bon jane

Why does Gillian Anderson’s Bond have to be “Jane” Bond?

Villian: I’ve been expecting you Bond. Well sort of. I had no idea that MI6′s famous 007 had cause to shop in La Perla.

GA: You really think a man could have seen past the admittedly distracting sea of scantily clad women downstairs and climbed through that tiny window unnoticed?

Villain: You are exceptionally tiny. I look forward to seeing how many pieces I can break you into. But first I have one thing to say.

GA: I really don’t have the time or the right shoes on to stand through another maniacal world-ending plan

Villain: Oh sweetheart, you wouldn’t understand all that anyway. No. I just want to know what the J stands for. Jane? Jasmine? Jamesina? *he giggles vainly at his joke and averts his eyes*

In the second his attention is diverted Bond flings herself at the off-guard villain pinning his arms to his sides with her thighs as she efficiently and emotionlessly wrenches his head around and snaps his neck.

GA: The name’s Bond. James Bond. Seems that my father was just the first of many people in my life to be expecting a man. And don’t call me sweetheart.

Swinging her tuxedo jacket over one shoulder and draining the no longer required villainous martini, Bond saunters calmly off screen.

Je n'aime véritablement que peu de gens et en estime moins encore. Plus je connais le monde et moins j'en suis satisfaite. Chaque jour appuie ma conviction de l'inconséquence de tous les hommes et du peu de confiance qu'on peut accorder aux apparences du mérite et du bon sens.
—  Jane Austen, “Orgueil et Préjugés”