bonds of vengeance

The Trick is Slick Code

Summary: Bond decides to woo Q in a way that Q will surely understand–with technology! Meanwhile, Q strongly suspects that Bond just wants a new Aston or something. 

Notes: Last August, @coffeeisagoodstart won a 007 Fest drawing for a ficlet by me, and gave me the prompt “Bond being a decent hacker/pretty good at computers.” What started as a ficlet turned into the longest thing I’ve ever written. <.< A thousand apologies for the super late fill, coffeeisagoodstart! I hope you like your fic <333

If all goes according to plan, this fic should update on a weekly basis.

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Chapter one: The mobile app 

Q woke to find Mephistopheles and Beethoven curled up next to him instead of in their usual places—sleeping, he realized belatedly, in what must have been Bond’s warm spot.

Of course Bond had snuck off; he’d got what he’d come for, which hadn’t been a potentially awkward breakfast with his coworker. Oh, well. Not like Q had expected anything different.

He yawned and stretched, enjoying the lingering aches. Oh yes, Bond might have spirited himself away, but last night had definitely happened. He took a moment to admire the red love bites trailing down his chest to his thighs. He’d have to check the mirror to see if there were any on his arse.

Q reached for his glasses only to freeze mid-motion. His laptop, which he kept on his bedside table, was open.

Good morning, beautiful man, a message on the login screen read, plain black print in a small grey window.

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I finally got my hands on both literally a copy of Ancillary Justice and metaphorically some free time, and I promised @rattyjol​ that before I started reading, I’d make a post of

What I Know About the Ancillary Justice Series From Tumblr:

  • first off, it’s not actually called the “Ancillary Justice series”; that’s just the title of the first book. but I’ve no real intention of calling them anything else.
  • they’re by @annleckie, and the order is Ancillary Justice, Ancillary Sword, Ancillary Mercy
    • Justice, Sword, and Mercy are all types of ships
  • scifi premise is that there’s a huge, expanding human(?) empire where spaceships are run by AIs - one per ship - housed in multiple human bodies, called “ancillaries.” the human bodies are possibly clones but equally possibly former convicts or prisoners of war (never to be released)? it’s a little Sketch, morally.
  • everyone uses she/her pronouns b/c this is futuristic space opera and language changes, bitch, what are you gonna do about it
  • it’s polite to wear gloves, to the point that fingerless gloves would be like lingerie (thank you, that one post about Bro Strider)
  • Her Imperious Condescension the ultimate ruler of this empire is a very old (collectively) person named Anaander Miannaiaiaiai
    • I have no idea where her name stops
    • there’s an Anaander Minaiaiaiaiaiaiai in ever space station, planet, and possibly soda bar. There might be an Anaander Mianiaiai in your backyard right now.
  • (she’d never be caught dead in an orange blanket like that, though. I’ve seen fanart of Anaander Miainaiaiaiai on the Iron Throne looking like exactly my type of egotistical manipulative asshole. I’m p excited ngl.)
  • okay, scifi premise done; Plot Premise is: Breqander (or possibly Esk something?) is the last living ancillary of the ship The Justice of Toren. She is Pissed about this (she is pissed about a Lot Of Things) and determined to…fight whoever killed everyone she was supposed to take care of and also every other part of her? Or whoever got them all killed? I’m unsure. I literally haven’t read the back of the book.
  • Breq wants to fight a LOT of people. consistently. she is a manifestation of the “*is smol* FIGHT ME” post
  • at the start she’s utterly a loner but at some point (probably by the end of Book 1) she makes some sort of peace with the imperium and gets a job again? as a ship captain, which is weird for an ancillary b/c they aren’t “supposed” to be proper people?
    • obviously that is BULLSHIT
    • the “not supposed to be people” thing, I mean
    • Breq is not, however, very good with the Talking About Emotions thing
    • I don’t think she’s going to get along with Anaander Minaiaiaiaiai
    • she also has a somewhat Vimesian sense of justice. really, this “working with authorities” thing isn’t gonna fly at all
  • speaking of not working with people…another main character, whom Breq fishes out of like a backwater moon in a fit of angst (they’re both probably in a fit of angst at the time) is Sevardein. Seiverdan? There are vowels and they go in some order.
    • Sev was a lieutenant on Breq’s ship, one of the few survivors, and they didn’t really get along then but now they’re gonna figure it out because neither of them likes the Empire or really anyone else. They will bond over vengeance and antipathy and loneliness. and maybe cookies? I can only hope? Let these people have some small amount of joy, please.
    • she’s noble-born I think. I’ve no idea how social structure works in this empire. I think there are big merchant houses?
  • other characters include:
    • Mercy of Kahl, who is a ship with a crush on Breq. Probably does not show up until 2nd or 3rd book. A friend-crush or maybe a romance crush, but Mercy doesn’t realize she’s a real person yet so she THINKS it’s just a “wow you’re so cool can you be my captain” crush
    • Sphrene (Sprene? Sphen?) is a ship who got lost in the Phantom Zone and so shows up in Book 3 fifteen minutes late with Starbucks. and possibly bugs crawling in her. in the shp and in the ancillary(ies?)
    • Tisariwat (or something like it) is a name I’ve seen but I have no idea who she is
    • I think there’s two people (ships? humans? idk) who are basically Those Two Guys and one of their names is Ziyat
    • …that’s all I got.
  • I mean really, that’s it. I thought I knew more but apparently I’ve done a good job avoiding spoilers
  • I feel like I’ve seen fanart of Anaander Mainaiaiaiaiai drinking coffee?
  • I suspect at least one of the books is going to end with everyone happy and friends on a ship of their own, but also they’re on the run from the entire galaxy-empire government

lastlunariknight-deactivated201  asked:

( Hey! I hope this isn't rude of me, since we both have the same muse, but could you suggest some roleplayers to me? Since I was on my other League acc here a lot seem to have deactivated and finding people again is hard. ;w; )

( I definitely should be the last person you should ask me this mainly because I barely know anyone and if I do—I forget their URL haha OTL But let’s see what I can do… ; u ; SORRY IF I MISS OUT OTHERS—I’M JUST TYPING URLS THAT I CAN REMEMBER!

follow-no-false-light maraitidalwave

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Yeah… Those are all I can think of that I really like following or looking at their interactions with others ; u ; )