bonbon babies

so i’ve seen things here and there about other adults as campers and,,,,,, i have no self control

i didn’t do david and jasper for obvious reasons, and daniel bc he’s just a recolor (i did jen bc gwen didn’t have a camper design)


Freddy rambles when he’s excited.

//Idk where I’m going with this excuse the bad handwriting lol//

(bad English alert)

I really try to avoid create AU’s  and headcanons for games (especially when it haves a big fanbase) but sometimes it’s just inevitable
k I’ll just say some things that I will leave more visible in my non serious fanarts/comics

- no one knows how Funtime Foxy’s voice because they are not a very talkative one and everytime they will say something, someone interrupts.

- Funtime Freddy is EXTREMELY dramatic and….Annoying

- Ballora don’t like loud noises, but she are very noisy too.

- BonBon just wants to set fire on everyone and get out of that hell.

— I don’t have much to say about Baby and Ennard—-

tbh Before the game comes out I imagined Baby like a very agressive and bossy with everyone. But now I see her like a quiet and pensative girl (but she gets angry easily too)

haha end my life