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Conversation with my mom and sister today at IHOP
  • <p> <b>My mom (talking about bugs):</b> Where did they come from.<p/><b>My sister:</b> Where did they go?<p/><b>Me:</b> Where did they come from Cotton Eye Joe.<p/><b>Me and sister:</b> *high five*<p/><b>My sister:</b> We had a bonding moment<p/><b>Me (in my head):</b> "We had a bonding moment! I cradled you in my arms!"<p/></p>

LIL: I don’t want Siren to grow up and feel like…she was an accident. I want her to feel loved and I think she has the right to know Cotton. So I told her we would be okay with her taking Siren out to playgrounds or even sit with her for a little while. I think it would do Siren good to have a bond with Cotton, especially when she grows older.

FANTASY: I couldn’t agree more. I think you handled that marvelously, Sugar.

Maison Margiela is honored to be featured in Vogue magazine’s September issue  #VogueForcesOfFashion. 

Model FeiFei Sun wears our AW15 ‘Artisanal’ hand-painted neoprene mesh dress-coat with an Yves Klein blue bonded silk cotton Obi - designed by John Galliano.. 

Photographed by David Sims, styled by Grace Coddington

Fonte Lyst , J.Crew , Beige collection bonded cotton gabardine trench coat product-1-27697180-3-142225119-normal


How to Dress Monochromatic

Casual one-color looks inspired by the runways

Minimalist or not, dressing head-to-toe in one color is a sure way to stand out. Not to mention the monochromatic look is backed by big names in fashion. The fall runways were poring with single-color looks and, like all-grey at Givenchy and green at Bottega Veneta. Wearing all one color is one of the simplest ways to make a statement without wearing an actual statement piece. We recreated a few of the best monochromatic runway looks below, so you can look cool and casual without wearing the same old things.

1. Grey

If you want to ease into the monochromatic look, go for all grey. You’ll appear sleek and classic with a modern edge.

Givenchy Fall 2014

ASOS Wool Overcoat

Vince Camuto Slim-Fit Hacking Pocket Dress Shirt

Slim Walt Trouser Medium Grey Super 120’s Wool by Epaulet

2. White

White-on-white is especially appropriate for the holidays. Wear an off-white or light grey coat if you’re worried about getting it dirty.

Tom Ford Fall 2014

Peter Werth Trench In Bonded Cotton

Raffi Jean

Plain Marl Grey Tube Socks

3. Green

The key to making an all-green outfit work is to choose separates in a dark shade. A chunky knit and loose trousers look festive but not overly colorful.

Bottega Veneta Fall 2014

ASOS Cable Sweater

Spoke Chinos

Noose & Monkey Buckle Chelsea Boots

4. Black

Wearing all black is not a new concept, so try mixing textures, like cotton with leather, and look for unique pieces, like a sweatshirt with zippers.

Gucci Fall 2014

Zippered Slub Knit Sweatshirt

Leather Biker Pants

ASOS Oxford Shoes in Leather

The Six.

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Photography by Lisa Dengler of Just Another with a Nikon D800

The last look from Toronto last week — still so massively in love with the bonded cotton Burberry trench. I did one more look that is a lot more relaxed in terms of fit, with the drop crotch Wang pants, and the over-sized knit cardigan — more street than dapper ;)

This post was originally published by Marcel Florus on One Dapper Street. If you like mens street style and are not following him on Instagram: do not pass go, do not collect $200, just follow him right now.

Shop The Look

ASOS Slim Fit Smart Pants In 100% Wool

Bonded Cotton Trench Coat

Tall Stretch Cotton Crew Neck Tee

Landon Wool and Linen-Blend Shawl-Collar Cardigan

Altaria uses its wings to catch updrafts and soar across the sky. It gracefully glides through the clouds, often while singing or humming in a soprano voice. Its voice seems to have special properties which induce a dreamy state for listeners. Altaria can be very affectionate, enveloping people it has bonded with in its cotton-like wings

Mega Altaria !

Fei Fei Sun wears Maison Margiela AW15 ‘Artisanal’ by John Galliano - hand-painted neoprene mesh dress-coat with an Yves Klein blue bonded silk cotton Obi. Photographed by David Sims, styled by Grace Coddington.

Maison Margiela and John Galliano are featured in @voguemagazine’s September issue “The Most Powerful Names in Fashion Today”

loveenyo  asked:

captain swan #2? My headcanon is that emma and killian had similar childhoods so... maybe they knew each other as kids and met later? ya know whatever floats your ship (hehe)

[24 fics in 24 hours, #5]

2. childhood best friends au

Emma and Killian met when they were seven and bonded over cotton candy and cinnamon toasts. It was always an easy friendship based on loyalty and a belief that the world was saving something very special for them, which was why they had had such hard childhoods. When they met, Emma was living at an orphanage and Killian had just lost both of his parents and brother in an accident and refused to talk to anyone but Emma. It was uncomplicated to be friends, and the best relationship Emma had ever had.

As the years passed, her feelings towards her best friend started to gradually change, but she never said anything about it to him, terrified of losing him if she did. Besides, what made her feel good and happy in life was being able to sit up at nights and share stories and laugh together, and she wouldn’t want to ruin any of that – her only safe haven.

When Killian turned eighteen (a month before Emma), he got a letter with an offer to join the navy, and without any other plans for his future he had no other choice but to accept. They said their goodbyes on a cold Tuesday in November, promising to write as often as they could; she cried herself to sleep that night, and left the orphanage the following morning.  

They kept in touch, a letter popping up every other month, but didn’t meet again until five years later. Emma had known he was leaving the navy and meeting up with her in Boston, but didn’t let it fully register (didn’t dare to believe it) until she stood in front of him at the train station. Ironically, she couldn’t think of a single thing to say but just stood there, taking the sight of him in.

(The years had been good to him, and he looked just like she remembered him. A few years older, but as gorgeous as ever in his white uniform and his hat tucked underneath an arm).

“Emma.” It sounded like a prayer, and her heart melted at the sound of his voice – finally, her heart screamed.

“Killian.” She couldn’t help the sigh that escaped her the same time as she said his name, but didn’t know what else to say when all she wanted to do was to reach out and touch him, to make sure he was actually back.

She couldn’t be sure who moved first – maybe he took a step forward, or maybe she put her hand on his shoulder – but within seconds they were kissing, and it felt so right, like a hole in her chest starting to fill up again as he parted his lips and let her inside. It wasn’t perfect – noses bumping together, her teeth scraping too much against his bottom lip – but it was the best kiss she’d ever had.

When they broke for air, he grinned at her. “Good to be back home.”

“Best friends forever,” she replied with a grin and dove in again.