bondy blue

OwO what’s this? It appears that at some point Mary and Wild touched in some way, probably a hug, like normal siblings. And so this happened!

(The combination is between @ask-mary-berry-demon and Wild :33)

North Bondi - Australia

North Bondi is a mostly residential area east of the Sydney CBD, that borders Bondi Beach. The name “Bondi” is an aboriginal world meaning “water breaking over rock”. Indigenous rock carvings can be found on the rocky surfaces and cliffs near Bondi Golf Course, as well as at the nearby headland of Ben Buckler. Other carvings nearby are thought to have been the work of Portuguese sailors, who landed in the area around the 16th century. 

Shance Fluff Week: Seas/Stars

*Shrugs* IDK either i missed yesterday and threw this one together?

It’s cute though! A little off point but still good! 

Lance and Shiro had been dancing around each other for years, and Lance has one more chance before summer ends and Shiro slips away from him.

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