Considering Kellen Goff’s voice is the only one coming out of Molten Freddy, it’s pretty safe to assume the other Funtimes are straight-up dead. Imagine, being essentially born with someone always at your side and ending up completely alone.

In other words, Funtime Freddy continues the Fazbear-honoured tradition of inducing tears and me whispering to Scott, “Let me hug the fucking bear”!

That said, I’m hoping someone else draws this concept better than I managed here. This was my first time drawing Ennard, so uh 8′) That aside, I think I got the idea across! And they at least look good in that first panel. Side note, should I tweet this comic at the v/as or no

ps: That curtain he’s huddling in comes from the Pirate’s Cove in the secret room. I have to assume Ennard dragged themselves home at some point, after all, for Molten Freddy to have a face.

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Freddy rambles when he’s excited.

//Idk where I’m going with this excuse the bad handwriting lol//

Ce sont les enfants sages, Madame, qui font les révolutionnaires les plus terribles. Ils ne disent rien, ils ne se cachent pas sous la table, ils ne mangent qu'un bonbon à la fois, mais plus tard ils le font payer cher à la société. Méfiez-vous des enfants sages.
—  Jean-Paul Sartre

I couldn’t wait to finish this drawing! For more than one reason.

To begin with, I’ve been feeling extremely unproductive, even though I finished a good amount of YCHs, and finishing this helped a little (I still can’t stop feeling like I could do more)

I also really wanted something new, because the look of a ton of YCHs next to each other is really boring, that’s why I tried to have some commissions I had forgotten to upload in between but isn’t really enough

And third and last reason, I’m planning on opening an online shop soon, around mid November if things go according to plan, the only problem, I hate anything I’ve done that is more than a month old (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit), so I had no digital art for the shop, just a few traditional drawing I brought with me from Portugal, so now I’m trying to do quite a bit of art, so that the shop as a decent amount of prints to choose from when I open it

What do you think? I feel like I haven’t uploaded anything that has come out of my head (a.k.a. not commissions or YCHs) in ages!
I’m sorry guys, this whole “moving to another country” has been getting in the way and a cold too (I’m fine now, don’t worry, just an annoying cough)

And I’m opening commissions soon and my Halloween YCH is still open