bonds of people is the strongest power

The Signs as Dragons

Aries: Scales ranging in the pinks and reds but if needed can change the scales into a fur as soft as you could imagine, able to breathe the hottest fire of all the dragons. Difficult to find but easy to train.

Leo: Scales ranging from light purples to ones almost deep enough to be black, with gold accents on claws that can be activated to create a protection spell that can only be used for good. It’s wings are one of the most powerful and serene, very easy to like and form a bond with if you have good intentions.

Sagittarius: Scales come in colours of the sunset and greys but it depends on their mood to see how bright their colour is. They have very strong opinions on people but once they form bonds it is forever. They have an ability to communicate with their one true chosen rider through thoughts.

Piscies: These dragon have a very wide range of talents but their true special ability is narrowed down to what their rider and the dragon become the strongest in over their training together, they have the option to harness the power of Athena (war strategy), Aphrodite (love) or can become the fastest of all the dragons. They come in different scale colours depending on their special set of skills and can sometimes be found with a few feathers. Loyal to their rider but not very social.

Taurus: They come in stronger builds and have nude shades but can camouflage their scales into their surroundings making them hard to find. They seem to not enjoy the company of people except for one, these dragons only want one rider who they form a strong bond with. Very loyal.

Virgo: Determined dragons that come in dark colours but have bright eyes that can be used to hypnotize anyone. They are on the fitter side of the dragons and with lots of training are some of the best you can take into battle.

Capricorn: Comes in mellow colours but in moonlight have a sparkle to their scales. They are able to harness the power of the moon and can read the thoughts of others. Has many friends but also many foes.

Gemini: The only dragon known to have 4 wings, scales are most commonly seen as the colours you would find in a Forrest, deep undertones with splashes of bright colours. Difficult to ride as they are very independent but with time they can become good companions.

Libra: A usually calm dragon that comes in lighter shades like white and blues that shimmer likes stars. Very sociable and try their best to be friends with everyone. They become very attached to their rider and would do anything for them. If they are separated from their chosen rider for too long there scales become dull.

Aquarius: Usually only found in the spring time, they can be spotted quickly as they come in bright colours like flowers. They are not violent or good in fights but they are some of the most valued dragons of all as they have the powers of healing.

Cancer: They are very much like the story book dragons you might see, but there are also plenty of differences. These dragons are ones of riches and wisdom that breath fire, they are very protective of their riches and will kill on sight to whomever tries to steal from them but also their close friends and family. They come in shimmers of whatever their chosen gem is at birth. Very intelligent dragons who’s personally ranges from whatever their rider is like.

Scorpio: A dragon who’s scales change shades of blues that can be sparkling or matte depending on their surroundings. They are extremely protective and caring of their rider and have a unique gift of shape shifting. They are the only dragon who cannot breathe fire but they are able to control the element of water.

Aliens: Yes Hello Tell us about Yourselves

Humans: Well, I guess you could say we’re very loving and caring… at our core, what really makes us *different* is that we take care of one another and stick together

Aliens: Ah, we see. Our Species has also evolved from pack hunters, and shares this trait of fierce camaraderie

Humans: Yeah…. but what really makes us unique is our capacity for love

Aliens: Ah, so you also co-habitate in group nesting structures among multiple life-mates?

Humans: Well….some of us do…….. but platonic love is what really sets us apart. Humans friendship is perhaps the strongest, most powerful driving force on our planet.

Aliens: Oh! So you maintain a strong distinction between an emotionally close individual and a life partner? That is interesting! We do not do this! Our people often accept all comrades with emotionally close bonds into our child-raising units, so that we may maintain positive and loving communities in which to protect each other!


Humans: Sometimes our organs explode and we die