr hates me. I really hope you enjoy, I love you all so much thank you for all your support! 

The road to recovery from something like having one’s mind wiped and being experimented on wasn’t an easy one. Bucky was the first person to know that. It hadn’t been a walk in the park; it had been a road filled with obstacles and setbacks. But he had people who loved and cared for him all along the way, and above all of that, he had you. Your unconditional love and care for him had made the road to recovery that much easier, and he was sure, had he not had you by his side, he wouldn’t have found himself as fast as he did.

You had helped him through his road to recovery, and he intended on helping you in the same way.

He had been relieved when you hadn’t fought him in the medical bay. Seeing you wake up and look at him with nothing but confusion had hurt him. Bucky knew you didn’t remember him the way he wished you did, but seeing the confusion in your eyes hit very deep within him. He didn’t want to appear as a threat to you, so he had gathered strength to speak, offering his concern and help to you. You hadn’t exactly accepted it at first, but the fact that you hadn’t just launched yourself at him to kill him on the spot was something.

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Always Yours Part 2- Dean x Pregnant! Reader

Always Yours Part 2- Dean x Pregnant! Reader

Rating: T

Warnings: Violence towards the reader. Language.

Word Count: 2,011

Wanna read the whole thing?- Always Yours Masterlist

 AN: Here’s part two!  Proof-read by my sweet hubs- if you see any glaring errors please let me know. EDIT: I am going to kick my own ass.  Why can’t I pick a damn tense to write??..  Uggghhh.  Ignore me. 

 I am going to try to work on part three this evening once I have take a break from the computer. :) Happy Reading!

Tags: @jokerspuddincup, @weasleywinchester 
@lizwinchester16 @lean-mean-dean @pickupthatamulet @deansgirl215 @spn-applepie-imagines @nataliehasgrace @chook007  @illtakeawinchesteranyday @lovemesomepie85 @msimpala67 @mother-dearest-loves-me @mashed-fandom-imagines


And it is always yours
But I am always yours 
-Switchfoot from Always

The sharp poke of a pistol in your side woke you up with a start.  The brunette woman from a few days prior had been replaced with a large gray-haired man that called himself Bones.  He had glowered down at you as you set up in the hard cot.  He motioned for you to stand up and you groaned as you did.  The swell of your belly seemed to be pulling down on you.  

Bones gripped your arm tight as he led you out of the tiny room.  From what you could tell, they were holding you in an old abandoned building.  They had knocked you out when they had forced you into the SUV.  A big goose egg still poked through the skin on your left temple.   Bones lead you through the layout of the building and you tried to peek through the windows to see if you could identify anything significant. You could only make out the windy fields of the local farms.  You hissed in pain when Bones yanked you so that your back was to him.

“Put out ya hands, girl.” He demanded.  You compiled and grunted as he harshly tied your wrists together  behind your back.  He barked at you to sit in an old wood chair and then proceeded to bound your feet together.  You glared up into his fat face as he wheezed into yours.  His breath was foul and it made your empty stomach roll.

“I need to eat something.”  You grunted as he pulled away to admire his handy work.  You watched him almost roll his eyes into the back of his head in response.  

“Oh shut your whining mouth. Lady Bevell gave me strict orders.”  He chuckled with his many chins.  You inwardly recoiled when they jiggled.

“Yeah.  I heard.  She said to keep me HEALTHY for her to use as leverage.  I have to eat and drink you idiot.  If you haven’t noticed- I’m pregnant!.”  You barked out at your captor.  He looked at you dumbly and then your words seemed to sink into his thick head.  He let out a string of profanity and disappeared from the room.   

You groan again as the baby gave a sharp kick to your ribs.  Her movements had become quite erratic over the last few days and you took a few deep breaths to calm yourself.

