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My grandmother gave me a bunch of seashells a while ago, and I recently found the bag and decided to start playing around with them.

Originally I wanted to make this into a necklace, but the shell was just too large so I scrapped the idea. I will revisit it with smaller shells in the future, once I have an opportunity to head to the beach and go looking for some. :)

This little glow in the dark octopus headed out the other day as a thank you gift for some repeat customers. I hope they like him!


Remember how a while ago I said I wished I had pictures of my first ever display set up? Well, I found some!

The top two were from my very first SuperCon in 2012 I believe. GXE (a local gaming store) let me set up a table in their game room for the weekend. I remember it took me ages to come up with a display I liked. I made everything - including the display box and the cake stands - and was really proud of it.

Now I look back on it and cringe a bit. lol But hey, we all start somewhere!

The only thing that’s missing from the bottom picture is a blue table skirt I usually set up. This was at Shock Pop and for some reason it was one continuous giant table skirt set up over all the tables. :P


My largest pond piece so far is finally finished!

This was a commissioned piece for a coral reef themed pond. I had free reign over the placement and fish, as long as I made it colorful. Well, I certainly think it came out really colorful. :)

This pond contains: an eel, a stingray, regal tangs, yellow tangs, clownfish, starfish, dottybacks, anemones, corals, and (real!) tiny seashells.

All pieces (minus the rocks on the outside, the sand bottom, and the seashells) were handmade with polymer clay. The water is resin which was applied in a total of 9 layers.

The pond itself is roughly 5.5″ in length. It took around 23 hours to complete.

This was a very fun commission, and I think it’s my favorite one to date. I love playing with colors. :D


Mark Watney- The Martian

A fun challenge and birthday present for my awesome, space-loving boyfriend. He suggested that I read The Martian, and I made sure to finish it before going to see the movie with him (he saw it at least two other times, besides that). I tried to be as accurate to the movie’s EVA suit as possible, and commissioned a potato and duct-tape charms from @bon-appeteats, because where would Watney be without them? 

It’s tough to capture the details with photos but I tried- lots of embroidery and too many individual pieces to count. Very proud of this one! :)

{SmallStuffDolls on Etsy}

I’ve received what I bought from Bon AppetEats ! 2 littles hand-made fishies :3 Too cute.

I love receiving things in the middle of my exams’ week. Tomorrow is maths, wish me… a miracle ? ;_;

Hey guys!

It’s the end of the month, and this month tumblr gets my monthly giveaway. :D

This is a one of a kind new item - a glow in the dark bottle dragon necklace! It sits on a silver plated 24" chain necklace. The bottle is about 2" tall. Just charge it under sunlight or expose it to a black light and it’ll glow for a while. :)

So, here are the giveaway rules:

1. You must be following me. I will double check if you are if I happen to draw your name.

2. In order to enter, you just need to like, comment, or reblog this picture. You can only enter in once though, so reblogging and/or commenting more than once won’t increase your chances of winning.

3. You have until 10pm (EST) tomorrow (2/28) to enter. I will make another post and tag the winner there.

4. You must be okay with giving me your address so I can ship this to you, or make sure you have permission from your parents/guardian if you’re underage. If you cannot provide me a valid address, I cannot ship to you and will have to draw another name. I will also ship internationally.

5. You cannot resell or use this item in another giveaway! This is for you to enjoy and is a gift from me to all my followers that support me and my work.

6. A winner will be chosen using Once I have drawn a name, I will be in contact with you, so make sure your asks are enabled. If I can’t get in touch with you, or if you don’t respond to me within 48 hours, you will forfeit and I will draw another name.

Good luck! :)


So I have something completely different to post today - mini dragons!

I need some new items for my conventions, so I decided to give dragons a try. :) I used this really helpful tutorial as a reference, then modified them as I went.

They’ll be available at Omni Expo in Orlando in May, and if it goes well enough, I’ll be bringing them to the rest of the shows.

New Ponds for Etsy!

I’ve just finished up three ponds I’ll be putting up on Etsy sometime on Friday once the resin is completely set. These will range from $20 for the small, $25 for the medium, and $40 for the largest. I’ll post a link to the listings once they’re up. This will be the only chance to buy some, since I won’t have time to make more for Etsy until April when I don’t have any shows to attend. :)

Speaking of fish:

My goldfish have devised a way to get my attention 100% of the time. Before they used to push the river rock around the bottom of their tank so it’d make this really loud clacking noise. This didn’t work most of the time. So Mirin (the larger of the two) found something that worked better.

He’s figured out how to free the bubble wand in the tank by bumping into the suction cups that hold it down. Once it’s free, it makes this really loud, high pitched noise that drives me crazy. I’m usually at the tank a minute later, up to my armpit in cold water to smoosh the wand back into place, all while Mirin decides to nibble my hand/arm while it’s in the water.

It’s gotten to the point where they’ll do it, then be waiting for me at the top of the tank. Whoever said fish are dumb, they’re wrong. lol

Miniature Supplies

I had to place an order with my wholesaler the other day, so I decided to order some extra items to put up on my Etsy shop.

I know a lot of you had asked where I buy my glasses/cups/containers and if I sell them so that you could make your own pieces with them - well, the answer is yes now!

They’re up in my shop.

I have glasses, champagne flutes, cookie jars, dessert stands, and trays. If this goes well, I may add some more items. :)


My Etsy shop is now back up and running!

I’ve added in the koi ponds and am still working on the miniature foods.

I also have partnered with Alex Meiklejohn and will be selling his pottery directly for him in my shop. Alex is a very well known miniature potter and each of his items are hand thrown. His work is sold all over the internet, but I will be directly selling for him, which means 100% of the profits will go towards supporting him. :) I will have some pictures of his items up here because they are truly beautiful works of art.

Alex Meiklejohn Pottery on Etsy!

I’ve listed all the Alex Meiklejohn pottery on Etsy. :)

Please take a moment and go check it out. Alex is an amazingly gifted crafter and will be using the funds from these sales to finally be able to purchase a computer of his own so he can open his own shop.

I’m still working on listing the rest of my items as well. It’s just taking forever! D:

2014 Shows/Conventions

I have a tentative list for some conventions and shows I’ll be going to next year. I’ve only been able to sign up for a few at the moment, so they’re all likely to change. Once I get closer to the event, I’ll add my table/booth number.

So far I have:
January 17-19: Animate Miami (Miami, FL)

February 15-16: Orlando Dollhouse Miniatures Festival (Orlando, FL)

March 8: Les Petiets Collecteurs Dollhouse and Miniature Show (Boca Raton, FL)

May 23-25: Florida Anime Experience (Orlando, FL)

June 28-29: Lakeland Miniature Guild Show (Lakeland, FL)

July 3-6: SuperCon (Miami, FL)
July 11-13: MetroCon (Tampa, FL)

September: UmiCon (Daytona, FL)

November: Chibi-Pa (Deerfield Beach, FL)

I’ve added the list to the side of my page. Any changes/additions will be added there. Hope to see some of you next year! :)