What Are The Odds? - Part 3

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Considering this just happened five minutes ago…I think I have a pretty good fucking idea of what’s happening, don’t ya think?” Dean spits out.

Say something. Fuck.

Dean is still staring at you with his eyebrow raised waiting for a response.

You feel so overwhelmed and without realizing it, you just burst into tears. You cover your face with your hands and want to just disappear.

Dean looks shocked, he expected you to give him attitude right back. Instead you fall apart in front of him and totally catch him off guard.

“Y/N.” You hear Dean say softly. He pulls your hands from your face and pulls you in for a hug but you back away. You turn around so quick you miss the hurt look that appears on his face.

Pull yourself together, Y/N. You wipe your tears away and take a deep breath. You snap back into your feisty self and walk quickly over to Dean.

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Strawberry Wine - Part 3: Love Growing Wild

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Charlie Bradbury, Jo Harvelle, Benny Lafitte, Reader’s mom (mentioned), John Winchester (mentioned), Mary Winchester (mentioned), Sam Winchester (mentioned), Cas, Chuck, Gabe

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Age gap (bare with me just read it), arguing, smut, loss of virginity (it is not messy or hurting), oral (female receiving), fingering, penetration, unsafe sex (it is fiction, wrap it up before you tap it guys)   

Wordcount: 4600ish (sorry blame the smut!)

A/N: I am really excited about this series! The first 4 parts will be based off Deana Carter’s Strawberry Wine which also titled the series. The next too on Dean Brody’s Another Man’s Gold and Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried. It is a story of unlikely love and it beating the odds basically. Fluffy mostly, with a few tears and some smut.

Thanks to @for-the-love-of-dean and @mysupernaturalfics fics for betaing (read: Sass as far as Rach is concerned) this for me. You girls rock.


“You kissed!” Charlie exclaimed high fiving Jo and you couldn’t help but laugh, but you were stopped by Jo’s next reaction. “Wait did you guys do it?”

“What? No! Not then anyway! It was just a first kiss! We stayed out by the river for hours, talking and kissing. He walked me back to the house. Or close to it anyway. I didn’t really feel like Bobby seeing us and I am sure he didn’t either so we stopped at the barn. He kissed me goodnight and watched me walk back to the house.” You twisted the bracelet on your arm, a nervous tick you had picked up over the years and it always seemed to calm you down some.

“Come on! He is a guy. I am sure he wanted to do more than just kiss,” Jo pushed but was punched in the arm by Charlie before you had a chance to yell at her.

“Shut up Jo! Y/N that is so sweet! So you guys began dating?” Charlie tried to turn the conversation but before you had a chance to answer Benny’s voice sounded from across the street, letting you know the bus was ready to go.

Jo and Charlie followed you to your prefered seat and settled down with you. Charlie in the seat next to you and Jo across from her. They were both watching you, not so patiently waiting for you to continue the story on your own, but you weren’t sure how too and it took an impatient, “well?!” from Charlie to make you start talking again.

“We weren’t exactly dating. We couldn’t. Dean needed the job and the money to help his brother with school. He was going to Stanford to study law and Dean dreamed of one day putting aside enough money to buy a farm of his own. If Bobby found out, what had happened between us, he was going to fire Dean for sure. Neither of us wanted that. If Dean didn’t get paid he would have to return to California and I would lose him.” You took a deep breath and looked at your friends and Jo smiled at you, “so you were sneaking around?”

You returned her smile a little shyly, “Kinda. We were still hanging around each other all the time out in the open just like before, but the kissing was… out of sight I guess.”

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None Of Your Business-Part 7

You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology.  You have spent your life proving that your more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

A/N:  Lots of stuff happening in this part!

Characters: Alpha! Sam Wesson, Alpha! Dean Smith, Omega! Reader, Omega! Ruby, Beta! Jo Harvelle, Beta! Charlie Bradbury, Mandy (OC) Sam’s daughter

Part 1

Sam and I were having our first major fight, and of course it had to do with Dean.  Big shock there.  I had hit him with the news that not only was I pregnant, but there was a chance Dean could be the father. 

He immediately asked how soon we could do a paternity test.

“My doctor said we can do an amniocentesis.  I already scheduled it for next week.  But I need to tell Dean what’s going on. He has a right to know.”

“So call him… him….whatever.” Sam said angrily.  Here we go.

I rolled my eyes at him. “An email Sam, really? An EMAIL???  Don’t you think this is something I should tell him to his face?”

“Okay, fine. But I am going with you when you tell him.”

“Sam the last time you and Dean were in the same room you got arrested.  Do you really think that is a good idea?” I gave him my best bitch face.

He stood firm.  “You are my Omega.  Either I go or you don’t.”

I kissed him lightly.  “You know….you don’t always have to get your way Mr. Wesson.”

