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OML, Eren would kill Levi in a heartbeat to save Armin, yet Ereri shippers say that Eren and Levi have a deeper bond. If any Eren ship were to become canon, it would almost definitely be Eremin, even people who don't ship them should be able to see that. Eremin shippers ship it because of their bond, Ereri shippers ship it because they think it's "hot". That's just what it boils down to.

THANKS, NONNIE. EXACTLY. Everyone knows that Eren would choose Armin over Levi any day.

You have no idea how much it pisses me off that people would brush off EreMin as nothing or “brothers” -_-

Ere//Ri? Bond? What bond? If anything it’s more of just of just a squad leader with his soldiers, but of course people change it to please their yaoi minds and just make things out of proportion.

They don’t ship EreMin because they can’t imagine them having hot sex, and they miss a lot of importance in a good, healthy relationships. Because there’s literally no canon evidence that shows that Eren and Levi could be together.

Besides, I doubt Levi would want to date a teenager who’s 20 years younger than him. And I doubt Eren has any interest in Levi when he has his dream (Armin) right in front of him.