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Can you do one where both Elijah and Kol are in love with Y/N and are fighting for there affection?? :)

Title: Brotherhood

“Please, brother,” Kol scoffs, leaning against the counter coolly, “why would she want you over me?”

“Maybe because she doesn’t want to date a bad boy,” Elijah swirls his alcohol before taking a big gulp, rolling his eyes at his brother.

“Girls in this generation love bad boys, haven’t you heard? The nice guys, which would be you, by the way, don’t normally win the girl,” Kol replies, smirking.

You were “sleeping” on the couch, or so they thought. You never knew the two Mikaelson brother’s liked you, but you didn’t want to give yourself away. Not just yet.

“She’s the type of girl who doesn’t,” Elijah states, “you would know that if you liked her for her personality, not her body,” Elijah growls.

“I love everything about her, Elijah. I may have been an ass before, but all those times being staked, I had time to rethink my life. I am absolutely, irrevocably in love with (Y/N). I’ve never loved anyone like I love her, so you can fight me all you want, brother, but I will will.”

“What makes you so sure?” Elijah questions. This is when you decide to make your presence known.

“Yeah, Kol, tell me,” you tease with a smirk. Both boys turn to you with shocked expressions, “because I just found out that two of the Original Mikaelson’s are in love with me and are apparently willing to kill each other for me, so go on, what makes you so sure?”

“Well, I heard you talking about me to Caroline. You like my hair, huh?” Kol crosses his arms. You redden, realizing that he heard that conversation.

“Well, maybe I do, maybe I don’t, but you two are siblings and are not going to kill each other over me. To make it fair, how about you two both take me on a date and we’ll go on from there?” you suggest fairly.

“Ah, just my area,” Elijah grins, “I like it.”

“Let the games begin, brother. And, just for you, (Y/N), neither of us will destroy our sibling bond, nor each other. Whomever you choose will win and whoever doesn’t has to live with it. Unless you and the winner breaks up, but that’s for later. See you tomorrow, honey, I’ve got some planning to do.”

Before you know it, both Mikaelson’s disappear from your sight, leaving you on the couch to your thoughts. This is going to be interesting…

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OK BUT LIKE reader/you/whoever being friends with group. Reader and josh conspire to pull a "double date" thing to get chris (joshs bff) and Ashley (readers bff) to go on at least one date, so reader and josh pair up ("to help a bro out") while Chris and Ashley do for smth like, idk bowling, but meanwhile josh and reader are dancing around their own feelings for each other, totally oblivious that the other feels the same ooo

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