bond floats

ka//ura “bonding” scene: floating in the dark, vast emptiness of space, forced to hold on to each other, while Keith closes his eyes and won’t look at Allura until they’re found and when his eyes are actually open he looks bored

klance Bonding Moment™: soft purple colors- a combination of Keith and Lance’s colors- with them holding hands for no reason for a prolonged amount of time, talking about how they are a good team and work well together using soft voices, smiling softly at each other with soft music underneath them and the camera lingering on their smiles

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Hi! Looking for a fic where H & D are adults, at Hogwarts, but I don't think they were professors though. Their magic is tied together for some unknown reason, which ends up being some magic boulders they both hit when the tripped while walking out on the grounds.



Thanks, citizen-of-a-floating-world!

Connected by Hesaluti - T, 41 Chapters - Hermione and other former pupils are invited back to Hogwarts to give career advice. In a fluke accident an old connection with Draco Malfoy is re-established forcing them to share magic. It’s one or the other unless they can make it work together.

Your beauty doesn’t lie within your physical aspects.

It has grown in the way your heart beats.

Your youth means nothing to the man you’ve sprouted to become.

And I am so blessed and honored to be the one,

To accompany you in journeys through waves crashing against us

Or flows of a river steadily in our favor.

Life jackets never helped up us float only our love has kept us alive.

The titanic challenges we face will never break down the bond we have created.

Floating on a door to our final fate,

I would never let you go.

Your loving wife

Imagine Nishioya and Yamaguchi being friends and bonding over jump float serves. They spend a lot of time together so Yama can get his serves past the best of liberos and so Noya can learn how to predict floater’s paths. They go out and get ice cream sometimes and have a+ buddy times. Noya also helps Yama gain a whole bunch of confidence he didn’t have before, since Noya would definitely give Yama super amazing speeches about how he’s “too cool to be sad about your mistakes!!" 

- snowcanaryy

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Rick still prefers to incept the teachers, but Stan will help Morty with his homework. After 30 years, he's gotten pretty decent at physics, and unlike Rick and Ford, he knows how to explain it to someone who doesn't get it intuitively.

I am so on board for Stan bonding with Morty over helping with homework. They are both plenty smart, just not in the scientific prodigy way that the brainiacs in their family’s are. Both are totally capable of understanding all that science stuff, they just take a different approach to learning and interpreting it. After Morty gets an A- on his physics test, Stan brags constantly that after all of Rick’s crazy cheat schemes and Ford’s boring lectures, it was the highschool drop out with a five dollar second hand book who actually helped the kid out.

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Jason Todd throwing pillows at his brothers, having his feet on the dinning room table which annoys Alfred to no end. Showing up to Damian's class to pull him out bc he has a doctor checkup but in reality they watch crappy tv all day long. Jason todd playing games with Tim and being dramatic when he loses. Jason Todd just being al brotherly

“…Pennyworth is my doctor, and he doesn’t make appointments.” Damian hummed lowly, eyeing Jason’s fingers on his shoulder as they pass the academy’s front office. “Is something happening?”

“Nope.” Jason grinned to the secretary, practically throwing Damian through the doors. “Well, I mean. Yes, something is.”

“…Are we in danger?” Damian asked curiously. “Do I need-”

Damian’s voice trailed off as they moved towards the street, and he took in the car sitting there. A convertible, with Dick lounging in the front seat, Tim squashed between Cass and Steph in the back. 

“Nope.” Jason repeated. “Dick said you didn’t know what ‘playing hooky’ was so.” A snort. “Consider this a lesson. Or…a Robin’s day out. Sibling bonding day. Whatever floats your boat.”

As Jason continued to push him forward, Dick noticed them, and swiveled around to motion to Tim, who immediately moved to jump up beside Dick while Cass pushed the back door open.

They stopped at the curb, and Jason shoved Damian towards the girls, who quickly caught him and pulled him into the seat Tim just vacated. Damian blinked dumbly, watching as Jason moved around the car, towards the driver’s seat. “…Father will be furious.”

Jason grinned as he plopped behind the wheel, and slowly pushed sunglasses onto his face, before glancing at Damian in the rearview mirror. “Hell yeah, he will.”

