Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence Trailer.

Coming to PS4, PS3 and PC (via Steam) on September 4, 2015.

Set against a backdrop of a fragmented nation the player takes up the mantle of a Daimyo, a feudal lord of the Sengoku era (15th- 16th century Japan), who will fight for the great ideal of uniting the war-ridden country under one rule, and becoming the Shogun. As Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of influence is both a full scale historical simulation and a bona fide strategy title, it is up to the player to choose to go through the game either as a historical personality or a uniquely edited character, and so shape the world as they please.

  • harry potter:*follows draco around hogwarts* you guys draco malfoy is up to something i know it
  • harry potter:*watches draco's dot on the marauder's map every night* guys i'm going to figure it out just you wait
  • harry potter:*considers skipping a quidditch match to follow draco* gUys he's a death eater i promisE
  • harry potter:*making out with draco in the bathroom* no you guys don't understand this is part of my plan he is uP to somehting
  • harry potter:*starts seeing draco regularly* haha you guys did i tell u draco MALFOY is evil and i am going to prOVE IT guys
  • harry potter:*moves in with draco after hogwarts* have i mentioned lately how CLOSE i am to figuring out what draco death eater malfoy is up to????
  • harry potter:*marries draco malfoy* guyS i am GOINg to prove it to you any daY now he's a dEATH EATER

Hiro is the real inventor of the family. He’s a bona fide genius – my pride, my joy… and my rival. I want to see the world that Hiro will create. So I invented this. One, because I don’t want him to show me up, and two…

Big Hero 6 (Baymax) by Haruki Ueno

Vol. 1 Chapter 0 The Birth of Baymax


May 29: Saint Bona of Pisa


Mystic and visionary from her childhood.

Augustinian tertiary by age 10. Pilgrim to the Holy Lands at age 14, travelling to see her father who was fighting in the Crusades.

On the way home she was captured and imprisoned by Islamic pirates in the Mediterranean, but was rescued by fellow Pisan Christians.

Pilgrim to Rome, Italy. Pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela, Spain nine times, leading groups of pilgrims each time, which led to several of her areas of patronage.

Born: c.1156 at Pisa, Italy

Died: c.1207 at Pisa, Italy of natural causes



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is this 'mick bonas' in the ask you sent and just reblogged somehow related to nick jonas or...?

Indeed he is!

100percentsassy, gloriaandrews, jessimond, and I once (okay probably more than once) talked about the wonderful idea of Nick Grimshaw and Nick Jonas falling in love, if only because Harry and Louis would get to tease Nick about saying his own name during sex. So THEN I jokingly suggested that the Nick Grimshaw in Wild and Unruly should fall in love with someone named Nick Bonas! Who obviously became Mick Bonas and then Lexy and Addy actually wrote him into the fic!!! Not by full name, but he’s not hard to find. Also tbh knowing that will make at least one line in the fic make a LOT more sense so THERE YOU GO!