Poisk Istiny {Finding Truth}

Poisk Istiny {Finding Truth} by CassondraWinchester & lotrspnfangirl
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 119,000
Summary: A rival family is stealing the Patriarca Family’s Boston shipments and collecting a neat payday five hours away on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan. But their Don, Dean Winchester, is wary about reaching out to a long-time New York ally. The Russian Bratvas just do things differently. The young Pakhan, Castiel Krushnic, is hard-nosed and very violent and while violence is mainstay in any underworld family, this boss has a special flair for it. It leaves an uncomfortable taste in Don Winchester’s mouth.
But encouraged by his Consigliere, Bobby Singer, he finally relents. The Pakhan is quite different from what The Don was expecting. Dean learns the man’s secret quite by accident and decides to keep it to himself. They have bigger fish to fry as they discover traitors in both of their organizations while their enemy ups the stakes for each of them. And after members of each family are kidnapped, the stakes get even higher.
Betrayed from within leads to exposing long held secrets and when long denied desires are unleashed it puts each of them on a path that will change their lives forever.

I love mafia stories and this one has everything: violence and betrayal, trusted friends and bitter rivals, territories and alliances. Most of all, The Families. Dean and Cas are powerful and violent men, in a world where even a hint of weakness is unacceptable. When they meet, it is bloody. Dean is no saint, but Cas as the head of the Russian Bratva was fucking scary – and sexy as hell. Oh…and he is an omega.

Yup - this is an a/b/o story, but man what an a/b/o story! The authors provide a great primer to their world in the first chapter and many of the tropes we love are there such as true mates, scenting (in a really cool way), and such. But far more traditions are shattered than preserved. This story brings together the gritty, dark underbelly of organized crime with the romantic draw of a/b/o in a way that I really enjoyed. 

Finally, this fic is a great example of the cooperation in a DCBB with two authors working with their betas and the artist to bring us this well researched, engaging story. I can’t finish this review without specifically mentioning the the >20 graphic art works created for this fic, so be sure to check them out

A DCBB 2016 fic

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The Colony Part 2 - Chuck

The second part took some time, but I want to make this story worth the wait. That doesn´t necessarily mean that the chapters will be long, but I want to build up the characters and the storyline nice and slow. 
I hope you´ll still enjoy it. Let me know if you wanna be tagged.

Read the other parts here: Part 1

Summary: A little over a year ago, the Zombies came and everything went to hell. You survived and somehow ended up in a small camp in southern Oregon, together with a few other survivors.
Life is hard, but you´re good at fighting and as long as you are looking for food or killing Zombies to protect your new family, everything is okay and you are fine with the fact that one day you are gonna die.
But when one day a handsome stranger appears and saves your life and you end up taking him home with you, you learn, that there is still more to the world than surviving.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Zombie!AU

Length: 900ish

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By the time you and your new acquaintance reached The Colony, it was almost dark. The town wasn´t huge but crossing it by foot still took time.
You hadn´t talked to him at all on the way here, simply because you didn´t know what to say and because you still fought with yourself over whether it had been right to bring him or not.

