Quick pencil sketch I did before watching tonight’s episode, Rickmancing the Stone!

I hope you guys loved it!

Written by: Jane Becker

Directed By: Dominic Polcino

Storyboarded by: Dave Bonanno, Martin Archer, and Rocket Eckers

p394 of Strangers from the Sky by Margaret Wander Bonanno, wherein Kirk and Spock are under Bones’ custody, confined to Kirk’s apartment. After a long session of Kirk and Spock mind melding, Spock carries a sleeping Bones to bed and comforts a shaken Kirk. 

“Effortlessly he lifted the limp figure from the chair, intent upon carrying the doctor into the bedroom where he could snore to his heart’s content. McCoy responded to the change in position by wrapping his arms around Spock’s neck, snuggling into his shoulder, and mumbling something that caused him to smile in his sleep.”

““I’m cold!” Kirk said suddenly, surprised at himself. He set about laying a fire in the barren hearth. Spock remained at his side, to warm his soul.”

If you’re not planning on spending time with Hurricane Irma this Sunday, tune in for the biggest, wettest adventure ever in all of Rick and Morty history. Directed by Dominic Polcino, storyboards by David Bonanno, Martin Archer, and Rocket Eckers. Additional storyboards by practically the rest of us on the storyboard team.

Will Morty have the courage to unleash his inner Poseidon??

FUN FACT: This is my favorite episode of the entire season!

No matter what, the bosses must ‘pay’ for their wrongs. Very well! We will carry the Christian ethic of sin, judgement and reparation into the revolution. As well as the concepts of ‘debt’ and ‘payment’, clearly of mercantile origins.
That is all part of the spectacle. Even when it is not managed by power directly it can easily be taken over. Role reversal is one of the techniques of drama.
—  Alfredo Bonanno, Armed Joy
The need for communism transforms everything. Through the need for communism the need for non-work moves from the negative aspect (opposition to work) to the positive one: the individual’s complete availability to themselves, the possibility to express themselves absolutely freely, breaking away from all models, even those considered to be fundamental and indispensable such as those of production.
—  Alfredo Bonanno // ‘Armed Joy’

It is capital that is now suggesting—when it does not impose—the breaking up of work units, reduced flexible hours, self-defined projects, participation in decision-making, deciding on particular aspects of production, autonomous work islands that become each other’s customers, quality competition and everything else. All the paraphernalia taking the place of the old, monolithic uniformity of work has now reached levels that are no longer controllable by individual conscience in the narrow sense of the word. That is to say, the single worker is constantly faced with the possibility of being pulled into a trap where they end up bartering their own combativeness (now only potential) in exchange for a few concessions.

Alfredo Bonanno, Let’s Destroy Work, Let’s Destroy the Economy

“But the revolutionaries are dutiful people and are afraid to break with all models, not least that of ‘revolution’ which constitutes an obstacle to the full realization of what the concept means. They are afraid they might find themselves without a role in life. Have you ever met a revolutionary without a revolutionary project? A project that is well defined and presented clearly to the masses? What kind of revolutionary would be one who claimed to destroy the model, the wrapping, the very foundations of the revolution? By attacking concepts such as quantification, class, project, model, historical task and other such old stuff, one would run the risk of having nothing to do, of being obliged to act in reality, modestly, like everyone else. Like millions of others who are building the revolution day by day without waiting for signs of a fatal deadline. And to do this, you need courage.”

Bonanno, Armed Joy

People are tired of meetings, the classics, pointless marches, theoretical discussions that split hairs in four; endless distinctions, the monotony and poverty of certain political analyses. They prefer to make love, smoke, listen to music, go for walks, sleep, laugh, play, kill policemen, lame journalists, kill judges, blow up barracks. Anathema! The struggle is only legitimate when it is comprehensible to the leaders of the revolution. Otherwise, there being a risk that the situation might get beyond their control, there must have been a provocation.
—  Alfredo Bonanno, Armed Joy

“Swalla” by Jason Derulo | Choreography by Michelle Jersey Maniscalco

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

Group 1- Michelle JERSEY Maniscalco, Jess Cummings, Stacey Johnson
Group 2- Emma Kate Putnam, Jess Cummings, Stacey Johnson
Group3- Samantha Donohue, Nicolette Sikelianos, Samantha Bonanno, Katy Talon