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Marlis Starling

Alchemist | Fleshcrafter | Teacher

Marlis is currently looking to start her Back-alley body modification business. Looking for those interested in changing their character’s appearance. Marlis can change things such bone structure, eye color, hair color and beyond. Of course these services don’t come free, though she doesn’t only accept gold.

Looking for all types of RP partners! OOCly I can be shy at times, so I see that putting a little notice like this helps at times.

Types of RP I’m looking for : Mad Scientists, Experimentation, Gorey, Dark and even some fluffy dark humor. I give full consent to any interactions that may be dark or borderline. Though a heads up is greatly appreciated before engaging. That being said I would appreciate if those who were engaging in mature themes be of legal age. I’m also completely open for cross-faction and AU rp.

Places where I prefer to RP: Discord (Wirt#6985) and In Game (Character name is United) Also…here! Though my replies may be a little slower on tumblr! Do be warned!

anonymous asked:

I hope you're violently raped tranny! You'll never be a boy! No XY chromosome, no dick, can't produce sperm, no male bone structure! You'll always be a mentally ill dyke! You're not gay either you're fucking straight! Hope your tits are cut off and your clit is bitten off! Do yourself a favor and commit suicide!

Usually Bones is so casual when he’s off duty that people on board can forget that he knows all their personal information. Not that he’d ever misuse it. But one night everyone was very drunk, amd Jim was insisting that Bones couldn’t possibly remember who on board has an appendix. So everyone lined up and Bones walked down the aisle. Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. No. No. No. You’re species doesn’t have one. Yes. Yes.
100% correct.

the gods are not dead. when men speak to me like i can’t read, i feel athena awaken somewhere in my bone structure. her mouth spits words i had forgotten i memorized, facts from the deep pockets of libraries. she revels in the way they stutter at the quickness of my tongue, whispers, here’s what it feels to be above the cities. i know demeter for the way i feel in dirt, i catch sunlight in my palms and beg people to be disgusted at girl unhaunted by pretty, my hair a mess and my legs hairy and my body thick. i’ve kissed aphrodite, i’ve met her not in lust only but in the girl who listens like she is tied to your soul. she comes out and we go dancing, unashamed of our sexuality. i have even been her, once or twice, on rare moons where the stars aligned. i know the rage of artemis. i hunt those who hurt my sisters, i slay demons, i run in night with red lips. and i am persephone, always, goddess of the spring, goddess of the pomegranate, of wanting, of riding her own horse to hades, of being two queens. when men take power from me, i hear her whispering. take it back, she says, tongue sweet, ambrosia in the blood stream, take back your city.

the gods are not dead. they live in women. they live in me.

got an anon asking about how I age characters: can’t say I have some surefire recipe, but basically you want to emphasise angles (especially in male faces) and pronounce the bone structure with increasing age, add wrinkles, greying hair,…  

sorry Harry for making you a victim of my attempts

I’m not entirely decided yet, but I’m inclined to think Harry would keep his hair short rather than long as he ages. I’d like to try different hairstyles before I can settle on something though. 

= for those who were wondering about Harry’s hair being too neat in the last pic

The Signs’ Beautiful Features

Aries: Muscle Structure

Taurus: Doe Eyes

Gemini: Youthfulness

Cancer: Emotive Eyes

Leo: Mane of Hair

Virgo: Gentle Features

Libra: Dimpled Cheeks

Scorpio: Deep, Intense Eyes

Sagittarius: Glowing Smile

Capricorn: Cheekbones

Aquarius: Hypnotic Eyes

Pisces: Bone Structure

Physical Features of the Signs
  • *use rising, venus or MC (midheaven)*
  • -requested, not meant to offend-
  • Aries: Prominent Forehead/Eyebrows
  • Taurus: Button Nose
  • Gemini: Slender Build
  • Cancer: Round Face
  • Leo: Prominent Nose
  • Virgo: Prominent Bone Structure
  • Libra: Heart Shaped/Oval Faces
  • Scorpio: Deep Eyes (Normally Dark)
  • Sagittarius: Prominent Smiles
  • Capricorn: Prominent Teeth/Bones
  • Aquarius: Tall
  • Pisces: Fine Hair