bone claw

Dragon Aesthetic

Fire crackling in the dead of night, smoke slithering and choking its victims, scales chinking like armour, being underestimated, skulls piled high from your previous enemies, a blazing inferno that no one could hope to stop, being famous worldwide, being feared by all who know you, hoarding everything precious in your sight, being worshipped as a god, taking out your rage against the world, the small smell of burning that makes you question your safety, appearing out of nowhere, dramatic entrances and exits, trying to live up to your name but knowing you’ll never make it. 

there is a deep suffering in your bones,
a clawing ache in your chest.
it’s a kind of un-becoming—
like heartstrings unthreading themselves,
like a faded whisper that never makes it
past your trembling lips.

and you can’t help but feel that
there is something strangely familiar
in the art of disappearing.
—  you’re a natural | m.a.w

“Logan” viral marketing video “”

20th Century Fox released a viral marketing clip today focused on X-23 that basically teases her origin story in the movie universe. It’s largely similar to the comics and shows her being held captive at a facility and (presumably) having her claws surgically inserted.

The shots of the operating room certainly recalls images from “Innocence Lost” when Laura was subjected to radiation to force her mutation to manifest and later when her bone claws were surgically removed, coated in adamantium, and reinserted.

The same goes for the scene of Laura in her holding cell, cutting herself.

And the final, over-the-shoulder shot of Laura cutting herself looks like an homage to the cover of NYX #4 as a bit of fanservice for long-time X-23 fans.

How does anyone ever decide between a skeleton and taxidermy mount when it comes to fresh dead birds???? How do you do it???? If there’s nothing wrong with the feathers how do you decide?? :((((((

To Earth

Dirt, can we begin
with forgiveness?

It’s taken so long to write.

But soil, we are senseless
half-sisters. Estranged
because we’re so alike.

Our hearts marked
by hoofprints.

Our skin crumbling
under claws.

Bones eroding
within us, dust: a slow,
long southern drawl.

In this, ground, grant me
your contrary trait—

your strength
without complaint.

But first let me
plant, earth. Let me
bend low and trace my name.
—  Stacy Gnall, “To Earth,” from “Elemental Missives,” Heart First into the Forest (Alice James Books, 2011)
The Chicken foot.

Lets talk about Chicken feet and their use in the practice of Conjure/Rootwork.

Chicken feet are basically tools found within Conjure practices as a mean to cleanse a person from crossed conditions.
The belief is that in the old days when people would have animals around their house, it was not uncommon to own chickens who occasionally would walk around the property freely during the day, seeing as Chickens scratched the ground out around the house in search for small insects and worms to eat throughout the day, looking at it as a form of sympathetic magic, a chicken foot is used in the practice of Conjure/Rootwork as a cleansing tool, scratching lightly the person with the intention to scratch out any negative energy or crossed condition attached to a person.
there are many ways to use this tool and it varies depending on the tradition one practices, now I can only speak from my personal experiences and practice with this tool, so I will explain the way I use the chicken foot as a tool to cleanse yourself with them.

Cleansing with a Chicken foot.

The photos posted above are of one of the chicken foot I’ve personally made to cleanse myself with the help of my ancestors.
the process can sound simple and it can be to an extent, I tend to do Spiritual cleansings in sets of 3 to 5 days, and not all of them are the same, I will explain a basic way to cleanse yourself so you have an idea on how to work with them, I learned this type of cleansing from my Conjure teacher Mama Starr Casas.

First I would gather my supplies, Florida water, a candle and the chicken foot.
first I would do a prayer to my ancestors asking for them to assist me to cleanse all negative energies and crossed conditions known and unknown, it is important to pray and petition from the heart, get a good amount of Florida water in your hands and brush yourself from the crown of your head to the bottom of your feet, next with the chicken foot in hand, scratch lightly with the claws while praying and asking your ancestors that all crossed conditions and blocks can be removed from you, again petition from the heart, you will want to scratch from the crown of your head to the bottom of your feet, scratch downwards in a sweeping motion, don’t scratch yourself too hard either, last I would get the candle and again pray that the candle picks up whatever is left and be removed, again the candle should be brushed from the crown of your head in a counter clockwise motion and followed by sweeping downwards to the bottom of your feet and from heel to toe.
after the cleansing is done, you can pray for blessings while dressing yourself with a conjure oil on whatever intention you might have, would it be to protect yourself, or to draw money, or have good luck, it is important to understand that by doing a spiritual cleansing, you are removing something from you, leaving an open spot which can be filled up with the help of Conjure/Magical Oils and powders to help you achieve your goals and blessings.
Don’t limit yourself to do a spiritual cleansing when you believe to be crossed or thrown at by an enemy, you can do this types of work in a regular manner to clean yourself, and to avoid having any type of blocks, sometimes we are around people who don’t mean too well towards us, they might act one way when they are around you, but their intentions might be different.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, thank you for reading and if there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I’ve been playing Bloodborne and despite getting my liver ripped out and handed back to me repeatedly, I love it. The setting is beautiful and the soundtrack is beautiful and the beasts, well, they’re beautiful too. So here’s a quick doodle of the Blood-starved Beast.