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the supergirl finale has made me want 10000 supercat romcom AUs - sleepless in seattle, you've got mail, while you were sleeping... OH MY GOD YOU KNOW WHICH AUS WOULD BE PERFECT? A ROMAN HOLIDAY AU, AND ALSO AN IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT AU it's perfect <333

OH MY GOD YES TO ALL OF THESE WOULD BE PERFECT UGH. It Happened One Night (maybe where up-and-coming-journalist!Cat ends up on a bus with alien!Kara and blackmails her into an exclusive in exchange for helping her find her cousin and then they have road trip adventures and fall in love!!!), and You’ve Got Mail (because ugh dual identities and secretly knowing just sTAB ME) and Sleepless in Seattle (can you picture cute matchmaking Carter who just wants his mom to be happy and sneaks downstairs one day while Cat’s working to hijack a radio show and oh god maybe even a Sleepless in Seattle/You’ve Got Mail hybrid where Kara hears it from her desk and that’s how they start communicating???).

But man, I am partial to a slightly inverse While You Were Sleeping AU where Cat is on her way to work or something and ends up in the wrong place at the right time where police officer Alex Danvers is chasing a suspect and stupid wannabe-hero!Cat Grant can’t help herself and intervenes and ends up half-saving Alex and half-getting her knocked unconscious. 

And so she has her driver take her to the hospital and at the hospital sarcastic asshole Cat Grant snaps at a nurse and rolls her eyes saying “I saved her life. clearly we’re going to get married” and it’s taken seriously and then Eliza and Jeremiah (because ofc he is alive) and Alex’s partner Vasquez (and girlfriend Lucy) and Captain Jonn Jones come to see her, and they’re all so suspicious of Cat which puts Cat on the defensive (and makes her more snappish, not helping clear things up) and before anything can actually get straightened out they’re taking Alex out of the room and her family is going with her. And Cat is about to leave and let this whole misunderstanding sort itself out, until Alex’s sister shows up and she’s so warm and gushing and grateful and hugs Cat so tight she forgets what she’s going to say and so when Kara invites her to dinner that night, thrusts the address at her and rushes off to see Alex she has no choice but to go to dinner that night to finally set things straight because - god help her - she actually feels bad now that Kara’s been so nice to her.

So instead of the love interest being the only suspicious one, Kara is the one actively including her and convincing her family and friends (because James and Winn are of course part of her family too) and Cat brings Carter to dinner to try and ground herself a little but of course Kara loves Carter and welcomes him in too. And then things get Difficult because as happy as Carter is with his mom this big family thing is - after he adjusts and with a lot of patience from Kara - kind of awesome and he doesn’t want to let the Danvers & Co. go. 

Also Lucy is definitely Saul who figures things out and is appreciate of the Danvers family who took her in when she fell out with her father and Lois. And also figures Cat out immediately. 

And, might I also suggest:

  • Two Weeks Notice (for obvious boss/employee reasons)
  • The Proposal (same. also fake dating *heart eyes*)
  • I Love Trouble (because dueling reporters!! and would also be an AU where Kara crashed on time)
  • Speechless (because dueling speech writers!!)
  • Notting Hill (famous CEO and writer/journalist Cat Grant who goes into a small bookstore and meets Kara Danvers and she’s charming and they start to date but real life is hard and things get messy but happy ending!!!)
  • About a Boy (Kara/Carter bonding!!!)
  • Hope Floats (Cat and Carter move to Midvale needing a break from National City and meet Kara who wins Cat over???)
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral (would work so well because of the Kara/Lucy/Lois/Cat/Clark/James connections there could easily be mutual friends all over the place!! plus I am a Sucker for missed connections etc.)
Pietro and the electric girl. (Part 1.)

“If you are a success we can build an army out of you.” Professor Coleman smiled as he placed the electrodes on your head and chest. You were laying in a tube like bed strapped down with electrodes and IV’s in your arms, pumping something inside of you that made you drowsy but nonetheless scared.
“An army!?” You thought,
“What the hell was he talking about? What the hell was going to happen to me?”
The professor walked to the console.
“Initiating test sequence 347-738 in 10 9 8 7 6” the computerized voice started. The metal walls of the tube enclosed you. You could vaguely see him through the small glass opening, trying to keep your eyes on what was going on.
“5 4 3 2 1” the electricity jolted through your body. The pain was excruciating, you could feel it in every cell of your being. Your veins glowed blue with the radioactive substance flooding through the iv. You screamed and writhed, trying to break out of the tube. Suddenly you went unconscious.
When the professor opened the tube you were lying limp, with foam coming out of your mouth.
“Computer, note that subject 347-738 was not a success.” He checked your pulse to be sure. The scanners had flat lined, he was sure you were dead. He turned away to the console again and began recording his findings. He was deep in his thoughts when he heard the heart monitor start beeping again.
He turned around to see you breathing.
“(Y/N)? Are you awake?” He questioned, surprised.
Your eyes shot open with a gasp, they were glowing white. You screamed and broke the bonds of the tube, floating above the ground.
“What have you done to me?!” You shouted. Bolts of lightning shot out of your eyes, frying the computers.
“(Y/N)…calm down, you’ll be alright…” He tried to reason. He was clearly afraid.
“We just need to do a few more tests.”
“More?! You will not experiment on me anymore!” You moved your hands and lightning traveled across the room, destroying more equipment, a bolt struck the professor, killing him instantly. The lab was on fire, You had to escape. You flew high up in the air, breaking through the glass ceiling. You flew away from the building a ways before collapsing.
There was snow all around you, you crawled to a cave opening & hid inside, fearing for what or who would come looking for you. You could see the smoke from the lab billowing up into the night sky before passing out.