“It’s okay, baby.  It’s okay.  You’re daddy will find us.  That much I can promise.”  You whispered to your belly.  The sharp kicks seemed to turn to softer flutters at the sound of your voice.  The tears were almost instant as you bowed your head.  They splattered on the concrete floor and for the first time in a long time you prayed to God.  

“Please, Chuck…  Please just let him find us.”  You whispered into the wind.  Your chin was painfully jerked up and a bottle of water was forced into your mouth.  You sputtered as the liquid choked you, but you quickly drank it greedily.  Bones yanked the bottle away and tires to mash soup into your face but you are ready this time and devour the morsels.  

“Happy you little bitch?”  He snarled at you.  You glared up at into his stare- completely unafraid of him.  His words making something primal in you snap.  You pulled at your bound wrists and swore if you could then you would beat him to death.

“What’s wrong Bonsey? Afraid you’ll run out of food before Mommy can get back? Didn’t she teach you how to share?  Not like you need anymore food anyway.”  You said with a loud and cruel laugh.  You cried out when the butt of the pistol makes a loud sickening crack against your left cheek.  You reeled from the pain as the bastard yanked your head up by your hair.  Through the pain, you glared up at him as your left eye begins to swell shut.

“I promise you one thing, you fat fucker.  You won’t be getting out of this alive.”  You spat as you prepared for another strike up.  A high pitched ‘ahem’ caused you to peer around to the back of Bones.  Toni was standing behind him looking exasperated.

“That will be quite enough of that Mr. Bones.”   

You almost laughed when you saw his face fall and a tremor ran through him.  He turned slowly to stare down at her and his adam’s apple bobbed up and down.  

“But ma'am she….”  

Toni held up a hand to stop him from finishing his statement.  She pushed past him while ordering him to go unload the car.  You flinched when she approached you- her fingers flitting outward to brush a strand of hair out of your eyes.

“You’ll have to forgive Mr. Bones.  He’s a bit of a boorish idiot.”  She stated with a sigh.  She wasn’t completely sure why she had chosen to employ him, but he had done in a pinch.  She had a very limited time before the Men of Letters would be able to track her and drag her back to London.  

A few hours later, you sit at a small table sipping a bitter tea she had told you would help with the pain.  You had quickly learned that it wasn’t a suggestion that she was making but rather a demand.  

“Don’t take anything that happens too personally, dear.  It’s just business.”  She said as she brought her own cup to her lips.  You squinted your eyes at her and can’t help but wonder how you’re not suppose to take any of this personally.  The woman was holding you at gunpoint.

You frowned into your cup of tea and then let the lukewarm liquid pass your lips.  You wrinkled your nose at the taste and put the cup on the table.  You craned your head to the side as you hear the chiming of a phone.  The tone was very familiar and your eyes widen in realization.  That was your ringtone for when Dean called your phone.  

Toni gave a hefty smirk as she pulled it from her pocket and threw it onto the table.  Your heart swelled into your throat when the phone went to voicemail.  She motioned for you to take it and you picked it up quickly.  Your stomach sank with all the alerts that you had from Dean, Sam, and even Castiel.  The messages they had all left you were quite desperate sounding, but it was the last voicemail from Dean that broke your resolve.

“Y/N, Baby please…  Please you have to be OK. I can’t take this.  I can’t take you not being here…. I need for you to be OK..  God, damn it..  Please just be OK.”  You could hear the pain that rested behind those words as the last came out in a strangled sob.  

Tears brimmed at the corners of your eyes as you pressed the end call button.  You swallowed them whole and turned to glare at Toni.

“Call him.”  She instructed you as she smiled darkly.  

You bit your lip as you pushed the call button.  The phone didn’t even ring twice before Dean’s voice was rasping out your name.

“Y/N!!  Y/N!!  What the hell is going on??” You heard him grunt into the phone.  Toni motioned for you to answer.

“Dean….”  You whispered.  “Dean please….”   

Toni rolled her eyes as she snatches that phone away from you.  You could hear Dean shouting out at you as she puts the phone on speaker.

