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Things you should know about each of your characters

These are what I would consider to be the most basic, bare-bones questions of character creation.

  • What would completely break your character?
  • What was the best thing in your character’s life?
  • What was the worst thing in your character’s life?
  • What seemingly insignificant memories stuck with your character?
  • Does your character work so that they can support their hobbies or use their hobbies as a way of filling up the time they aren’t working?
  • What is your character reluctant to tell people?
  • How does your character feel about sex?
  • How many friends does your character have?
  • How many friends does your character want?
  • What would your character make a scene in public about?
  • What would your character give their life for?
  • What are your character’s major flaws?
  • What does your character pretend or try to care about?
  • How does the image your character tries to project differ from the image they actually project?
  • What is your character afraid of?
  • What is something most people in your setting do that your character things is dumb?
  • Where would your character fall on a politeness/rudeness scale?

“It is a condition of monsters that they do not perceive themselves as such. The dragon, you know, hunkered in the village devouring maidens, heard the townsfolk cry ‘Monster!’ and looked behind him.” ―Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Laini Taylor



This playlist contains a lot of acoustic, soul, pop/funk or 90’s r&b/soul-influenced music. The month of August is all about chillin’ and admiring beautiful sunsets, and this playlist is perfect for those moments. 

+MOI SOVERENNYI― (a hymnal for the lonely and corrupt: aleksander)

        i. partition (orchestral) - beyonce | ii. the unquiet grave - helen mccrory | iii. overture - dario marianelli | iv. urchin - labyrinth ear | v. desire - meg myers | vi. in the woods somewhere - hozier | vii. the demon god - princess mononoke | viii. the curse - agnes obel | ix. if I had a heart - fever ray | x. curtain - dario marianelli | xi. so close - olafur arnalds | xii. strangeness and charm - florence and the machine| xiii. procession - alexander desplat | xiv. hunger of the pine (cover) - vaults | xvi. midnight - coldplay | xvii. father father - susanne sundof | xviii. switzerland - daughter | xix. conquest of spaces - woodkid | xx. sno - rebekka karijord    


members of dumbledore’s army // a-b

Crystals/Stones and Their Physical and Mental Powers

AGATE – Inspires competition and eloquence (perfect if you have something to say). Mouth – fever – circulation.

AGATE BLUELACE – Composure, calm, balance. Inflammation – fever.

AGATE BOTSWANA – Understanding. Recuperation – infection.

AGATE DENDRITIC – Balance, energy, steadiness. Recuperation.

AGATE MOSS – Assertiveness, renewal. Heart – lungs.

AGATE TREE – Organization, management. Chest – stomach.

ALEXANDRITE – Investment, growth. Nerves.

ALMANDINE – Inspiration, tolerance, affection. Eyes – heart.

AMAZONITE – Self-expression, insight, stabilizes emotions, promotes growth, study, clarity, insight, success. Nerves.

AMBER – Helps career, relieves stress, accomplishments, uplifts. Depression – chest.

AMETHYST – Aids sleep, reduces electrical energies, creates calm and tranquility, inspires happiness, generates positive feelings, relieves stress. Addictions – acne.

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