The next day you stammered to a nearby village. You were barefoot in nothing but a hospital gown, torn electrodes still on your body. You found it strange that the cold didn’t bother you; you knew you should be dead from hypothermia. Yet your body showed no signs of frost bite. You came to the first house you saw.
The villager took you in, giving you warm clothes and something to eat. You explained that you had been in an accident but didn’t go into details. The villagers were nice, they didn’t ask too many questions. You stayed with them for a few weeks, making friends with the old villagers grandkids you started to think that maybe you could hide here forever. After all no one knew of your condition, you told them you had an accident & escaped a burning hospital. They believed it until it happened; Your caretaker had walked passed your room and saw you asleep and floating above the bed.
“Salamointi!” He cried. You had subconsciously created an electric current around yourself. He was in shock, afraid of what he was seeing when he reached for you & was immediately electrocuted to death. You awoke to see him, burnt & scorched.
You were ashamed and sickened with grief. You had killed him without even knowing it. You felt like a time bomb, unable to diffuse your own ugliness.
Quickly, you gathered your things & left. Flying as fast as you could.
“People and I don’t go together,” you thought.
“I must remain alone to protect everyone, including myself.”
“What was Coleman working on?” Tony mused as he linked J.A.R.V.I.S into the scorched circuitry of the labs main frame. He soon uncovered video footage of the incident. He saw you break out of the tube, levitating with electricity ribboning around you.
“Oh boy, looks like we’ve got a search & rescue ahead. We’re looking for a girl who can manipulate electricity.” He stated.
“A small village 100 miles out from the lab reported a girl staying there. She left shortly after killing one of the elders.” Natasha said as she scrolled through her phone, reading the news headlines.
They agreed to send Cap, Pietro and Wanda on the mission. They wanted to find her and help her, stop her from hurting herself or anyone else.
• • •
You hid in your cave for weeks, trying to figure out your powers. You had learned to make fire by shooting an electric bolt at kindling.
“Maybe the powers weren’t all bad.” You thought. You learned to make the safety cocoon around yourself as you did when you were sleeping when you were awake, nothing could get through the field of electric current that circled around you. You were meditating, floating in the back of the cave when you felt something whiz past you.
“She’s in there, I saw her floating with her eyes closed.” Pietro said as he stood in front of Cap and Wanda.
“What are we gonna do?” He asked.
“Ask her to come with us, if that fails we’ll have to bring her in the old fashioned way.” Cap said as he picked up his shield. The three entered the cave, creeping slowly, looking for the electric girl.
“Leave this place!” You shouted. They couldn’t tell where it had come from. Pietro began zipping around the place trying to locate you. You were crouched down behind some rocks, you had heard voices and assumed some locals had stumbled upon your hiding place.
“(Y/N) we do not want to hurt you, we know what Coleman did to you. We want to help.” Wanda spoke telepathically as she rounded a corner, getting closer to where you sat.
“Who are you, how did you speak to me in my head?” You stood now, Wanda had her back to you.
“I’m Wanda, my brother Pietro and Our friend Steve are here with me, we saw the lab and heard about the villagers…we want to help.” She said as she turned to face you. Just then you felt something behind you, you turned to see Pietro creeping just a couple feet away, it startled you causing you to shoot a bolt of lightning out of your hand.
“We just want to help.” Pietro said as he dodged the shot.
“I don’t need help! I need everyone to stay away from me!” You floated into the air now, looking down on the pair.
“No can do, you have to come with us.” Steve appeared from behind you, shield in hand. You tried to electrocute him but the shield could withstand your blows. A battle ensued. You tried to fly away but Wanda’s telekinesis brought you to the ground, you ran until Pietro appeared in front of you causing you to run into him and fall to the ground. “It doesn’t have to be this way!” He exclaimed as he tried to help you back up, you glared at the silver haired man. How could they help you? You got up and pushed the electric bolts through your hands trying to hit Pietro but Steve appeared just in time with his shield which refracted the blow causing it to hit you as you fell to the ground. You groaned, feeling the ache crawl through your body as you started to pass out.
“It’s ok (y/n), we’re taking you somewhere safe. Just stay calm.” Wanda’s voice spoke in your mind again, you thought you could feel her hand stroke your face.

