bond street store


bellabestiason – Tienda de Disney Store en Londres decorada al estilo de @beautyandthebeast
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I 💜 every time the way they decorate Disney shop in Bond Street upon arrival of new films. 👌🏻😁💁🏼

woke up this morning and immediately remembered that I SOLD MILK TO HOMESTUFK COSPLAYERS AT FIVE MINUTES TO CLOSE LAST NIGHT

they were excited that i guessed they were supposed to be from it

i’m 25! i’m not old! they were probably 17-18 like that’s how old i was when you couldn’t turn around on here without hitting a homestufk

literally sold a quart of milk to teens dressed as dave striker (strider? dave? dick? what’s his fucking name?) and rose lalonde or whatever

in 2017


💕🎈is in the air at Fenwick on Bond Street. Claire Menary shared this pic on Instagram.

Opened in 1891, Fenwick department store doubled in size a century later in 1980 to become the shop we see today, five floors of fashion, beauty and designer labels in London’s most fashionable street. Among the “thoughtful selection of niche brands” (The Telegraph) are clothes by everyday designers such as LKBennett and Orla Kiely with more exclusive names like Max Mara, Nicole Farhi and Joseph on the second floor followed by jeanswear and casual clothes for the more youthful shopper at the very top. On the ground floor you can browse among the luxury scarfs, knitwear, leather bags, lingerie and accessories or stock up on beauty products from the extensive perfumerie and beauty concessions. A petite department store bursting at its haute couture seams with head-turning (love that last sentence)