“Hello, Mr. Winchester.”  She greeted in a polite voice.  The mood shifts quickly when Dean’s voice rings through the phone.

“Where is she?”  Dean asked.  The coldness there made you shiver and your hand rested on your stomach.  What would he do to this woman when he found you in this condition?

“Don’t worry, dear.  I have the GPS turned on her location. You can meet us there.  Oh and Dean… No angels, brothers, or mothers…  Just you.”  Toni said with a warning in her voice.

“When I find you, I will make you regret every day of your life.  And that’s a damn promise.” Dean growls lowly into the phone, but his voice changed in an instant when he turned his attention to you. “Sweetheart just hold on a little while longer.  I’ll be there in a few hours.” He murmured in the soothing tone that you had always loved.  

“Ok…  And Dean…”  You managed to squeeze out before a sob chokes you.

“Yes, baby?”  He purred lowly.

“I love you.”  You whispered almost inaudibly.

“I love you too.”  He replied and you see Toni roll her eyes.  Snatching the phone off the table she ended the call.

“What a lovely couple of fools, you two make.”  She muttered before standing up and walking towards the door.  She shut it with a loud clanging sound and you heard the sound of a lock clicking.   Once her footsteps are far enough away, you paced the room and you brought your thumb up to nervously chew at your nail.  Many thoughts raced through your head as hot tears flooded down your cheeks.  The main one pushing to the front was how Dean was going to take the news of your daughter?  

A tapping on the window in the corner of the room surprised you.  You quickly made your way there and glanced through the pile wood that only hung loosely there.   You had to cover your mouth when Castiel’s face was looking back at you through the pane to keep from crying out.  

“I’m sorry, Y/N.  I can’t get in there- they have the building warded.”  

You nodded your head and smiled as a warm feeling of seeing a familiar face spread through you.  Fresh tears flowed down your face, but this time from a true stroke of happiness.

“Are you alright? The baby?”  You heard him question.  The last question hit you in a hard way and you pressed your hand to your stomach.  

“For now.”  You whispered in reply.  

“Dean sent me to check on the building. He and Sam are on their way and should be here in twenty minutes.  Just hold on, we’re going to get you out of there.”  He told you with a reassuring smile.

“Cas, does Dean know about her?”  

The question caused the angel’s eyes to flit to your stomach.  He shook his head in reply.

“No.  I haven’t told Dean. That’s not my right.”  He murmured and with a fluttering sound of wings- he was gone.


Dean’s eyes flickered to the backseat when the familiar sound of his best friend’s voice broke the harrowing silence inside the impala.

“They’re fine Dean.”  Castiel grunted lowly as he made eye contact with him in the rearview mirror.

Sam turned to look at Castiel questionably at his statement.

“Who’s they?”  He asked as his brows furrowed.  Castiel’s eyes widen and he nearly slapped himself in the forehead for his own mistake.  Sam’s expression didn’t change as he implored Castiel’s answer.

Castiel shifted uncomfortably in his seat and cleared his throat.

“I promised her that I wouldn’t tell you guys….”  He groaned with a guilty conscience and slumped in the seat.

“Tell us what Cas?!” Dean snapped.  An angry look flashed across his face.  The angel remained quiet for a few more moments.  Dean’s frustration levels reached a new high as he glared into the angel’s eyes for a moment.

“Damn it, Cas!  Tell us WHAT?”  He roared again.  

Castiel let out a heavy sigh and braced for the impact of his words.

“She’s pregnant Dean.”

A violent jerking of the car caused Sam and Castiel to fly forward in their seats.  Dean slammed the car into park on the grassy side of the road.  Castiel’s head slammed forward into the seat.

Dean’s fist came down and repeatedly smashed down onto the steering wheel.

“God, damn it!  GOD, DAMN IT!” He roared as the words hit him straight into his soul.  Hot searing tears poured down his face as his new reality came to be.

