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It continually baffles me that Elementary isn’t mentioned very often on tumblr. It’s like four seasons of televised, well-done Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. Just for starters:

  • It casts the criminally under-appreciated Lucy Liu as the show’s version of Watson
  • The show’s creator has been holding the line for four years that Sherlock and Joan will NOT hook up because “it’s too easy,” and the show “doesn’t need it.”
  • It doesn’t downplay Sherlock’s (canonical) addiction to heroin, and in fact turns his recovery and continued sobriety into an issue he constantly struggles with
  • Sherlock’s character is well-balanced as a rude, arrogant, anti-social misanthrope who is still capable of being kind and treats those few he considers friends with respect
  • Likewise, Joan is intensely empathetic and nurturing to people in need, but does not tolerate bullshit (Sherlock’s especially) and is perfectly capable of beating up grown man a hundred pounds heavier than her with a police-baton
  • Sherlock teaches Joan cane-fighting (a fighting style he had in the books), and is an avid beekeeper (another detail from the books)
  • Sherlock and Joan share a pet turtle named Clyde. He paints.
  • The cast orbiting Sherlock and Joan are diverse, three dimensional, and exist as more than cannon fodder for Sherlock to prove his superiority at every turn.
  • Ms. Hudson is a trans woman (played by a trans actress) that cleans up Sherlock and Joan’s place when she’s not cohabitating with her sugar daddies
  • The mysteries are pretty cool and creative detective stories
  • Lucy Liu herself has said that a non-sexual relationship is more “dynamic” and “interesting” to play and considers the lack of romance between them a “sacred” part of the characters
  • The show is unabashedly practical when it comes to sexuality: Sherlock has arrangements with women that are non-romantic but respectful, and has suggested that Joan is “dissatisfied” with traditional relationships and might be more inclined to an open or even polyamorous relationship
  • I can’t even ruin it but just…Moriarty is magnificent
  • Again: a male and a female lead in a deep, significant platonic relationship based on mutual respect.

I would give anything for some affection right now, someone to grab my face and look into my eyes with admiration, someone to brush away the hair off of my forehead or to run their finger along my bottom lip before they kiss me for the next 20 minutes straight, someone to run their hand over my collar bones, hooking my shirt in their fingers and running it over my shoulders and down my arms, light kisses on my neck and chest, grabbing my waist and pulling me towards them, lifting my thighs and feeling their fingers gently digging into my skin… I would give anything for that

rhyming yellow boys flirting 💛👬💛 inspired by @hugcollector‘s dirk on kirk post 

kirk flirts with everyone and dirk is adorable so you can’t tell me this wouldn’t happen if ford took dirk onto the enterprise

“We returned to the main subject: Dahmer’s practices with the dead bodies.  He had tried to keep facial masks, following some instructions in a taxidermy magazine, but the result “turned a bit moldy,” so he threw it out.  He had the fantasy of putting together a complete skeleton, varnishing the bones, putting in hooks and eyes to permit the bones to be linked to one another.  I pointed out that he could have bought such a skeleton at a medical supply store, but he said if he’d done that, the result “wouldn’t be a remembrance–it would have been a stranger.”      

–Robert Ressler, I Have Lived in the Monster 

exhausting pt. 2

A/N: as per popular request and my own plans, here is part 2 to exhausting! hope you guys like it as much as part 1 (: also this is the last part!

genre: angst/fluff

words: 2,673

member: taehyung (v)


“I can’t say I didn’t mean what I said that day,” he said quietly, his words searing into your skin and burning you.

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You’d been laying in your bed for what seemed like an eternity. You had stopped crying after the first three hours of the sleepless night, your tears dried around your eyes and your cheeks, making your skin feel cracked and dry. You had managed to fall into a restless sleep, but woken up after two hours when all your subconscious could focus on were the words Taehyung had said to you.

