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Can we have an alternative story to your de-aged Obi-Wan ? One where he is found by Darth Vader while he doesn't understand where he is and where is his master (if he is old enough to be a padawan) or where the creche master is

In despair did Qui-Gon watch the interaction between the two male, one so dark that the very air around him was shadowed and cold and the other one of the brightest souls in the entire galaxy. It was all that the dead Jedi Master could do, watch. His Padawan, Obi-Wan, would and could not hear him. The boy, not even thirteen of age, had not yet formed a bond with him and their connection was lost to the Force. Silently, Qui-Gon cursed. For one, the Force that had de-aged the redhead and to an age, where there was no bond and connection between him; and he cursed himself for having been such a blind fool back in his living days.

“Obi-Wan… don’t,” he pleaded, but the redhead, who looked so frightened and lost and small, did not hear him. His ever changing blue eyes were fixed on the form of Darth Vader, former known as Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. But that Jedi Knight was gone, replaced by this robotic dark being.

“Come with me, join me,” said the mechanic voice, “and together, we can rule this galaxy.”

Obi-Wan looked unsure, his light was flickering, clearly trying to escape the darkness that slowly wrapped itself around it. 

“Padawan, no!” for the briefest of moments, he could have sworn that Vader had looked his way, but it was not the attention and reaction he had wanted.

“I… don’t want to rule the galaxy,” said the redhead eventually. “I want to be a Jedi,” his voice was trembling.

“There are no Jedi anymore. There are only us,” said Vader coldly. Obi-Wan visibly gulped. “Do you truly want to remain loyal to those, who had abandoned you, thrown you away? Don’t be a fool. Join me and I will show you the way of the Force.”

“Damn it, Anakin.” He should have known that the formerly blonde Knight knew about Obi-Wan’s past. And once more, Qui-Gon wished that the small boy could hear and see him.

“I…” Obi-Wan hesitated. His light was being suffocated and replaced by the seeds of doubt, hate, confusion, anger and darkness. If Obi-Wan were to make that final step now, he would fall and his dark flame would burn as strong as his light had. He would still be a force to be reckoned with, but Qui-Gon did not want to think about all the things he would do to the galaxy.

“Join me, I will be your Master, your guide and teacher,” Vader continued, aware that he was about to reach his goal, “I will show you how to protect yourself and I would never abandon you, ever.”

Something in the blue-green eyes snapped and broke and it vanished into nothingness. The darkness roared in triumph and the brave light was snuffed out by the all consuming darkness, leaving behind a flame, as black as coal.

“No,” Qui-Gon breathed out and he fell to his knees. “No,” he shook his head. This was not how it was supposed to go. Obi-Wan had been supposed to train Luke and Luke had been supposed to bring Anakin back into the light. This was, what the Force had intended. So what had gone wrong in the end?

“I would be honored… Master,” and with the redhead’s last word, the pact was sealed. Blue-green eyes turned gold-red and the galaxy’s doom was born… the dark side had won.

Keith and Lance’s Blue Lion Connection Theory

The first lion Keith was attracted to

Was the blue lion

Which happens to have the strongest bond/connection with Lance

And look

Those two people standing in front of the blue lion is Lance and Keith.



What if Lance was meant to pilot the lion, but Keith also has some sort of connection to it too? He felt an energy telling him to search, but Lance had the official bond.

Keith was questioning Coran about the lion in season two, he was wondering how it had gotten to Earth and if a Galra had possibly piloted it. COULD THAT BE TRUE, AND COULD THE PILOT HAVE BEEN RELATED TO KEITH WHICH IS WHY HE FELT AN ENERGY TOWARDS IT? 

And look at when Keith approaches the lion before Lance…UMMM



WERE LANCE AND KEITH MEANT TO FIND THE LION TOGETHER JUST LIKE THE CAVE PAINTINGS SAID??? Keith felt the energy which led them to that spot and Lance’s connection led them to retrieving the lion, which is what started Voltron in the first place. 