Essential Oil Benefits: Orange

Health Benefits: Enhances the immune system, cancer fighting, reduces bone and joint pain, produces collagen, helps digestion, eases cramps and constipation, draws out toxins and excessive sodium from digestive tract, calms nerves, when applied to the neck, balances hormones, aphrodisiac, fights insomnia.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Related: Vitamin C,  Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, fights acne, tones skin, antidepressant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, carminative, diuretic, tonic, sedative, and cholagogue substance.

Beauty Benefits: Protects the skin, slows damage of skin from UV rays, anti-ageing.

Magickal Uses: Use in love, lust, attraction, and fertility spells. It is used commonly for purification.

Interesting Facts: Orange oil is said to be highly magnetic and attracts lovers and proposals. Oranges are often used as a symbol of the sun.


(A/N): I really like these color soulmate au’s at the moment so take another one :)

Request: Do you can write a Wanda x female reader soulmate imagine where [Y/N] is Tony’s younger sister who’s a mutant with powers similar to Wanda’s except reader’s energy color is blue and they meet during AoU and they fight each other until they realize that they’re soulmates before they hug and share a kiss?

Warnings: none 

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    You’d never been able to see the color purple, every other color you could see crystal clear but whenever you so much as glanced at something purple it would take up an almost monotone color, a simply grey to be exact.

   For years you’d wondered if there was something wrong with you, something in your brain or eyes that wasn’t registering the color but it was when you reached the ripe old age of 16 that you truly found out why you couldn’t see purple. Soulmate. That was the only explanation, something about your soulmate had to do with the color purple and so you couldn’t see it, not until you met them at least. 

   At first the idea of soulmates had been a hard thing for you to grasp but as you aged into your twenties you began to grasp the idea that someone, somewhere out in the world Had been made just for you just as you had been made just for them; like two pieces of a puzzle or two peas in a pod. 

   As soon as you learned what a soulmate was you were bound and determined to go out and find them- whoever they were. So you saved up and spent your money traveling the world, searching for your so called soulmate. But your little expedition led you to where you were now, trapped inside a cell as scientists experimented on you. 

   "Wait till-“ you growl, biting down on one of the scientists fingers as they attempted to shove something down your throat. "Wait till my brother finds out,” You smirk despite the amount of pain you were in, some poison they put into your body no doubt. A thin sheen of sweat covered your body and it took all of your willpower to bit throw up or cry. Instead you grit your teeth through your pain, pulling against the restraints that these people had you in.

    You close your eyes as something deep settles within your bones causing you more pain than imaginable. Despite your best efforts you scream, your mouth opening widely as your cry pierces the stale air of whatever basement you were in. But suddenly you were jolting upwards, no restraints, no pain coursing through your veins. A layer of sweat covered your body and as you looked around you could see little wisps of blue energy hanging around the air. It was just a nightmare- just a nightmare. You weren’t in some dingy basement, you were in Stark tower, in your older brother’s tower. 

   With a shaky sigh you clutch a hand to your rapidly beating heart, willing it to settle down but as soon as it began to even out a sudden crashing filled the air and suddenly there was a robot sized hole in your wall. One of Tony’s maintenance bots stands in your room, it’s eyes glowing at you dangerously. 

   "Jarvis, power down the bots-“ but before you could even finish your sentence the bot attacked, lunging towards your bed. With a scream you jumped from your bed, just barely managing to miss the bot gripping at the sheets madly. It cocks it’s head to look at you, it’s whole robot body rigid and suddenly it was coming after you again but luckily you were prepared this time and you counteracted it with a short blast of energy, sending the bot exploding. 

   You pant softly, your heart racing once again. First a nightmare and now this? What was going on in the tower? Without missing a beat you jog out of your room and down a few floors, to where Tony had been having a party. Immediately the sight of robots and avengers greets you, each one battling for dominance of the room. One look around and you knew that your team was screwed.

