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Past life charmbag

Alright! So charmbags are probably one of my favourite things to make~ 

So i’m going to teach you how to create a charmbag that’ll help bring forth kin memories, dreams, and other feelings of past lives. 

what you’ll need: 


-Something relating to your kin (can be an herb, a picture, anything that has meaning to you about your kin) 

-purple felt, cotton or velvet (velvet is best, felt is easiest to get) 

-sewing skills 

-white thread 

-a perminant marker, preferably silver or gold coloured (a simple silver or gold sharpie would work) 

-some decorating things

alright! so it is very important to  make sure your fabric is purple because purple is used for protection or psychic power. fold your fabric and cut it in a square so you have two squares of the same size. then, using the white thread, start sewing the pieces together. While doing this, think about your kin and the connection you have with them. make sure not to sew the top! 

now, when all that is done, push it inside out so the seams on the inside and decorate it however ,you wish. you could sew coloured beads onto it or you could use the perminant marker to draw runes on it. I typically draw the Fehu rune. Remember, the more personalized you make this the better it will work! The reason I specified gold or silver is because gold is for the god and silver is for the goddess, so use whichever you feel the most comfortable with. DO NOT EVER USE BLACK. BLACK IS FOR DARK MAGICKS /BANISHING /REVENGE ETC ONLY. 

then, inside of it, put your amethyst and any herbs/things relating to your kin. for example, I am catkin so i would put catnip in there. if you’re kin with a canine, i would suggest small bones/crushed dog treats, avians could use feathers, dragons could use a small bit of their hoard, you get the picture. 

the amethyst goes in there because it is a third eye stone. Which is very important for something like this. 

After that, sew it up and keep it on you! if you wish, you could bless it. A good post about blessing an item can be seen here: [X]

Hopefully this helps some of you! I’d love if you submitted pictures of charmbags you’ve made for this or tell me how they work out for you~