From Latin, Nexus: “the act of binding or connecting together; bond”

AHHHHHHH I HAVEN’T DRAWN CROSSOVERS IN A LONG TIME, BUT ALL THE OUTFITS IN NIER: AUTOMATA HAS ME SHOOK *____* I STILL GOTTA BUY/PLAY IT BUT I LOVE THE OUTFITS SO MUCH.  When i watched the beginning being played and 9S showed up, he reminded me of Roxas and then i started thinking about Xion in 2B’s oufit and then this happened. If y’all recognise the blades they hold, cookies for you 8D


witchy idea

hey, friendship bracelets are still a thing right?? people other than me have them?? okay well I think they have a lot of potential magick-wise, for example:

*enchant both to strengthen your friendship over time/distance

*enchant them to be in tune with the other person’s emotions

*wards! that draw energy from your bond! gotta have a strong relationship though

*connect them so that way they mirror each other- so if you cleanse one, the other is cleansed to!

*and if you mirror them you can also enchant them with glamour spells so you both are fab af

*or any intent really, I mean luck or happiness or anti-anxiety, the list goes on

this could also work with wedding rings, friendship necklaces or what have you. Just think of the possibilities! You could also inscribe sigils on them, and because they match, the magic is amplified!

qualities and flaws of each sign

Aries quality - will stand up for you or themselves, does not tolerate shit, self-assured, bold, loyal, caring, protective of friends/family
Aries flaw - overly aggressive, confrontational, and argumentative, provocative, unempathetic and unsympathetic, volatile, perceives sadness as weakness, will go too far to prove dominance/boldness/etc.
Taurus quality - chill,honest, hard to fight with, relaxing presence, relatable, funny, fashionable, doesn’t follow the herd, good taste
Taurus flaw - overly judgmental/critical, prone to superiority complex, stuck in their opinions
Gemini quality - adaptable, easy to talk to and befriend, unargumentative, polite, agreeable
Gemini flaw - can act fake, ignorant, can inadvertently offend people, appear shallow, doesn’t think about the consequences of actions/decisions
Cancer quality - intelligent, is good at making people feel better, is honest without being offensive, tolerant, makes effort to not hurt people, empathetic
Cancer flaw - can either be clingy or make others feel clingy, turns everything into a debate, puts up with too much shit from others/doesn’t stand up for themselves,  too easily offended
Leo quality - sympathetic, very loyal, very caring, self-assured, projects confidence, ambitious, not lazy
Leo flaw - self-centered, insecure, plays with other’s emotions to boost own esteem, manipulative, talks unnecessary shit
Virgo quality - attentive, ambitious, driven, honest, considers details, puts in a lot of effort, not lazy, works hard, tries their best, wants the best for friends and family
Virgo flaw - repressed emotions, prone to outbursts of misplaced rage and anger, takes stress out on family, overly critical of others, obsessive, overly perfectionist 
Libra quality - nice, humorous, friendly, good communicators, analytical, can understand people’s emotions and psyches/why they do things, balanced, empathetic, fun, fashionable, diplomatic
Libra flaw - overly defensive/sensitive, indecisive, argumentative, places self-esteem in superficial matters of popularity, unsympathetic, prone to extreme mood swings/overpowered by their emotions, can be lazy
Scorpio quality - doesn’t follow herd, intriguing, humorous, intellectual, fashionable, loyal and very committed, caring, supportive, always there for you
Scorpio flaw - moody, bitter, can worsen your mood, overly judgmental, superiority complex, untrustworthy, grudge-holders, does too many things just for the aesthetic
Sagittarius quality - very honest, confident, bold, very witty/funny, fashionable, stands up for themselves and their friends, does not put up with shit, sees things how they are
Sagittarius flaw - very abrasive, can be rude, too blunt, can be mean/offensive, sometimes annoying, unsympathetic, unempathetic
Capricorn quality - very driven, very ambitious, very hard-working, pays attention to detail, motivated, often successful, rational, logical, inoffensive, levelheaded, sensible
Capricorn flaw - way too serious, repressive, bottles up emotions, detached, impersonal, difficulty making friends, forming bonds, and connecting with people, unempathetic
Aquarius quality - intellectual, very funny, likable, relatable, adventurous, very chill, unafraid, up for anything, individualistic, easy to hang out with
Aquarius flaw - unsympathetic, unempathetic, detached, unemotional, disloyal, can’t commit, difficulty maintaining friendships/relationships for long periods, copes unhealthily, abandonment issues, can be mean/cruel/deceptive
Pisces quality - very sympathetic, VERY empathetic, good listener, imaginative, creative, optimistic, gives good advice, good at cheering people up, kind, inoffensive, very intuitive
Pisces flaw - doesn’t stand up for themselves/others, overly sensitive, too easily hurt, naive, unrealistic, overpowered by emotions, can be lazy, can’t see things as they are, oblivious 

