bone helm

“The Oro Jackson sailing true, Our Captain Bold and Free!
Grand Line ‘hold our fearsome ship, The man whos Will is D.!
A Fighting Lot our mangy crew, we fear no Davy Jones~
Our Captain is The Pirate King, his voice would shake your bones!
Silvers at the helm steadfast, Rosa at her Keel
Their blood they’d spill to keep us free; the pride it makes us feel!
For him we’d die a thousand deaths, out on this endless sea
Our Captain’s name is Roger, and his loyal crew are we!

Our flag known well throughout the seas, and soon your’s too, my son
You’ll fight the waves your Mother fought, until your Will is done.

And I will sail beside you still, no matter the course you choose
because you are my Pirate King, and you will never loose


Let’s put some meat on Will-Helm’s bones with the Weight of the World ice cream flavour - which looks disgusting and in combination with that cinnamon stick also kind of obscene. Next time I’ll use a white topping, and then it’s Offensive Smurf.

The first serving didn’t do the trick though, and after the initial buzz over the new treat, Will-Helm’s excitement cooled off while eating the fourth bowl in a row.