“Just a bunch of millenial rednecks running around the Tennessee woods with their hawks and their dogs hunting squirrels.”   

I had a great time at Bushytail Bonanza over the weekend! It was the complete opposite of every other falconry meet I’ve been to and a totally different hunting style. Well worth the traveling time! 


hoseok birthday bonanza!

day 06 - dancing

Burn, baby; bright.

They meet in bars, the seedy kind Jim would have turned his nose up at.

”I could end you,” Sebastian says.

”You’re an overconfident, under-employed idiot with remarkable lack of self-preservation,” Sherlock says.

They fuck in flea-ridden beds, against minibars long since broken, and they both wish the other was somebody else. They fall asleep next to each other and dream of dark eyes and laughter tinged with madness and glee.

”I should kill you,” Sebastian says.

”He’d never forgive you,” Sherlock replies, on his back and smoking, unseeing eyes trained at the ceiling; unconcerned.

”He’s dead. Who the fuck cares what he would or wouldn’t do?” Sebastian doesn’t smoke. The bottle of vodka next to the bed is nearly empty.

Sherlock doesn’t answer. He puts out his cigarette and leaves. Sebastian finishes his drink and vows never to return, again.

Jim’s ghost is silent, if it is there at all.

My pre-fall Overwatch headcanon

Fareeha was raised in the healthiest, most loving environment. She is multi-talented because all the agents taught her some of their tricks.
Torb and Reinhardt let her help with suit maintenance as well as testing out miniature flying apparatuses(Ana did not know this, do not disclose)
Her mother taught her tahtib and krav mags. Also how to make the best cup of tea in the entire world
Gabe taught her how to poker face and street fighting as well as a little bit of Spanish
Jack taught her how to garden and refined her charming abilities
McCree upped her mischevious side, the two of them pulling off some of the biggest sweet heists the base had ever seen

She speaks at least a few sentences in about half a dozen languages. Her birthday was a base bonanza. She was a loved and happy child

Valentine’s Day Polyship Bonanza: Johnlockary

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and can you just imagine -

John has a vague feeling he ought to do something normal and romantic for Mary, so he gets her a bunch of red roses and books a table at a properly fancy restaurant and maybe there’s jewlery involved, only halfway through the starter they both get a text from Sherlock, and both of them spend half an hour trying to figure out how to tell the other they’d rather be out solving crimes with their best friend than appreciating the frankly delicous seafood platter in front of them.

”This is silly,” John says, exasperated once the truth is out. ”We always do this. Why do we always do this?”

”Latent and delusional desire for the quiet life” Mary suggests , already putting her coat on. ”It is silly, though. Maybe we’ll just invite him along next year, save ourselves the trouble?”


And it is, and they never finish a Valentine’s Day meal again, but it’s an exciting life and neither of them ever think to complain. Sea food platters are overrated anyway.