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. May you be open to each thread that comes into your life - the golden ones and the coarse ones - and may you weave them into a brilliant and beautiful life.

“ The dynamic between them, the dark and the light, pushing and pulling at each other, is the heart of the film, and although they are on opposite sides, their fates are still interlocked. “   ( Rian Johnson )

/ I have to retire for a while, because of my studies. So see you guys in December! 

May the Force be with you! 💙

Love, well love is technically just a chemical or string of chemicals but I can’t remember which, but I can tell you that chemical is the single most important thing inside your brain. Love means companionship, love is what makes you decide who you want to be around, love will show you pain, pleasure, regret, hope, and everything in between… Love will make you cry, or it can make you laugh. Life is meaningless without it, dull and grey, and when you find it everything fills with vivid color! Love is what everyone searches for in one way or another, isn’t it? People love money, sports, cars, make up, books, their career, their kids, their mother and father… now, when I hear “love” I think of a girl, not any specific girl anymore, but I think female. Not everyone searches for love in the form of another human being, and I don’t either. I THINK female but what love really is, love is the bond, the connection between two people. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Love is the spark, the fire, the passion in a relationship that makes it work. Love is understanding, communicating, and trusting the other in a relationship. I really do miss the warm & fuzzy feeling of love. It sounds strange but love is what drives me forward these days… “Maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow” is what love means to me.


You guys, no one knows about the bond but Kylo and Rey.

Rey never told Luke - she hid it away instinctively until he found them (but was Luke even aware of what was happening?)

So…I wonder if she’ll tell ANYONE? Leia? Finn? Or if she’ll just keep this secret between her and Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader, because she stays up at night to say goodnight to him. Because despite everything, no one deserves to be alone.

February Horoscopes

ARIES: Take a nice, firm grab of the dial that controls your aggressiveness and crank it way down. You can relax a little bit and still be able to defend yourself (this of course does not apply if someone crosses the line, then you have every right to be as aggressive as you’d like (however maybe the line needs to be redrawn because you have a tendency to get upset over very small things)). Don’t forget to breathe every once in a while. Things can work themselves out without you getting worked up.

TAURUS: Remember that not everyone is out to get you, Taurus. Yes, there are people in this world with bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can just push someone away because you’re suspicious of them. Talk to those individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that they aren’t good people; you might lose someone who really only ever wanted what was best for you.

GEMINI: Time to take a pair of metaphorical scissors and snip the negativity out of your life! If you know someone is dragging you down rather than supporting you and building you up, say sayonara!

CANCER: You know that thing that you want to do but you might be too afraid to do? Do it. All experiences, good or bad, are still experiences. Take a risk every now and then! Ask that person out! Put your application in! You can do it.

LEO: Try looking at things a new way this month, Leo. You might be in the midst of a problem or you might be trying to reach a goal you’ve set, and things are just not working out no matter how hard you try. Take a step back and try a new route. Do something different if what you’re doing right now isn’t making you successful.