You awoke in a hospital bed, with the old familiar IV and electrodes.
“Before you go all short circuit, calm down. My name is Bruce, I just want to see what’s going on in your nervous system.” Doctor banner said this as he cautiously looked at the monitors, watching as they fluctuated.
“You cannot possibly fix this, I will forever be a deadly thing. I can’t be around people.” You stated, looking away as the doctor shined a light into your eyes.
“You’re probably right about undoing the damage professor Coleman did but we can teach you to control it, so you won’t hurt anyone.” Doctor Banner smiled.
“So you just take in military experiments gone wrong here?” You asked.
“Something like that.” Tony walked into the room, munching on grapes as he looked through the data splayed across the screen.
“Those bolts you shoot are the equivalent of 150 volts of electricity, you damn near fried sonic! Do you remember how long he had been testing on you?” He turned to you now as you sat up in the hospital bed.
“No, I can only remember waking up as the experiment was about to begin.” You shuddered at the memory, the pain of the electricity powering through you, the image of the village elder who you fried. You wanted to shrink into nothingness.
“He had you for a long time, did a number of tests & experiments. What can you tell us about your condition?” Bruce asked as he scrolled through the research Tony had taken from Coleman’s burnt up lab.
“I can float, I can shoot electricity, my skin doesn’t get frost bitten. Sometimes things happen and I don’t mean for them too…like the old man in the village. I was asleep, I woke up hovering above my bed with something like a force field around me…& he was gone.” You spoke with sorrow in your voice. You knew you needed help, you didn’t want to hurt anyone anymore.
“Miss (y/l/n), we want to help you. Train you to control the powers. But you’re going to have to trust us.” Tony stated. You agreed to let them help, hoping that his words were sincere. After Tony and Bruce left Wanda and Pietro appeared.
“Hello (y/n).” Wanda spoke out loud. You remembered her voice from the fight.
“Hi.” You answered, for some reason you felt uneasy and afraid.
“We wanted to check on you, how are you feeling?” Pietro asked as he approached the bed.
“I’m ok, a little afraid.” You confessed.
“It’s ok, we understand. We were experimented on too, it’s hard to trust people who want to hook you to machines.” Wanda smiled. They shared their story of being experimented on by hydra, you listened intently. You found yourself at ease with the twins, maybe these Avengers weren’t so bad after all.
After being held up in the lab for two days Tony set up a room for you.
“You’re room is right next to ours, so you can always stop by whenever you need anything.” Wanda said as you walked down the hallway with her and Pietro. You rounded the corner walking passed one door and stopping at the next.
“This is your room, mine is the next one up and Wanda’s is the one on your right.” Pietro said as he opened the door for you. It was a nice, spacious room. Simplistic in design with a comfy looking bed against the left wall, a desk to the right, a wardrobe, a small couch and a door leading to the bathroom.
“We hope you will be comfortable here.” Wanda said. You sat on the bed, testing the mattress.
“Me too..” You said, looking down.
“What’s the matter?” Pietro asked, sitting beside you.
“I don’t know…its just…” You began, unsure of where the sentence was going.
“You’re afraid of being here?” Wanda asked, she had now joined you and Pietro sitting on your bed.
“I’ve killed people. I have a place here and everyone wants to help but what happens when I accidentally ruin it again?” You huffed. They looked at you sympathetically. Pietro wanted to say something to make you feel better but couldn’t find the words, he managed to place his hand upon yours before Wanda spoke.
“(Y/n), what happened before was an accident and now you are with people who can teach you how to control your power. I promise as long as you are with us you will be safe. Let us show you the rest of the tower.” She said. Her words soothed your apprehension once again.
“I suppose if I’m gonna stay here I’ll have to know where everything is.” You agreed. You spent the rest of the day with Pietro and Wanda. They showed you all around the tower, including the common rooms, training areas, the other labs, and finally the kitchen.
“I’m starving!” Pietro said as he ran around the room in a blur, opening cabinets as he assembled a plethora of snack foods. You watched this in awe.
“Pietro likes to eat, watch where you leave your snacks.” Wanda giggled.
“Would like something?” He smirked as he munched on a bag of potato chips.
“Sure, I’ll take a pack of gummy bears.” You say as you sit in a chair. A man appeared in the doorway wearing combat gear and a bow & arrow.
“I see the twins have gotten you acquainted with the tower. I’m Clint, we’ll be training tomorrow morning.” He introduced himself and shook your hand.
“Yeah, they’ve been really nice. What do you mean training?” You asked apprehensively.
“Target practice, 0700 hours, teach ya how to aim those bolts!” He smiled.
“7am? You wanna scare her away? That’s way too early!” Pietro groaned.
“Aw do you wanna train too speedy? You and Wanda can join us, 0700 sharp kids.” He smirked and left the room.
“Good going Pietro.” Wanda groaned and narrowed her eyes.
“Clint seems kinda tough..” You comment.
“He’s ok, we’ve got a bit of a, how do you say…rivalry going.” Pietro smirked.
“More like you can’t keep your mouth shut.” Wanda stated.

