bon iver self titled


Sylvan Esso | Come Down

Hey mama, won’t you come down… hey mama, won’t you come down? to the river? to wade. to bathe.

i’ve been feeling a little bit better every day.

for the past few days i didn’t want to listen to music because i didn’t want to ruin good music with my sadness. that already happened before with cocorosie and it sucks because that album is so good but whenever i hear it i remember when i was hella depressed a few years ago. and nothing felt really safe to listen to. everything would remind me of him and i’d probably start crying, lol. but this morning at work i was listening to the self titled bon iver album for the first time in forever and it was so peaceful. that album is so so beautiful. and i was thinking about his snapchats of all the trees and nature around him and how beautiful it would be to listen to this album while walking around over there. and it made me feel better. i’m not sure exactly what changed, but i’m glad it did.

i borrowed his sylvan esso album the day before he left and have been wanting to listen to it but have been too afraid to. but i am now and it feels good. it is reminding me of him but not in a bad way. not in a sad way. in a happy way. which is good :)

this song is currently on repeat. we listened to it a bunch in the car on one of our last adventures before he left. this live performance is breathtaking. i want to cuddle up and fall asleep in her voice.