    ”(Y/N)!“ Tony yells over the commotion. "What’re you doing up?”

    “Believe it or not it’s kinda hard to sleep when the maintenance bots decide to attack you,” you shrug, throwing a quick wisp of energy at 2 approaching bots. “What happened here?" 

    "It’s a…it’s a long story," 

    "Well,” your energy wipes out a good chunk of the robots in the near vicinity, little wisps of blue still lingering behind. “I think we’ve got time," 

    "Let me get this straight,” you mutter as you slip on your boots. “You created an artificial intelligence, one that could destroy the world and you didn’t kill it when you had the chance?” Tony sighs as he pilots the jet the avengers were on, all of you on your way to some location, one that Ultron had been spotted at. 

    “(Y/N), it’s not that simple,” Tony begins only for you to cut him off. 

    “Tony, the world is danger because of you, got that? If you had taken some responsibility for once in your life then this wouldn’t be happening right now-" 

   "Don’t get started (Y/N),” Tony warns, gritting his teeth in restraint. 

   “No Tony, I will get started and you wanna know why? You can’t act like your age for one fucking second and-” Your sentence cuts short when the jet shifts, just enough to alert the team but there had still been movement. “Did you feel that?” You ask and immediately afterwards the jet shifts again, this time much more dramatic than before, nearly knocking any free standing Avengers to the ground. “Tony, what’s going on?” You grip his seat for support, looking out of the window to see what was going on. Your eyes train on two figures below you, one with silver hair and the other- well, the other was glowing red it seemed. “Wait a minute, aren’t those the kids from that mission?” You ask, squinting to get a better look but as soon as you did the jet shifted again, knocking right into a building beside you. 

   “We might want to get outtta here,” Tony mutters as he attempts to get a grip on his steering, trying to steer it back to where he wanted it to be. “Whatever mojo those kids have is messing with our ship and I doubt it’s gonna last long,” At his words the front of the jet slowly began to tip down, angling towards the ground menacingly. You, and every other avenger begin to slide to the front, quickly gripping onto something so you didn’t go hurdling through the windshield. “Shit,” Tony growls as he starts pressing an innumerable amount of buttons, attempting to gain control but the ship didn’t obey his command, instead it kept angling downwards, the jet rather suddenly approaching the ground.

   “Tony,” You yell as the jet angles down completely, leaving you smacking into the front windows, an almost sickly sounding crack coming from the glass. The jet seemed to be falling faster now and the glass was cracking beneath you, Tony was still trying to get control of the ship while the others were yelling commands at you, telling you not to move or to shift your weight the right way, but none of that mattered when the glass below you shattered, leaving you to smack against the ground painfully. 

   “Fuck,” You mutter, arching your back as pain surges through you. You open one of your eyes, just in time to see the jet go skidding into some building, tearing the thing to the ground. With a groan you pushed up from the dirt ground, going to make your way towards the jet when a suddenly blast of red energy hit you, smacking you against a wall of some old building. Pain crawled up your spine once again, leaving your head throbbing in pain as you slumped to the ground, all the fight nearly drained from your bones. 

   “Don’t move,” A rich, accented voice demands of you. You crack one eye open to stare at the perpetrator, none other than the brown haired girl from the mission previously. Little wisps of red energy swarm her fingers, much like your wisps of power, only an entirely different color. Another groan falls from your lips as you allow your head to slump back against the wall behind you, your body much to weak to even think about moving. You do happen to spare a glance at the wreck of jet and building and what you saw didn’t look the best; the building was on fire and as far as you can tell there wasn’t a single avenger in sight. 

   “Shit,” You mutter, opening your other eye to blink blearily at the fire. You shift just a bit, pushing your hands beneath your body to stand up when a red finger is pointed at your head. 

   “I said don’t move,’ Your fight seems to return at her words, an anger brewing beneath your skin at her attitude. 