Glad to finally see the gates that separated the camp from the big bad in the world, you looked at him for the first time since the two of you had started walking and said: “Please give me your gun.”
Even though you didn´t really think that he was going to shoot anyone, you had to take this precaution to make sure that everyone in there would be alright.
As you had expected, he hesitated, but finally reached for the white-silver gun he had saved your life with and handed it to you.
“You can have it back as soon as we talked about everything with Chuck”, you informed him while you put the gun trough your belt.
Dean nodded firmly and you closed the small distance between you and the gate before knocking on the metal: “Gabriel? It´s me, (Y/N).”
Immediately the gates squeaked in the familiar way and the face of the small but tough guy appeared.
He wore his usual grin, but it dropped a little when he caught sight of Dean: “You brought fresh meat, sugar?”, he asked, using the annoying nickname he had given to you.
You walked past him and motioned for Dean to follow you: “This is Dean. He … needs a place to stay.”
Saying out loud that he saved your life, made the fact that your life had actually needed saving a hell lot more real, which was why you didn´t do it.
Briefly wondering if Dean was feeling insulted by the fact that you didn´t tell Gabe the real reason you had allowed him to come back with you, you glanced at him, but he was looking pretty much indifferent.
Gabe nodded: “Alright then, Hello Dean, nice to meet you buddy.”
He reached out his hand and Dean immediately took it and shook it firmly: “Yeah, same here.”
When they let go of each other´s hands, Gabriel resorted to close the gates, while Dean took his first real look around.
You could see the amazement in his eyes and you almost smiled. People were always impressed with this place.
It was a former trailer park, now converted into a real city. There was no electricity of course, but there where a lot of old lanterns that marked the ways, self made wells that provided the people with water and of course lots of Caravans.
A lot of the group members had individualized their carts, had painted them with paint someone had found in a deserted warehouse store nearby.
It looked friendly and most importantly it looked like people actually lived here.
Even though you never painted your caravan, you liked to know that there were people out there who still cared enough to do stuff like that.
Dean was now looking at you too: “Wow, it´s amazing in here. It looks…”
“Alive?”, you suggested and smiled, “that´s what we´re going for. There´s enough death out in the real world.”
He smiled too and it was the first honest smile he had given you since the two of you had met.
“Let´s go, we have to talk to Chuck”, you said, realizing how late it already was and then starting to lead the way to your leader´s trailer.
When you knocked on the door and waited for him to open the door, Dean stated: “I had the leader´s cabin expected to be more … extravagant.”
You snorted: “It´s the Zombie Apocalypse, not Game of Thrones. We don´t do Kings and plebs. Besides, Chuck´s not the kind of guy to demand a palace.”
Dean looked like he wanted to say something but was cut off by the door being opened and Chuck smiling at you: “Hey (Y/N), everything alright?”
As with Gabriel, his smile faltered when he discovered Dean: “Who´s this?”
“This is Dean”, you explained again, “he and his friends need a place to stay.”
Chuck stepped back into his trailer and motioned for the two of you to get in. You climbed the two steps and took a look around in Chuck´s trailer.
Every time you were in here, it looked more crowded. Not with useful stuff he wanted all to himself, but with rubbish that no one else wanted but he loved.
You admired the way he saw something in every single thing. You weren´t like this.
“So, tell me something about yourself, Dean”, Chuck opened up the conversation and your savior nodded: “Well, me, my brother Sam and my best friend Castiel, are originally from Kansas. We spent the last year on the road, trying to survive. Mostly because we thought things would go back to normal someday. They never did though and we figured that it might be time to settle down. Especially if it´s a place as nice as this one.”
Chuck was now sitting in the booth, while you were leaning against a side board and Dean was standing between you, so you couldn´t see your leaders face, which made you even more surprised when he said: “I don´t know.”
Chuck usually allowed anyone to get in, always saying that new people would bring new life into this community.
Why was this any different.
“We can be a big help, we can scavenge, we can hunt, I know to make traps and everything. My brother is really great with building stuff. Cas is not so handy, but he´s a really nice guy”, Dean tried to talk his family up and you heard the desperation in his voice, making you wonder why he wanted this so badly.
This afternoon when he had saved you, he had seemed fine with the life he had.
Dean shifted a bit and you saw Chuck crossing his arms over his chest: “I don´t want to be rude, but… you look a lot like trouble.”
Without hesitating for a second, the other guy laughed: “Well, that´s kind of the point. I mean if you want to survive, you have to look and be tough. I mean look at her”, Dean said and pointed at you.
Surprised, you frowned but Chuck didn´t even as much as glanced at you: “Doesn´t matter. Tell me exactly, why I should let you join us. We have enough people to survive on our own.”
“He saved my life”, you said, surprised at your own words. Now Chuck focused his attention on you: “What?”
“This is how we met. I got attacked, he saved my life. If it wasn´t for him, I probably wouldn´t be alive”, you stated.
“Since when does your life need saving?”, he repeated what you had been saying earlier.
“Since this afternoon”, you replied annoyed and then sighed, “common Chuck, I think he´s a nice guy and we could  need a few more people to run errands.”
Knowing that your word was worth a lot to your leader, you were sure that he was going to agree and after hesitating for just a second, he shrugged: “Okay. If you saved (Y/N), then we owe you and if she thinks you´re alright I guess we can trust you.”
Dean nodded: “Thank you very much, sir.”
“It´s Chuck”, he said and smiled for the first time since the two of you had entered his trailer.

Half an hour later you were standing in front of the gates, arguing with Dean and Gabriel: “The Gates close after nightfall, dude. There´s no way I will let you get out now”, the guard said, repeating what you had been trying to tell Dean for the last fifteen minutes.
“But I have to get my brother and friend”, Dean repeated what he had been saying for the past fifteen minutes.
The two guys continued arguing, until you sighed and said: “Okay, that´s enough. If Dean wants to go get his family then so be it. It´s his family after all, you would do the same for me, wouldn´t you?”, you asked Gabe.
The short guy shrugged: “I guess so.”
You smiled at him: “See? Now common Dean, if you were telling the truth about where your people were staying it´s quite the walk, we have to get going as soon as possible.”
Both guys simultaneously said: “We?”
You frowned: “Of course, did you think I was going to let you go alone?”
Dean shook his head: “I´m fine on my own.”
“What if your bacon needs saving this time?”, you teased in an attempt to lighten the mood and he actually grinned a bit: “My bacon never needed saving before.”
“Which is exactly the same thing I was thinking this afternoon. So don´t waste time and help me get some supplies.”
Right after finishing your sentence, you turned around and walked away.
“She´s quite the character, isn´t she?”, you heard Dean´s words in the distance. “That my friend, is the understatement of the year”, you heard Gabe reply.