• • •
That night you slept surprisingly well, knowing that Pietro and Wanda were right next to your room relieved your apprehension. In the morning you got ready and headed down to the training room with Wanda and Pietro. Clint was already there, with targets in place.
“Wanda hit the target.” Clint instructed. Her irises change to a deep red as her arms come forward, a red bolt of energy flys through her fingers hitting the target and destroying it. In the blink of an eye Pietro runs to the target, destroys it and runs back.
“You didn’t see that coming.” He says smugly, crossing his arms.
“Always a show off, (y/n) I want you to hit the target.” Clint says.
You try to focus on the target, gathering your strength you put your hand out as the anxiety builds within you. All you could think was ‘please don’t hit anyone, please don’t hit anyone.’ You hold out your arms and shoot the lightning bolt, it misses the target completely and scorches the wall behind it.
“Damn it.” You mutter.
“It’s ok (y/n) try again.” Clint encourages.
You try again, and fail. Your shoulders slump as you turn to leave.
“Wait, try like this.” Wanda says. You turn back around and face the target.
“Stand more square, and relax your shoulders.” Wanda says as she demonstrates the proper stance.
“Focus on the target, you can do it.” Pietro smiles. You take in a deep breath, extend your arms and release another bolt, striking the target.
“Thanks Wanda.” You smile. You continue hitting targets, gaining more confidence in your abilities.
“Lesson 2: Sparring. You need to be able to fight without your powers. Pietro will work with (y/n) and I’ll try to not get my butt kicked by Wanda.” He chuckled.
“Ok, what do I do?” You ask as you stand in front of Pietro, he’s smiling in his tight under armor sweater, silver locks hanging in his face.
“Try to hit me.” He says. Before he can register it you punch him in the gut. He grabs his stomach and looks up at you with a shocked, hurt expression.
“What? You said to try and-ow!” You say. Before you could finish your sentence he’s behind you pinching your arm.
“I thought we weren’t supposed to use our powers?!” You glare.
Wanda looks over at the two of you with a raised eyebrow.
“Brother, do not pick on (y/n). This training is important.” She scolds,
using her power to gently push Pietro.
He runs over to her in a blur, pushing her back before appearing next you again.
Soon the rules are forgotten, the three of you play fighting. You use your ability to fly to your advantage, swooping down to tackle Pietro from behind as he’s about to get Wanda again. He quickly rolls over and pins you down, tickling you.
“Stop it! I’m gonna pee my pants please!” You giggle, tapping on his shoulder as a sign of forfeit.
“Cut it out guys, that’s enough.” Clint’s tone is less easy going than before.
“Now I have a teammate to stop your teasing.” Wanda smiles at you. Pietro stands up, grabbing you by the hands he pulls you to your feet.
“I don’t think she’ll do you much good considering her weakness for tickles.” He chuckles as he pokes you in the side causing you to flinch. A blush creeps across your cheeks as you smirk up at him. Clint concludes the session saying that tomorrow there will be absolutely no use of powers when sparring. The three of you exit the training room laughing about what just happened.
“Would you like to join us for lunch?” Pietro asks.
“Actually I have to get to the lab, they’ve got some follow up tests for me to do, I’ll catch up with you guys later. Thanks again for the pointers today Wanda!” You smile.
“No problem.” She replies.
“See ya speedy.” You wave and head off to the lab.
“You are not fooling anyone.” Wanda comments as her and Pietro walk toward the kitchen.
“What do you mean?” He asks with a smirk.
“You think she is cute, no?” She raises an eyebrow.
“She’s nice, she’s been through a lot. I don’t know, she’s sweet, I want to make her comfortable.” He smiles as the pair head into the kitchen.
(A/N: this is an old idea that I polished up a bit, hope you all enjoy it! It’s probably going to end up being at least 3 parts with this 1st installment being more of an introduction to the reader insert character. Again I hope that this is good & I hope you’ll want to read the next parts!