Now, it was a week later. You hadn’t contacted any of the boys, including Taehyung. Jimin and Hobi had sent you numerous texts to assure you that what was said wasn’t the truth, that Taehyung hadn’t meant any of it and he’d just been very tired.

But you knew the truth.

He was right.

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The words are on the tip of his tongue, sweet like the sugar on Andrew’s lips from the donuts he had nearly swallowed whole before dragging Neil in for a kiss with his powder coated fingers gripping at Neil’s collar. He doesn’t need to say them outloud, but he presses them into Andrew’s skin. Neil traces them over Andrew’s pulse, a steady beat that spikes in speed from the touch.

The words are on his fingertips, as they push through Andrew’s pale hair and tickle over forearms. It is in the ‘yes or no’ Neil whispers against Andrew’s lips before every touch. It is in every sigh passing his lips as Andrew’s teeth work at his skin, quiet but loud to Neil. His heart thumps in time with the three words, and he knows Andrew feels it every time he brushes a thumb over his pulse to check his heartbeat.

It is in the cup of coffee he places on the counter each morning from his run. In the way their fingers brush as Andrew passes the cigarette he holds. The words float through the air every time Neil comes home with a bag of sweets, and they coat the mocking ‘junkie’ he says to Andrew as he hands the bag to him.

Andrew doesn’t say them either, but he feels it in the way he slides his thumb over Neil’s scarred cheek bone or hooks it under his chin. He feels it in every finger ghosting over his scars. It is loud in the way he let’s Neil crawl over him and crowd his space. It is in the quiet moan Neil knows he is trying to hold back when their lips stitch together, and even in the sound of his name that comes out like a warning when Neil gets too close to saying them out loud.

It is in the way Andrew never puts too much space between them when they are out. He can hear it whenever Andrew makes sure his phone is charged before they part, and the way Andrew stays awake while Neil stays up watching old exy videos, even though Andrew hates it. It is in every key Andrew has given him, and the way Andrew’s fingers curl around his wrist to stop him every time he digs the key into his palm too hard. It is in the hand hard at the back of his neck whenever it feels hard to breathe sometimes. It is in growing percentage of hate, which always makes Neil hide his grin. He always fails, and the number always increases in response. 

It is his favorite song, a quiet melody tracing through the front of his mind as he soaks in the warmth of Andrew’s body against his. Andrew only allows the soft and slow for a few minutes before his grip on Neil’s hips tighten and his kisses are more urgent.

Neil’s tongue licks behind his teeth, dipping the words into his mouth. Andrew’s palm presses down at his lower back, stitching them together. He digs his fingers in, pressing those same words into Neil’s skin.

He doesn’t have to say the words, he doesn’t have to hear them. They surround him and fill his chest whenever Andrew is near, and that is enough.

(request for a Beaty and the Beast Au for reaper76)

Long ago, he had been cursed by a cruel wandering witch when he had refused her a bed at the dead of night as a young child. She cursed him with the form of an ugly and hideous beast, for his form to only grow more and more horrendous and monstrous as his years went by. When he begged for a way out, she gave him one way out of it… if someone could look past his hideous form and love him for who he was, then he would shed his monstrous form.

But the witch was so sure that the little brat that refused her into his home would grow into a bitter and cold man that he would never shake the curse. In part, she was right that the curse would affect who he became. When his parents saw him, they abandoned their home to get away from him. The scoured and lost child, he remained in his home alone with the servants who knew of what happened and volunteered to watch over him. As he grew, he learned the shame of his looks, of how the world thought of him as hideous and monstrous, how they hated him without even getting to know him. He grew cold, bitter and distant, shutting himself deep in his cold home and never interacting with human kind again.

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anonymous asked:

So are we supposed to think that Kaplan loved and cared for and helped Raymond all these years knowing that he had killed Katrina and stuffed her in a suitcase. She has known about those bones being at the farm and the secret behind them. I'm buying into the "bones of the real Raymond Reddington theory". And as for those interviews, the writers have always lied in every single one they ever gave, swearing that Liz was really dead, etc. Megan seems reluctant to say anything about what's next!!!!