   “Fuck you,” You growl as you bite her finger, hard enough to break the skin. With a yelp she pulls back, nursing her now bleeding hand. You take her moment of distraction to quickly elbow her face, a satisfying crunch coming from her nose. She falls to the ground, her head nearly spinning as you book it to the crash, hoping to get there before the silver haired guy could catch up. “Tony!” You scream as you run at the building, so close you could feel the flames licking your body. “Steve!” You approach the rubble, searching for any sight of one of your teammates but when you found none you began to grow a bit concerned. “Nat!” You cry, pulling up chunks of the building as you attempt to make your way into the rubble. “Bruce!”  Your cries stop short when you hear a resounding thud from behind you, a sound that could only be made by one object. 

   You whip around just in time to see the Avengers emerge from chunks of the rubble, Steve’s shield stuck in a robot’s body. The were beaten and bloodied but they were alive. 

   “(Y/N),” Steve chokes, his breathing a bit heavy as he does, “Take down the twins, we’ll take care of the bots,” You nod your head, an almost relieved smile overtaking your features. 

   “You got it Cap’n,” With a little salute you turn your body towards the two mutants, the sliver haired speedster helping the brown haired girl to her feet. Wisps of energy gather around your fingers as you take a step towards the two, your whole body thrumming in power.

    The two happen to look up, their eyes widening at the sight of you. With a smirk you send a beam of energy their way, thoroughly surprised when the brown haired girl counteracted it with her own beam. The two colors collide and immediately a spark fills the air, getting brighter and brighter with each passing second. You furrow your brows as you look at the sparks forming in the middle of your beams, it was a color you’d never seen before- nearly blue but with a slightly red undertone….Suddenly both of the beams become this vibrant color, thrumming as your two colors mix. And then it clicked- it was purple; this was the color you’d never been able to see before. Immediately your energy powers down, little wisps of it clinging to the air as the vibrant color soon fades, leaving you and the brown haired girl staring at each other in shock. 

   You’re soulmate was the bad guy? Your mouth runs dry at the though and you can barely find the words to speak as you come to this conclusion. Your hands shake and you feel the extreme urge to cry, something you rarely ever did. 

   “Oh my god,” You breathe out, a small tear cascading down your cheek. “Oh my god, y-you’re my-” The girl nods and it looks like there are tears of her own gathering within her eyes. Blood soaks her hands and nose and you do feel a pang of guilt knowing that you’d been the one to hurt her, your own damn soulmate. 

   Despite knowing that she was working against you, despite knowing that she was working with Ultron you find yourself running towards her, not stopping until you’d wrapped her up in your arms, your face buried in her neck. Two arms wrap around you and a warm cheek presses against your head, making you feel more alive than you ever had. 

   “My soulmate,” she breathes out, her lips ghosting along your skin as she does. “Mine.” She repeats, firmer this time. You find yourself nodding against her, your heart overpowered with emotions. 

   “I-I-I don’t even know your name,” You whisper, pulling back just enough to stare at her bloodied, beaten face. She smiles gently, wincing slightly as she does. 

   “It’s Wanda, Wanda Maximoff,” You smile as you gingerly press a kiss to her lips, making sure not to get any blood in your mouth. 

   “I’m (Y/N),” You mumble against her lips, relishing in the small breath she breathed against you. “(Y/N) Stark.” 


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Summary: Fights between your boyfriend and twin leaves you to make a drastic choice, trying to end the war.

A/N: Ooh, getting deep in here. Thank you Anon!

Pairing: Reggie x reader (x Twin!Archie)

Warnings: Light swearing, fighting, attempted suicide, near death

You stood in the center of Sweetwater, the snow burning the bottom of your bare feet. The wind whipped by your face, but you could only feel the pain from your cheek, remembering what happened an hour ago.

“How can you date him, (Y/N)? He isn’t even that cute! Nor is he worth dating you!”