Angels and Ammo, Chapter 11

Title: Angels and Ammo
Author: shellygurumi (tumblr|ao3)
Rating: Mature
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel
Warning(s): War
Spoiler(s): Characters exist.
Word Count: WIP, ~91,300 thus far
Summary: In the winter of 1940, Dean, an infantryman on his way to Fort Bragg for training, meets Castiel, a navy fighter pilot, at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. After being drawn in by one another, the pair decides to write letters to keep in touch, but with World War II impending, what will become of these two, separated by distance and torn apart by the tragedy of war?
Notes: Comments welcome and wanted!

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Blood or Pepperoni? Chapter 12, a wrestling fanfic | FanFiction

Well would you look at that? I updated!

When we last left the story, Carmella wasn’t feeling the love between the pizza delivery guy and his vampire boyfriend. And she was determined to do something about it. So does she follow through?

All this and more in this thrilling chapter of Blood or Pepperoni!

ok so instead of the convenient marriage trope how about an inconvenient annulment/divorce trope

as in dean and cas going to vegas on a hunt and waking up accidentally married to each other and sam calms dean down over the phone by telling him they can annul the marriage no sweat as long as they do it within a certain time period

except then dean and cas keep putting it off using the job as an excuse and when sam reminds them about it dean just waves him off and says, “yeah yeah we’ll get around to it”

and it’s actually sam that brings it up again months later that they’re long past the deadline

and dean’s like “huh well too late now i guess”

and cas just nods indifferently like “divorces are costly”

“and we don’t have a pre-nup so you know it’ll get messy”

“and being married has proven useful in a few of our investigations”

“everybody always assumes we’re married the way we argue anyway no use arguing with them too”

“it really is easier this way”

“guess that settles it”

“i suppose it does”

“s'pose it also means we’ll have to consummate the marriage”

“if we’re to keep up appearances yes”

“they do say marriage is all about sacrifice”

“and we are nothing if not selfless”

“sometimes you gotta take one for the team”

“a true friend would do no less”

“and you’re my buddy… *buddy*”

and sam watches in amazement as they literally no-homo their way into a marriage all the way to the bedroom


J2: AU edition

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( -whisper- @stickydoona did the design for Lunar Eclipse!Saitama and it was a thing of beauty ~) 

deancas drunk/fake relationship au

The first kiss is kind of a joke.

Castiel is at Charlie’s party and some guy is making fun of him for wearing a flower-print shirt, of all things.

“What are you, gay?” The guy asks, mockingly.

Castiel draws himself up and says, “Yes, I am.” He looks around and finds Dean, who he knows, but not that well, quite near him. He reaches out and grabs Dean by the elbow, because he’s had a few drinks and it seems like a good idea. “And this is my boyfriend. If you don’t leave me alone he’s gonna kick your ass.”

This is your boyfriend?” The guy asks disbelieving, taking in Dean’s sturdy boots, his old jeans, his plaid jacket, his broad shoulders. 

“Yes!” Castiel insists, “Look, see,” He leans forward and presses a chaste kiss to Dean’s mouth. He knows it’s risky, he might get punched in the face. He’ll probably get yelled at, at the very least. He just hopes that Dean has enough mercy to wait until this guy is out of earshot.

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I want a Destiel assassin AU where Dean and Cas are both hired separately to kill Trump.

They run into each other, literally, on their way to kill him.

They are constantly pushing each other out of way and arguing about who gets to kill him.

Eventually the tension grows so much that Cas pushes Dean into a wall and kisses him roughly.

They agree to work together to quickly kill him and then go on to have great sex.

They end up as a happy married couple in a Trump-free world.

bond fic idea

Drarry Bond fic but more like Harry and Draco sneeze whenever the other mentions the other’s name and just for a whole year everyone thinks they’re both respectively dying of the plague and they both realize it’s only the two of them dealing with this ‘sickness’ and they just get really mad at each other because of course somehow the other person is totally at fault for this damn sickness and then they complain even more to their friends about each other and just more sneezing and I just like the image of Harry and Draco with red stuffy noses, glaring at each other across the great hall, turning away to their friends to mutter an insult and simultaneously sneezing again.


did somebody say wedding day destiel?