bond v. united states

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Hey I noticed that you are apart of a lot of fandoms; any fic recommendations?

idk which fandoms you were looking for, anon, but here are some faves:

Steve x Bucky - MCU (honestly so many of them are sooo sososo soo good)


to memory now I can’t recall by Etharei (time-travel AU)

Targeting and Strong Safety by queenmab_scherzo (college football AU)

Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail series by owlet

make one dream come true (you only live twice) by beardsley (james bond AU)

United States v. Barnes, 617 F. Supp. 2d 143 (D.D.C. 2015) (plays with format, kinda cool)

Slide To Answer by relenafanel (short fun modern AU)

literally  S  O      M  A  N  Y  .     just read all 26 554 of them?

Simon x Rapael - Shadowhunters TV

celluloid pictures living by margot_tenenbaum (A FAVE 1930s Hollywood AU)

Bane & Santiago International series by iriswests

Kylie Jenner Lips by crystalclark94 (made me laugh on the metro)

- WIPs:

i will let the wind go quietly by ringerxo (main focus on malec, but the saphael is strong)

love’s a word we’ve only heard by piotsa (A FAVE 1950s timetravel AU)

The World Is Not Enough by FarAwayInWonderland (1950s timetravel AU)

a slice of something like heaven series by eversall

Simon x Jace - Shadowhunters TV (I just started with this ship BUT)

you better work, bitch by margot_tenenbaum

Ian x Mickey - Shameless US (i don’t watch the show or take part in the fandom anymore because IT’S SHIT, but here are some good stories)

basically anything by Shamelessquestions 

Teenager Scare the Living Shit Out of Me and Total Frat Move by Mellow_Yellow

Rookie Mistakes by delgay (hockey AU)

Disassemble and Restart by my dear MeganWrites

Jealousy Looks Good On You and Play My Game by BekkaChaos

last night’s phrases, still writhing on my floor by peggyolson (Weekend dir. Andrew Haigh AU)

A Move Too Far and the one-shots in that same verse by meganface

Deran x Adrian - Animal Kingdom (TV) (be aware that their relationship is unhealthy as hell)

just go into the fandom tag on ao3. There are legit 15 fics for the WHOLE fandom so. EH. just be sure to read the ones by spock and okaywhateverokayyes.


honestly i start by filtering according to kudos and then look at the kudos on the latest fics posted. 

What Begins as Domestic Farce Could End in Foreign-Policy Tragedy

American judges, like American politics, often seem only dimly aware of the rest of the world—what Justice Scalia once dismissed as “foreign moods, fads, or fashions.”

Our Supreme Court’s priorities are entirely domestic—a bitter quarrel with Congress in particular and with the federal government in general. And to judge by the tone of an oral argument held Tuesday, the conservative justices think of foreigners chiefly as potential enemies in that domestic struggle. Justice Scalia, for example, worried that a treaty would surreptitiously impose gay marriage on the states. Justice Samuel A. Alito asked whether some treaty somewhere would reduce gun rights. Chief Justice John Roberts asked whether the United Nations could require the United States to give more power to Congress. Justice Anthony Kennedy worried that some treaty might give the president the power “to set aside any State law that in his view contravenes a national interest.”

These four conservatives were propounding these broccoli-style horribles (call them “florets”) in their eagerness to take the Treaty Power, and that pesky president, and the scheming Senate, down a peg. Remarkably enough, they seemed disposed to do this in a case where no such major doctrinal shift should be needed. Bond v. United States involves a criminal prosecution so lopsided that even the internationally minded Breyer found it ludicrous. The Court could—as Breyer himself suggested—make the problem vanish by reading a federal statute slightly more narrowly than the court below. But easy cases make bad law: that solution—which strikes me as clearly right, and would leave the Treaty Power untouched—seemed to command no other vote than Breyer’s own.

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