Archie stood in front of you, pointing to Reggie Mantle. Archie crashed your date with Reggie, proving the rumors of dating to be true. Reggie stood up from the table.

“Hey, I’m right here dude. And to be honest, I don’t deserve to date her. But she’s amazing and I-”

Archie shoved Reggie back into the booth of Pop’s.

“Don’t you fucking say it Mantle. C’mon (Y/N). You don’t need to be here with him.”

Archie grabbed your arm and yanked you out of the booth. Then, you felt your other arm get pulled in the other direction. Whipping your head around, you saw Reggie giving you a gentle look.

“Archie, let go.”

You looked at him, panicked. He pulled you harder, crying out from them both tugging on your arms. Using your strength, you ripped your arm from Archie and then was hauled back into Reggie’s arms. Archie stormed up to you and Reggie put you protectively behind him.

“Yo, man, let’s talk about this. I don’t wanna fight.”

Archie stood there, clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Well, I do.”

Archie raised his fist and went straight for Reggie’s nose. His head bounced from his fist to the countertop of a table. Archie stood over him, bringing his hands down with fury. Reggie brought his hands up to hold him off, and you pulled on Archie’s shoulders.

“Get… off him!”

Reggie shoved him off and Archie hit the back of a seat. As you saw Archie bring his hand up once more, you stood in front of the bleeding Reggie. Archie didn’t have enough time to stop before hammering down on you. You fell to your knees and stared forward, too shocked to move. 

The whole restaurant stopped to watch the scene unfold. It fell to a muted buzz and the world around you was halted. You looked up at Reggie and Archie, tears flooding from your eyes. You shakily stood, and stared at them. With a cautious step, you turned around and walked out of the restaurant.

And there you were, standing on cracked ice, looking down at the currents below your feet. It seemed peaceful. You always loved Sweetwater. As kids, you and Archie would swim everyday. Your hands were always pruney and you two wreaked of fresh water. The grit covered your hair in a thin layer.

As you felt the ice break, you heard yelling come from the other side of where you were perched. Turning slightly, you saw red and black hair in the front of the smaller group behind.

(Y/N), please come back! We can work this out.”

You stood there, too shell shocked to move. And then the ice broke. You were initially in agony from the cold water, it chilled your bones with such pain it made you cry. But the tears were ripped from your eyes with the current, and you felt your lungs cave in. In an instant, your gut made you realize the fatal error you’d made. 

As you tried swimming back to where you came in, the current whipped you farther, the light peaking through the ice became duller. The water turned darker and it slowly turned warmer and warmer, almost hot. You were burning up, and then it turned black. 

You heard crunches of the snow and ice above you, but none of it mattered. The feeling was welcoming.

Then you felt rough hands pull you by your arms. And then a pressure on your chest.

anonymous asked:

Hello girls!!!! Last night I was thinking that Jamie was King of Men and Red Jamie in season two. Men feared him and respected him, saw him as a great soldier. What if one of these men from the army saw a sweet moment between Jamie and Claire? Seeing how caring and loving Big Bad Jamie actually was only with his wife? Please and thank you in advance for your amazing work!!!!! I admire all of you so much!

“Step lively, now! I thought English soldiers always loved marching!”

Corporal Alexander Lake bit back a retort and leaned heavily on the shoulder of Private Oliver Mason (his real name being unpronouncable, due to the odd fact that he was of all things a Lithuanian mercenary), hobbling as best he could to keep his weight off the broken ankle. Mason wasn’t in much better shape – with blood slowly darkening the scarlet of his lieutenant’s coat, and missing the top half of his right ear.

What a bloody farce this all was. All that planning – all that stupid confidence that they’d glorify the King by crushing this damned rebellion led by these filthy Scots. And now here they were, sliding through the mud as prisoners of war on their way to what Mac-whatever had said was their field hospital.

Field hospital? Did they even have hospitals here?

