bondlock au

Bondlock + Divergent AU

And because I sometimes get carried away with my own AU ideas, I expanded on the hypothetical backstory of my still mostly unofficial Divergent verse.


- Q as an Erudite transfer to Dauntless. 
- Sherlock as a Erudite genius with Factionless friends. 
- Mycroft transferring from Erudite to later occupy a minor position as an Abnegation undersecretary.

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Sherlock might be on the lam from Moriarty but Q and Bond know where he is. 

Sherlock has many vices including gambling.

Let’s just hope Q doesn’t find out about John’s connection with Bond! (Who would be more jealous? Sherlock about James or Q about John?) The Holmes brothers do not share very well.


Gods he hated to do this.  And if it wasn’t for the weather canceling his flight home, Cris would have never even considered this an option.  But he was stuck in Dublin - on Christmas Eve - and every hotel was booked.  And he only knew one person in this entire city.

Ringing the bell, Cris fidgeted with his phone, trying to decide how immoral it would be to mess with hotel records and boot someone from their room on Christmas Eve.  Deciding he was a better person than that, he sighed and waited for the man to open the door.

Bondson Burner

Monday Update

Chapter Twenty Three

Bond stilled at the question. “Who told you I didn’t.”

“Oh.” John looked at Bond, really looked. He looked about as stricken as you would assume a Double O would look after a revelation like that. No different really, except something… maybe a bit of anger? Grief? “To save her, then?”

He already knew the answer though.

John stifled the thought of self destruction in favor of vengeance.

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