He pulled me in closer and wrapped his arms around me.  “When it comes to you I do.”

I wound up sending Dean a text.  I didn’t even know if he would answer.

Dean.  I know you hate me but  I really need to talk to you. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t SUPER important. Can you meet me at the coffee shop? PLEASE?


I was very surprised when he answered.

One hour. 


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Sneak Peek?

The house was warm despite being mostly underground. Sunlight barely filtered through and it lacked a chimney but the walls maintained a radiating warmth all the same. Suprising, but pleasant to the pet whose knees brushed against the floor with each cat like slink. 

“Are you pleased pet?” Master Dean asked letting his fingers caress over the soft hairs shining in the light. “You can look at me pet, I’d appreciate it if you did.” 

Eager to please, the young woman snapped her eyes up meet the sparkling green ones above her. “I’m very pleased sir. Your home is quite lovely.”

Master Dean chuckled, a deep resonating sound from his heart. "Good. Now come along little one, gotta get you ready for Sammy.” 

With a nod, the pet followed the bow legged man deeper into the underground bunker with butterflies ricocheting around her stomach. This was her purpose, she was made for this, and with two prospective masters ready to use her at their disposal, how could she possible say no? 

Tagging @training-wolves and @kittenofdoomage because maybe then I won’t suck :) 

Strawberry Wine - Part 3: Love Growing Wild (TEASER)

I got another part of Strawberry Wine ready for y’all tonight. Who is ready?!


A rush of courage and you knew couldn’t let him to think something like that about himself.  You took the pitchfork from his hands and Dean shot you a surprised look, “Y/N/N I need to…” He started but you just took his hand leading him back to where you had been sitting and pushing him on his ass. He was surprised enough by your sudden forcefulness it worked.

“You need to listen to me now, Dean Winchester.” Your voice was soft but decisive, using the same tone your mother had with you when you had come home from school in tears thinking you weren’t good enough at something.

You slowly straddled his lap as you continued talking and Dean’s hands instinctively found their way to your hips. “Just because you prefer working with your hands doesn’t mean that you aren’t smart. You keep up with my banter, you fixed Grandpa’s old tractor that no one was able to even get as much of a cough out of in two years, you don’t back down when people try and trick a better deal out you at the market. If you wanted to go to school you could, not saying you have to but you are a fast learner…”

Dean tried not to looked at you at first but you could tell your words touched him, that you were getting through to him, but he still tried to change the subject as soon as he saw a way to, “A fast learner huh? Even at playing guitar.”

You couldn’t help but laugh at him and bite your lip before mocking him, “well we can’t be good at everything can we?!”

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ok so instead of the convenient marriage trope how about an inconvenient annulment/divorce trope

as in dean and cas going to vegas on a hunt and waking up accidentally married to each other and sam calms dean down over the phone by telling him they can annul the marriage no sweat as long as they do it within a certain time period

except then dean and cas keep putting it off using the job as an excuse and when sam reminds them about it dean just waves him off and says, “yeah yeah we’ll get around to it”

and it’s actually sam that brings it up again months later that they’re long past the deadline

and dean’s like “huh well too late now i guess”

and cas just nods indifferently like “divorces are costly”

“and we don’t have a pre-nup so you know it’ll get messy”

“and being married has proven useful in a few of our investigations”

“everybody always assumes we’re married the way we argue anyway no use arguing with them too”

“it really is easier this way”

“guess that settles it”

“i suppose it does”

“s'pose it also means we’ll have to consummate the marriage”

“if we’re to keep up appearances yes”

“they do say marriage is all about sacrifice”

“and we are nothing if not selfless”

“sometimes you gotta take one for the team”

“a true friend would do no less”

“and you’re my buddy… *buddy*”

and sam watches in amazement as they literally no-homo their way into a marriage all the way to the bedroom

deancas drunk/fake relationship au

The first kiss is kind of a joke.

Castiel is at Charlie’s party and some guy is making fun of him for wearing a flower-print shirt, of all things.

“What are you, gay?” The guy asks, mockingly.

Castiel draws himself up and says, “Yes, I am.” He looks around and finds Dean, who he knows, but not that well, quite near him. He reaches out and grabs Dean by the elbow, because he’s had a few drinks and it seems like a good idea. “And this is my boyfriend. If you don’t leave me alone he’s gonna kick your ass.”

This is your boyfriend?” The guy asks disbelieving, taking in Dean’s sturdy boots, his old jeans, his plaid jacket, his broad shoulders. 

“Yes!” Castiel insists, “Look, see,” He leans forward and presses a chaste kiss to Dean’s mouth. He knows it’s risky, he might get punched in the face. He’ll probably get yelled at, at the very least. He just hopes that Dean has enough mercy to wait until this guy is out of earshot.

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