Mac-whatever heartily clapped a compatriot on the back as they rounded a corner toward a barn that had clearly been converted into some kind of military facility. Men sporting all kinds of wounds milled about the courtyard – clutching broken bones, blinking against pain, wandering in a daze, still in shock from the very quick and very bloody battle.

“All right, lads! Just go through that door right there – I’m sure the ladies would love to take care of ye!”

The Scot pointed a grubby finger in the direction of the barn door, where a weary, kerchiefed woman waited. The small, sad column of prisoners grimly filtered through the door.

Lake’s first impression was of surprise – for the field hospital was quiet, orderly, and organized. Run with military-like precision.

“The British! The British prisoners are here!” piped up a young, panicked woman as they entered.

With the crowd of men in front of him, Lake couldn’t tell who the woman was addressing – some kind of general, perhaps? But then Rhead – ever wanting to show his mettle as a leader – piped up:

“We mean you no harm, madam – but we do require your assistance.”

The fool sounded like he was begging. How dare he? How –

But the voice that responded – Christ almighty. An Englishwoman.

Leading a Scottish military hospital?

None of it made sense – had he been struck by a bullet or saber after all?

But before long he was laid flat out on a straw pallet – surprisingly clean – and the Englishwoman was lifting his eyelids and prodding his joints.

“Swelling looks normal for a break…any tenderness around the other joints? Were you struck by anything?”

Too dumbstruck to respond, Lake could only shake his head.

The Englishwoman – whoever she was – clearly knew her way around a wounded body. Sweat shone on her forehead. Blood – likely from a mixture of several people – had soaked a good six inches up the hem of her skirts. Still more blood spatters coated her arms, with one smear tantalizingly just above her bosom.

This woman was in charge – and absolutely breathtaking in her beauty.

“You’ll just have to lie here for a while – there are many other men more gravely wounded than you. Do you understand?”

Even if he didn’t, could he tell her no?

He must have nodded, for before long she was gone in a swirl of skirts, issuing commands to the dedicated women buzzing around the room.

It could have been hours or days that Lake lay there, contemplating. Watching more and more injured Scots trickle in – listening to the dispirited murmurs of conversation between the prisoners around him – admiring how one of the younger women never seemed to rest, despite her clear exhaustion.

But more than anything, wondering how She had made it here.

Clearly She wasn’t under duress – clearly She thrived in this environment. Perhaps She had wedded herself to the Scots’ ridiculous cause? Perhaps She had grown up in Scotland – but then where would She have gained such impressive medical experience? The Scots weren’t exactly known to let their women out of their hovels or castles.

She hadn’t been part of his army – he doubtless would have heard of her. She certainly had a tongue to match the most seasoned soldier – and wasn’t afraid to use it.

Christ, what a woman. Clearly respected by both the men and the women in the room. None of the men even attempted to touch her skirts, or look down her bodice – for fear, perhaps, but definitely for respect.

Dim memories from school flooded into his mind – Boudicea the warrior queen. Elizabeth Regina. Cleopatra, even – all fearsome women in their own right. All queens – just as this strange woman was.

The door crashed open – and Lake’s blood ran cold. For in strode Red Jamie – the man he’d seen cut down at least five of his comrades that morning. The man the generals talked about in their councils – about how smart and ruthless he was. How he’d charm you right into a trap. How he was so dangerous that he should be captured – if not shot – on sight. And here he was, filthy shirt stained with the blood of his brothers.

And here he was, striding toward Her. Holding Her. Framing her blood-smeared face in his blood-stained hands.

Kissing Her.

Bloody hands impossibly gentle.

Christ almighty. She was Red Jamie’s wife. The Stuart Witch.

Their reunion – lingering, tender – mesmerized him.

For such love to exist – to thrive – in such a place…

And then She stormed outside – and he turned to survey his wounded men.

Lake coughed - suddenly feeling very tired - and finally closed his eyes.