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do you have tips for drawing humans? you draw lads so well man <3 <3

first. sorry for stupid images of rockstars, i iust tried to pick people with extremely prominent features. BUT HEY i made a FREAKING tutorial this time YAHOOOOOO

I find It really important to actually draw real people for a long while because while what i show you isn’t directly a study, its a more fun version its jusy extremely important to get a grip on human facial structure

now how ive gotten a super good loose grip on facial expressions is this

you need to pull out their basic bone structure while i never really outline it myself in my art to get it, ive outlined it because i think for a lot of people they tend to lack to look at real people ans just others artwork to teach them anatomy Please Dont. Do That Bro you arent helping yourseld if you dont know how to draw anatomy the correct way, then you learn to stylize it! back to what i was saying, sometimes if thr image is to hard from glance its very helpful to see an outline, a lot of art lacks the idea of using this and then you get into same face sydrome, but to draw someone more accurately look what makes this person in this case, david gilmour? look at how his face proportions on the edge, thats key, as well as noses too not everyone has the same bendy nose (ill get into this in a little.) 

here is another cool example, see by learning and picking out cheekbone height, where it drops ect ect, it can make thr way you draw very diverse and you need that if you wanna be able to draw someone and have people recongise it. 

heres sort of a list of things to consider when working on your sketch:

-how prominent is the edge of their 3/4′s view, profile ect. (if youre having trouble go in and outline it to see where the cheekbone is, what sorr of chin ect.)

-NOSE. please look at the nose this is a heavy feature as well

-eye shape while we have a genral same eye shape look above at the last picture example those are 2 way different eye shapes.

-dimples, cupids bows ect


now for noses i have a little thing extra on that because it’s something ive really got down on art 

again the outline gives you key features anf a good example of how much noses can really put your foot in the door of how distinct that person is.


(left band right good) IT REALLY HELPS if they have extra features not to draw them in with a line as thick as the goddamned line art and simple shading like a value darker under it. it makes it look 7 feet deep and a lot of the time sort of takes the appeal out small lines can really help build up values and make it extremely more realistic because if yoy were to colour that to try and make it realisticly done, the one on the right would fit your purposes better than the one on the left with obnoxious shading!

SORRY THIS IS SO FUCKING. LONG BUT i really hope it helps

not to be a negative Nancy but uh

I don’t have to pretend to have a horse, because it is a horse. Like the Fjord it’s an old breed (the Fjord is an ancestor actually), and they were horses before “tall” horses even were a thing. Their strong build and bone-structure are another reason why it’s fair to call them horses, for they can easily carry adults. Just like a Fjord horse. And there’s the simple naming factor: if I look in any horse encyclopedia I’ll find both the Fjord and the Icelandic with a ‘horse’ behind the name. Same with Wikipedia. Not pony. Horse. So excuse me if I call them by their breed name, Icelandic horse, and sorry that I and many others with me do consider them horses. There’s nothing about them that makes them lesser compared to taller breeds.  

Usually Bones is so casual when he’s off duty that people on board can forget that he knows all their personal information. Not that he’d ever misuse it. But one night everyone was very drunk, amd Jim was insisting that Bones couldn’t possibly remember who on board has an appendix. So everyone lined up and Bones walked down the aisle. Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. No. No. No. You’re species doesn’t have one. Yes. Yes.
100% correct.

🍒 Sun in the 1st: Glowing face. Leonine eyes. Regal command. Masculine features.  

🍒 Moon in the 1st: Moon Face. Full Cheeks. Dimples like craters. Feminine features. Smiles with half crescent moon eyes 

🍒 Mercury in the 1st: Elfin or Fairy Face. Almond eyes. Dainty features. Big forehead. Youthful  

🍒 Venus in the 1st: Goddess face. Feminine features. Softness. Mystique. Symmetrical features  

🍒 Mars in the 1st: Springtime Face. Scars. Defined features. Can have resting frustrated face. Pronounced jawline.  

🍒 Jupiter in the 1st: Bohemian Face. Large head and features. Big smile. Large bone structure 

🍒 Saturn in the 1st: Doll Face. Still expression. Refined features with prominent bone structure 

🍒 Uranus in the 1st: Alien Face. Large forehead. Bright and luminescent eyes. Maybe unusual looking 

🍒 Neptune in the 1st: Spellbound face. Large watery eyes. Seems untouchable. Alluring features. Make up. Everything is not what it seems. Sleepy eyes.

🍒 Pluto in the 1st: Hidden Face. Still, calculating, and mesmerising eyes. Darkness below eyes. Thicker hair 


The Astrology Behind Visual King: Kim Taehyung

Sun in the 1st House

  • 🌟 a born superstar 🌟
  • these people walk with their heads held high  
    an imposing, regal presence. you know you’re dealing with royalty™
  • the sun is your true identity so people with it in the 1st house are very confident and self-assured!
  • charisma is in their second nature 
  • either friendly or quite intimidating, depending on rising sign
  • but usually very warm and inviting, others feels reinvigorated in their presence 

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  • the sun represent the father and male figures so people with this placement often have very masculine features 
  • and strongly resemble their father 

(his family is so precious i cri!!)

  • bones structure for daysss 📐📏
  • faces are symmetrical af how tf do you guys do that 
  • feline features 🐯🦁
  • above average height  
  • powerful eyebrows (have mercy)
  • and most importantly:
  • ☀️ sun kissed skin ☀️

Jupiter in the 1st House

  • jupiter rules youth, luck, and everything fun and playful 🌈
  • the biggest goofballs ever!!
  • a humorous demeanor
  • experts at making other laugh with their larger than life attitudes 
  • always have a mischievous glint in their eyes 
  • their overall movement is grande and carefree. very animated
  • speech and mannerisms 

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  • jupiter also brings excess so you could they have a little extra junk in the trunk if u know what i mean ;)
  • a thicc bih 🍑💦💦
  • big huGE smiles that light up their entire face 💕💞💘
  • full, round faces 
  • tend to gain weight easily/weight often fluctuates
  • chubby cheeks! 🍞
  • large eyes, foreheads, and other big features 
  • exotic, ethereal looks, as if they come from a far away place 🍃


The face Obi-Wan Kenobi makes when he’s 1000% done with you.

Clone Wars, Season 2 Edition

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The Signs’ Most Beautiful Features

**Check Sun, Sun’s polarity, and Ascendant

Aries: smooth, lustrous hair, beautiful bone structure of the face

Taurus: long, expressive necks, strong jaw and shoulders, lovely skin around the throat and collarbones

Gemini: graceful arms, well shaped shoulders, hands, and fingers

Cancer: beautiful breasts, soft, creamy skin along the chest and stomach

Leo: straight spines, upright posture, graceful movements

Virgo: delicateness about you, graceful gestures, slender frame or features

Libra: muscular back, curvaceous buttocks, fine skin, pleasing features, good bone structure

Scorpio: piercing eyes, prominent cheekbones and nose, mysterious, powerful aura

Sagittarius: long, well shaped legs, thick thighs and hips, natural athleticism 

Capricorn: pleasing bone structure, angular beauty, intriguing smile

Aquarius: well shaped legs, muscular calves, slender ankles, broad hips and shoulders

Pisces: graceful, well shaped feet, beautiful arches, hypnotic eyes