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Stella had been aware of eyes watching her for a long while now; at first she’d shrugged it off as paranoia, but the longer she’d waited for the feeling to fade, the more intense it had become.

Eventually she identified the source; a brunette woman, observing her from across the cafe in which she’d been trying to enjoy a peaceful breakfast, away from the grainy coffee and coldness of her poor excuse for an apartment.

She stood, approached the woman, taking a seat at her table without bother to ask.

“Something I can do for you?” she asked, calmly.

 replied to your postTop five places to live other than in the United States.

Venice was nice, I’d prefer Florence. I can tell you right now that all the rain in two and three don’t make them so ideal but I do love my country.

Venice is what I consider home, but Florence is a close second. Scotland and England were nice for a little bit. I’m not sure I’d want to live in either for an extended period of time, though.