VIRGO: You may not be meeting all of your own expectations right now, and that’s okay. This month focus on persisting through your troubles. Keep your chin up, Virgo. Good things are on their way.

LIBRA: Libra, you sort of have a tendency to be very good at picking out problems and flaws, and then doing nothing about them. Take a stand and start fixing things that you don’t like, whether it be with the world or within yourself. Email your senator. Attend a march. Donate money. Accept criticism. You can literally do anything that you think you can do.

SCORPIO: This month remember that not all relationships that you create have to be romantic. Creating a bond or a connection with another individual does not mean that by default that you have to be in love with that person. Cherish your friends and don’t focus on romance at the moment. 

SAGITTARIUS: Embrace your emotions this month. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to scream, then scream. If you need someone to talk to, then find someone you can trust. Do not ever be ashamed of the way you feel.

CAPRICORN: Decisiveness is key. You may find yourself unable to choose between this and that, but you have to learn to make tough decisions, especially under pressure. Don’t let a decision keep you up at night. Do what you feel is right and good is bound to come of it.

AQUARIUS: Seek out some counsel this February. There are plenty of people in your circle willing to listen to you, you just have to speak. Focus on your needs instead of everyone else’s. You are a wonderful listener, and now it’s your turn to be listened to.

PISCES: Break out of your shell a little bit this month. You don’t have to do anything insanely drastic, but maybe inviting someone new over for a movie, or simply messaging someone you’ve never talked to before to get to know them. You have a very intriguing air about you, Pisces, and whether you believe it or not people do want to be your friend.

Snoke gave us the answer to who Rey REALLY IS and why they share intertwined destinies with Kylo Ren.

I keep reading here and there and many fans are disappointed because Rey is a “nobody”. But, what they are missing is that Rey is much more than a nobody, and fits perfectly in the storyline of the Star Wars saga. The answer comes from Snoke, who says something along these lines : 

“Darkness rises and light to meet it. I had warned by apprentice that the more the grew in darkness, the more the Light would compensate it”. 

So what Snoke is really saying is that Kylo, who is 10 years older than Rey more or less, was growing in darkness under Snoke’s influence (we know he manipulated him from birth) and what happens is that the Force needed to restore balance. And it grew and grew. Snoke thought it was Luke. But no. It was the Force itself that created his counterpart : Rey. She’s a nobody. She has no legacy. But her destiny lies with Kylo’s fate : she is the one who will balance his darkness, because the Force needs to compensate it. So, they really are the “two sides of the same protagonist”, the protagonist being The Force.  

“The force awakens” in both of them in episode 7, leading to the interrogation scene, where they tap into each other’s minds, opening the strange Force Bond connection. Snoke might have encouraged that Bond, but he didn’t know about Rey when Kylo interrogates her and they basically go into each others minds. Snoke is manipulating them into thinking that, but it started before, and most of all, at the end of TLJ we see the Bond is still there. 

So where are their intertwined destinies? 

For me, you can resume it this way : neither can die while the other survives.      They both need each other because they are each others’ complement. The ying and the yang, Light and Darkness. 

And the only way that they will finally understand each other is accepting the other within themselves. Rey wants Ben to turn to the light. Kylo wants Rey to join him - but he never says the darkside - even if it is implied. The eternal push-and-pull. The only way for these two to meet is to accept and welcome the other side within themselves, because both have Light and Darkness, ending in a sort of Grey middle ground, where the Force is balanced between the two. 

So the balance is not to eradicate the dark side, like the Jedi thought. It is to balance both sides within their soul. 

It also means that they will chase after another, until the moment they understand what the heck is happening. And understand that neither of them can die, because this would result in a unbalancing of the Force. Maybe Rey will find all these answers when she reads the old Jedi books. 

And honestly, why are they so sexually attracted to each other in TLJ? Because opposites attract one another. They complement each other and need each other on a very basic physical level. So, I guess we will see more of Rey being flustered by Kylo’s all to perfect percs.