bonding urge


For your sanity DO NOT imagine Sally and Paul going on a date and asking Percy and Annabeth to babysit their toddler. And Percy being so excited, he starts packing his stuff from camp to entertain his little sister. But on the other hand, Annabeth is so nervous she starts panicking, she’s seen the little girl before but only for a couple of minutes, she’s never taken care of a newborn child, not even his brothers because her step mom wouldn’t let her. And Percy starts comforting her and telling her how awesome his little sister is while massaging her head, so she calms down. And when they arrive she’s still a bit nervous, while saying their goodbyes Sally holds Annabeth strong and whispers “You’re gonna do fine, you’ve got Percy by your side”. Then she sees the little girl who stars showing her little arms towards Percy the second she sees him. Then Percy brings his little sister to Annabeth and the little girl falls in love with Annabae and won’t let Percy take her away from her new big sister. Percy is kind of mad and goes like “It’s my turn to have her you’ve been holding her for three hours now.” every 15 minutes. When it’s almost midnight, the three of them cuddle and fall asleep on Percy’s old bedroom, Percy hugging Annabeth and Annabeth having the baby on top of her chest. The next morning they wake up to the sound of flashes, it’s Sally taking silly pictures of her children (cause she considers Annabeth as one of her own too), she takes her baby with her and lets Annabeth and Percy rest for a couple of minutes while she makes breakfast. They are eating their breakfast and Percy won’t stop grumbling about how Annabeth took all of his sister’s attention and didn’t let him take the baby away from her and Annabeth is just red, Sally is just listening her son with a smile on her face and after a couple of minutes when everyone is silent eating she just goes “Both of you are gonna make great parents one day.”

Feyre & Ianthe

Can you just imagine Feyre pretending to like Ianthe while she’s back at the spring court spying on Tamlin?

Feyre: It’s so great to see you again! *Internally screaming*

Ianthe: Yes, you poor thing! I heard Rhysand forced you into a mating bond!

Feyre: *Resisting urge to bitch slap Ianthe* Yes, but the King of Hybern broke it. 

Ianthe: *Looks delighted* So Rhysand’s available then?


i interpreted birth charts pls look it took me so long thank u

this is just the hyung line this is the maknae’s

someone asked me about bts’s birth charts and i ended up getting way too into it so now there’s this i’m sorry also i don’t know the time of their births so position of the planets might not be entirely accurate and i don’t know their ascendants tragic

the books i used for this r stephen arroyo’s chart interpretation and spiritual astrology by jan spiller and karen mccoy

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No but what if Helena has a nightmare and Alison doesn’t know what to do so she tries to calm her down like she does her kids? She gets Helena to cuddle her and once Helena is comfortable she begins to softly sing until Helena is asleep.

Even sexuality isn’t inexplicable, naturalistic biological reactions aren’t inexplicable either. And tbh there’s only a portion of sexuality that is biological imo and only for some people, not everyone.

A lot of sexuality is socially constructed, a lot of it arises from social dynamics and that affects all of our sexualities on a lot of levels. Pure animal urges to bond and reproduce may be at the core but there’s a lot of sociopsychological trappings on even your interest in men or women or multiple genders.

I know people don’t like to hear this because you’ve got a silly idea of what social construct means so I’ll fix that now, Social Constructs are real they simply arise from society. It’s about source.