I was tagged by @jinxedwood. Listed in strict order of love:

1 - Daisy Johnson & Phil Coulson (Agents of SHIELD)

2 - Tenth Doctor & Dr Martha Jones (Doctor Who)

3 - James Bond & M (James Bond movies)

4 - Christopher Foyle & Sam Stewart (Foyle’s War)

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5 - James Steel & Alesha Phillips (Law & Order: UK)

And yes, I totally have a thing for May-December relationships - whether the age gap’s a couple of decades or a few hundred years (not even the Doctor knows exactly how old he is any more, what with all that travelling in time).

And yes, the ship I fall for is always the least popular in fandom either because of the age gap, or because one half of the ship is a WoC, or because it doesn’t involve two white dudes banging.

But in every case, the actors involved have got excellent chemistry and even when the writers are shitty (Doctor Who, I’m looking at you), that chemistry shines through - or in the case of Agents of SHIELD, totally combusts! (There’s a show whose writers have totally failed to remember that Daisy & Phil are supposed to be platonic!)

Post The Hour rec list

Oh dear. I forgot how many there are. Let’s categorize these. 

Fusion with James Bond

Me Wherever My Life is Lived by BestyByron

This supposes that Q is Freddie and has been invited to high school reunion. Features characters from other Ben Whishaw projects as well and is very fun. 

Those Words by Molly31203

I know. It’s not even in English. And google translate isn’t perfect, but sometimes you just get desperate for fic and this one if still very good. I hope at least one of you can read it in the original language and enjoy it more fully than I can.

Living in the Pages of an Ian Fleming Novel by Linorien

This picks up five years after the end of The Hour (assuming it happened more recently) and supposes that Freddie Lyon has become Q. He keeps his past life and his present life separate, but due to unforeseen events, he may have to reconsider this. And did I mention I wrote it and am really proud of it?

Fusion with Doctor Who

Hide Nothing (for time exposes all) by Cartonheart

I love how this story keeps surprising you as you read and it leads to to believe one things when it really is something very different. And the author does an amazing job of capturing the soul of Freddie. 


30 Moments of The Hour by thinlyveiledsoul

This is fluff and angst and has wonderful little snapshots of life and it is amazingly written. 

Broken Fingertips in Your Hips by Postcardmystery

I guess it’s angst? Maybe. It’s more a lack of emotion because this story supposes that Freddie was a Soviet agent all along and it is stunning. The author picked the exact right traits of Freddie that would make him a brilliant spy. 


Mr. & Mrs. by thericketandoo

Moneypenny by  batyalewbel

This one makes me want to cry with how sweet and adorable it is. Plus it is told from Freddie’s POV. 

We’d Never Buy a Cuckoo Clock by owlvsdove

A series of snippets of Bel and Freddie knowing each other more than they know themselves. The fluffiest of fluff.

Shaken, not Stirred by favolefate

Merry Christmas, Moneypenny by lovelyophelia

Because every fandom needs a good snowball fight fic

I didn’t Expect you to Say Yes by Nahaflowers

Did you like the bathroom scene in series one? This is even more fun. 

The Photograph by GingerLyoness

Sleep by NahaFlowers

Welcome to the BBC by The GingerGuineaPig

A modern AU short story. 

Ruthie by NahaFlowers

Did you want an adorable childhood story of Freddie and Ruthie playing together? Because this is the most adorable thing you will read. 

Affairs with the Beatles by TheGingerGuineaPig

A Bond film is being made. A certain someone wants to do a story about it. And it has this line:  “Darling let him do it you have very little to lose and he calls you Moneypenny for a reason. Now weather that is because he loves you or because he loves James Bond I don’t know but that man is clearly obsessed.” How could you not want to read this story?


Immortality, Moneypenny by @willliamherondale

The Hour by Ladyprydian

The Quickie (2333 words) by Persiflage
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: James Bond (Craig movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James Bond/Female M
Characters: James Bond, Female M (James Bond)
Additional Tags: Explicit Sexual Content, Older Woman/Younger Man, First Time, Workplace Relationship, Clothed Sex, Sex on Furniture, Quickies
Series: Part 74 of Bondkink Fics
Summary: Difficulties with a jammed zip lead to a new development in Bond’s relationship with M.

This one’s for you, agecannotwitherher and you dontmesswiththeraydor since you both reblogged the prompt wanting BondM fic for it. (I didn’t know if you had a AO3 account - if you do, let me know, and I’ll gift the fic to you, as well as agecannotwitherher).

The Aftermath (2152 words) by Persiflage
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: James Bond (Craig movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James Bond/Female M
Characters: James Bond, Female M
Additional Tags: Explicit Sexual Content, Masturbation, Older Woman/Younger Man, Cock Rings, Ties & Cravats, Sexual Tension, Panty Removal Recommended…
Series: Part 75 of Bondkink Fics
Summary: M keeps her promise to James Bond to “finish this later”.

Some readers asked for more after reading ‘The Quickie’, so here’s the sequel… Enjoy!