anonymous asked:

Should any of the mid-2000's spidey powers ever come back for Peter? I'm talking about organic webs, bone claws, etc. I always thought they worked better when they gave them to Kaine, but I'm interested in your thoughts. Miles seems to do fine with the extra powers, despite venom blast being a cop out most of the time.

Nah. I don’t find the bone claws offensively dumb or anything in the way some people did, but it’s off-brand enough that I really don’t think it fits. And oh sweet god, no organic web shooters ever again, gahh. Not because I find the mechanical ones conceptually superior - I mean, I do, but not so overwhelmingly that I find that in and of itself the only acceptable option - but because organic webshooters are creepy as hell. People make their jokes about how if he was anatomically correct his webs would shoot out his asshole, but at least things are supposed to come out of that! He’s got tiny little slits in his wrists that aren’t supposed to be there, and every time he moves his hands just right they pull themselves open and violently shoot steel-hard sticky cables everywhere at like 100mph. That’s unpleasant, right? That’s not just me? And nevermind even the rest of the alterations to his body from the powers, entire new organs would have to grow basically overnight to produce and store the webbing, which sounds pretty damn uncomfortable. And what if too much stayed in the…tube? Joint-utherea?…and there was blockage, or a misfire? Does it itch, or sting? What the fuck are the sanitary procedures for that thing? If it gets sticky, would he have to clean the inside of his wrist-hole with a cue tip, and hah hah hah, this is viscerally uncomfortable to even think about, I hate literally everything about the concept. Please continue ditching it forever and not making me think about these terrible things anymore, Marvel.

…Actually, now that I think about it, this is pretty perfect for Spider-Man as a metaphor for teenage hell, so maybe it can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis for certain takes. My base answer is still no though, because no no no no no.

According to the wiki entry, her powers manifested when she was fourteen, followed almost immediately by her demolishing the foster home she had been living in, injuring her foster mother and two other foster children in the process.

What a good start.

This was followed by a two year series of skirmishes and retreats across Maine as various heroes and teams tried to apprehend her, and she either defeated them or successfully evaded capture.

More evidence towards the dogs making Bitch the arguably toughest member of the Mozart Gang, as far as we’ve seen. Then again, Regent is at least named like he has some pretty strong powers.

She had no powers that would have made her any stronger or faster than the average Jane, but she was apparently able to turn ordinary dogs into the creatures I had seen on the rooftop. Monsters the size of a car, all muscle, bone, fang and claw.

Called it!

A red box near the bottom of the page read, “Rachel Lindt has a public identity, but is known to be particularly hostile, antisocial and violent. If recognized, do not approach or provoke. Leave the area and notify authorities as to her last known location.”

Yeah, it’s becoming really clear that Bitch is not to be messed with. And that’s probably exactly how she likes it.

At the very bottom of the page was a list of links that were related to her: two fansites and a news article relating to her early activities.

Naturally, even the villains are going to have fans, especially those who are as Edgy™ as Bitch is. I mean, look at what we know of her - she’s antisocial and violent, clearly has problems with authority, and can turn dogs into awesome and grotesque beasts. Of course a lot of people are going to think she’s super cool!

A search of the message boards turned up too many results, leaving me unable to sift through the crap, the arguments, the speculation and the villain worship to find any genuine morsels of information. If nothing else, she was notorious.

“Villain worship” is a good term for what I was just talking about, yeah.

I sighed and moved on, making a mental note to do more investigation when I had the time.

Time for some Regent development, I presume?