bone damage

How do you tell an alien about the stuff we attach to our skeletons as a way of not letting a trauma fuck our bodies up? I mean, have you ever seen  a Fixateure externe? We bolt an external metal structure to an already damaged bone (and the other bones that need it for stability in the joint) so it’s at the correct lenght for mending itself without the boneends moving accidentally too far away and forming a pseudarthrosis.

Because you better believe our bodies will do that if left alone. It renders the bodypart effing useless.

Also, we sometimes just stick a titanium rod through hollow bones to fix them. Not getting in detail, but just imagine.

You are at the spaceport, and suddenly something weird shows up on one of the monitors. In a human body, so the possibility of the readings being accurate just went from no-way to oh-my-gosh-what’s-it-again. Anyway, you make your way to the waiting terran spacers. Ask if they are aware of there being a rather severe and concentrated metal-deposit in their… shoulder bone, clavicle your computer tells you it’s called.

You see the moment they understand, and most just start snickering and the affected human just starts… cursing… ‘alien airport detectors’.

They show you the medical papers shortly after that. You stare at them, turn your translator off and on again (a habit you picked up from a human acquaintance, actually…), then decide not to bother them anymore. You make a note of it and send it to your superior to do as they please. Because no. Protesis, even endoprotesis you can understand, but those are state-of-art medical devices. 

Not a piece of titanium in the bonemarrow.

I think the reason I’m so emotional about chapter 71 is because eren will literally never get to hear Carla jeager tell him how amazing and special he is, and not for being some titan shifter, but just for being himself. He doesn’t believe he holds any significance outside of being a shifter and that kills me. Bc he does. And he needs someone to make him see that he is amazing just for being eren…and i have this crazy feeling…

of who that someone will be…

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Hi may i know how did u remove the the mummfied flesh without damaging the bones in this post post/158629039915/mummified-blue-tit-i-am-cleaning-up-for-someone-at

Of course! I removed as much as I could by hand first, then put it in some 12% peroxide for a while. I took it out, rinsed it gently and pulled/trimmed what I could of any remaining flesh. The peroxide bubbled away dirt and made the mummified flesh go kind of spongey and easier to remove.

i’m noticing in trying to reach out to friends that there is very little education around eating disorders and nutrition in general

i told a friend that i was struggling with a meal and she said, “you had tea! that counts!”


a person cannot substitute food for leaf water. though being hydrated is awesome, people need calories to survive. 

people need to know that encouraging these behaviors, even if it’s unintentional, can be severely harmful to a person with an eating disorder.

pay attention to the folks who are suffering. EDs can cause permanent heart, kidney, bone, GI, and electrolyte damage. take these behaviors seriously.

Hi, @celestiaspaladin

You mentioned you reenact civil war medicine. I’d like to pick your brain if you don’t mind.

You have a solider with a through and through chest wound, from a lead musket ball. No organ or bone damage, and assuming no infection sets in, what kind of recovery time could be expected?


Itll be a 2 act stand FOR SURE but i just cant get act 1 down

I cant give anything story related, but I can give abilities!

The first ACT translates the user’s physical damage into an attack of equal power. Paper cut = slice the size of a paper cut. Broken bones = damage with equal recovery time. This act’s special ability is called |See You In Hell|, where if the user is on the verge of death, it will seek out any target it sees and drag them down with him. (it wont stop for allies, when I say any target, I mean any target).  The user has almost no fighting capabilities while ACT 1 is active, and relies solely on tanking hits in order to do damage.
The second ACT can translate the user’s emotions into a buff for any in range. The stand releases a signal that sparks certain reactions in other stands(think of pokemon stats, where the best support moves are +2). The user is not affected, and the stand is almost purely support. The ‘songs’ last for five minutes each, so timing is key. While the songs are in affect, ACT 1 can be summoned but cannot receive the buff. ACT 1 continues the song, except it is ½ of the normal effect(where the support buff would only be +1).

would you slash my throat for me
as you begin to
move inside?

hemingway’s shotgun
on the table.

show me the details of
gould’s hands
before he died.
i want to see god shush him.

i am sad now, i am crying.
happy birthday, happy birthday.

the sound of the sea 
is absolute silence
whenever your body is in it.
you are like a fishes mouth
before it’s hooked

and poor edgar allan poe- i am also
in unfamiliar bones, the
damage is always done
too soon.

dante is banging on the walls

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Did you ever get back at Team CRDL for harming Velvet or did she convince you and the guys to leave them alone?

“Oh, we TRIED, but Velvs was having none of it. She was convinced we’d kill them. Isn’t that silly? As if highly trained huntsmen and huntresses would kill humans. Especially since broken bones and damaged nerves teach the lesson much more effectively! But no, she was adamant. Pulled out the sad face and the puppy eyes and the ‘you’ll make me sad’ threats. Worked, too. We had to promise to leave the little shitheads alone…for now.” 

“We have permission to renegotiate if they keep getting on her case.”