Yeah I tend to believe the bones could be the real Raymond Reddington. Red is terrified for Liz to find out. Don’t you think Red would be more scared for Liz to find out he took her father’s identity and (probably) played a role in his death than to find the bones of her mother?  He and Dembe made it sound like they were on a mission. So this is something big. And you are right, no way would Kate be comfortable knowing after all these years that Red killed Katarina and rudely stuffed her into a suitcase.

Regarding your interview comments, Megan just goes with the flow, only confirming what is going on in the now. In the past she has said Red is not Liz’s father, that she killed her father, and in one interview said she couldn’t understand why people would think Red was her father. So the storyline now is that Red is Liz’s father and that is what she is going with for now.

However JB is a different story, always talking out of the side of his mouth and confirming nothing but allowing you to read through the lines. As a matter of fact his interview last night with EW leaves the door wide open for the impostor theory. He says the bones represent the ultimate hook of the show - so this is huge!

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Isn’t this the obvious answer the fans have been expecting from the beginning? Why confirm what everyone has basically said since season 1?
Because it is part of the truth, but not the entire [thing]. There is a larger reason for him entering her life, a bigger secret that is also revealed in this episode, so while it is part of the story, it is not the entire story.

Talk about that bigger secret.
That bigger secret involves, in part, some bones that were dug up by Mr. Kaplan, and that Elizabeth Keen is unaware of, and that Red is desperate to keep Liz from finding. That bag of bones represents a much larger story that is the ultimate hook of the show. So yes, the paternal issue is something that perhaps one might have expected, but in hindsight, when we look back on the entire series, it will make sense in a way that perhaps it doesn’t now. All I can really say is, it is a piece of a much larger puzzle.

How does knowing that these bones are out there affect Red?
He’s incredibly conflicted, because there’s this enormous emotional bombshell, and yet, at the same time, he has always withheld partial truths. He’s withholding the biggest secret from Liz, so not only is there a lot of conflicted emotional things happening between he and Elizabeth Keen, there’s always this much larger secret that has him entirely on his heels, terrified and presents a problem in a way that he’s never dealt with before.

This impostor theory is one that’s alive among our fan base,” Bokenkamp says. After all, the DNA results proving Red’s parentage come from a decades-old sample that is not necessarily from the man we know now.

But it’s My Birthday**



Another year had came and gone and Joseph Sugg was turning another year older. As an annual tradition for every member of the Buttercream Gang, the boys were taking Joe out for the night with the main goal of not letting him go home alone. 

The boys had been planning Joe’s birthday activities for a few weeks leading up to his birthday, in hopes to make the oldest member feel young again. 

When the night of Joe’s birthday finally rolled around, the boys started the night off with a nice dinner, ordering a few pre drinks before their night really took off.

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1 rare c. 1820 turned wood stick w/ repousee brass rings & bone hook, long brass canopy tip, whalebone ribs, brown silk pagota shaped canopy & cream silk fringe, L 37", (4 of 8 ribs detached from ends, couple bone ends worn down, tiny holes to canopy) fair; 1 1850s folding wood stick, brass slider, bone canopy & stick tips, whalebone ribs, wine & navy silk changeante silk canopy, L 33", excellent; 1 1870s wood stick w/ long carved bone handle & tip, black silk & lace canopy, L 20", excellent.

Dance Club Missions - Jason Todd Oneshot

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Themes: NSFW - Oral (Reader recieving), dirty words, public places, dance clubs

Summary: Anon requested: Jason todd giving shy reader oral for the first time: Jason todd is your target, you’re supposed to get into his inner circle and infiltrate his world.  You weren’t expecting a one way ticket into his booth with closed curtains and his mouth between your legs… but then again… first missions are always the most memorable. 

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