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DOCTOR ANON-TFP autobots react to human wanting soft headbumps ;U;

D’aaawwwww!  That’s so cute!  ^___^

Optimus:  You approach him playfully, asking for him to lift you up in his hands.  He does so with a twinge of curiosity, bringing you up to optic level.  “Yes, y/n. What can I do for you?”  You gently headbut him on the chin with an affectionate giggle.  “Bomp!” His optics widen slightly and he looks down at you like you’re the most precious thing in the universe.  Very gently, he touches his helm lightly against your forehead with a soft chuckle.  “Well, ‘bomp’ to you as well.”

Ratchet:  He gets all grumbly if you’re the one to initiate the headbump.  For heaven’s sakes!  He’s a doctor.  He doesn’t have time for your childish games.  Sometimes though, you’ll lightly headbut him on the leg, or wherever you can reach, just to show him you care.  He gives off a soft snort but otherwise doesn’t mention it.  However, if you’re sick or feeling sad, he’ll tenderly scoop you up and bring you up to his face to gently nuzzle your head (not that he’ll ever admit this to the others though.)

Bumblebee:  He’s so freaking tickled by the concept of headbuts.  Whenever you give him one he gets all dancey and excited, little doorwings fluttering and vocalizer buzzing ecstatically.  He thinks you’re the cutest thing on the entire planet!  After the first one, he’s always looking for a chance to headbomp with you again.  He’ll come up behind you when you’re not doing anything and buzz happily, indicating his desire for affection (he’s like a little kitty.)  If you’ll let him, he’ll lift you up to his face to gently bonk heads, letting out a happy little whirling noise.

Arcee:  “Bonk,” you say, butting your head against the side of Arcee’s leg as you pass by. She turns to you with an arched optic ridge, a wry smile pulling at the corners of her lips.  “Did you just ‘bonk’ me?”  “I might have.  What are you going to do about it?” you ask with a playful grin.  She smirks and reaches down to tickle you along your stomach, chuckling softly at your shrieks of laughter as you squirm.   It’s a rare moment of playfulness from her, but then again, you bring out the best in her.

Bulkhead:  This guy was made for headbomps.  It’s your go-to sign of affection for each other.  Some people kiss on the cheek, some people are huggers, you guys are headbutters.  Since you’re usually always on his shoulder anyway, it makes things easier when you get the sudden urge to bomp heads.  He likes for you to headbump with him before he heads off on a mission, “for good luck” he says.

Wheeljack:  While it’s not something that he’d normally initiate himself, he thinks it’s absolutely slagging adorable when you do it!  “Come bomp with me, Jackie!” you shout, while motioning for him to pick you up. He’ll laugh and scoop you up to place on his shoulder, offering you an endearing bonk of the head.  “Easy there, kid.  You could hurt somebody with that thing,” he rumbles with a smirk, “You got a real Wrecker style headbut.”  You guys are bonk buddies.

Smokescreen:  He’s a very outwardly affectionate guy, so things like headbumps are right up his alley. The two of you make a game out of it, each one trying o see who can get in the most bomps in one day.  Sometimes you have to be sneaky about it.  “Smokescreen, I think I have something in my eye.  Can you bend down and check it for me?” (Bonk!)  Occasionally however, his enthusiasm gets the better of him and he’ll bonk you just a bit too hard.  He always feels like absolute scrap when it happens, and will practically implode on himself if he actually made you cry.  He’ll apologize by taking you anywhere you want to go later.

Ultra Magnus:  You approach him very seriously, shoulders back, eyes up, legs straight.  He glances down at you quizzically, wondering what prompted this unusual (yet welcome) change in behavior.  “Sir!” you say, snapping a firm salute.  “Permission to bomp with you, sir!”  He can’t help it.  He cracks a soft smile at that.  If there’s no one else around, he’ll let you climb up on his hand and bring you to optic level.  “You get one ‘bomp,” he says with the barest trace of amusement in his voice.

In the second half of 12th grade, my English teacher would often ask us “Who put the bomp shebop shebop?” as a running gag. This all started because of the fact that one of the assistant teachers brought up the fact that Grease Live! was on last night, and towards the end of the original movie’s version of We Go Together, you can hear someone singing the lyrics to Who Put the Bomp if you listen closely. Eventually, I had to find the answer on the internet and print it out for him.


and 800-ball free throw? that’s a 2400 point basketball shot right there.

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how would Swerve, Nautica, Minimus, Megs and whirl react to their S/O whispering "I adore you" to them when they think they're asleep

I took a screenshot of this ask once and sent it to @sablestine cos it was just that cute, so I’ve gotta give them credit for some of the Swerve headcanons here 

Swerve MTMTE

He woke up when he felt you leaning on his arm, but he pretended to stay asleep to see what you were doing. He felt his entire body tense up when you leaned down to his audial and whispered ‘I adore you’, and he had to fight to keep his cooling fans off. If you kiss his cheek, there’s a very good chance he’ll faint and then wake up the next morning feeling like he’s walking on air 

After that you make it a point to do stuff like that often before you get up in the morning 

Nautica MTMTE

She tries to stay still when you say it, she really does, but the second you move to pull away, she breaks into a fit of (sleepy) giggles. After that she laughs even harder at how flustered you get for thinking she was alseep, and then it devolves into sleepy cuddles. She wants to be awake when you get up in the morning now, if it means you’ll be this affectionate 

Minimus Ambus MTMTE

He’s much better at pretending to be asleep than the others, so even when he hears you whisper something so sweet and heartfelt and in his audial, he manages to keep up the act. He’s really touched though, and he stays awake for a while longer, replaying your words in his mind. When it’s finally time for him to get up, he nervously returns the favor (whether or not he thought they were awake) 

Megatron MTMTE

Similar to Minimus, despite being deeply touched by your words, he keeps up the act. He doesn’t return the favor however, since he’s still a bit shocked that you might mean it, and he’s a bit hesitant about openly admitting how he feels. Later the next day, he would ask you about it, and no matter how flustered you were, he’d ask if you really meant it. When you said you did, he would be the one getting flustered and trying to keep his composure. Eventually, he’d freely return the gesture 


He doesn’t even bother pretending, he rolls right over and asks why you said that. He tries to joke about it, and tease you for being sappy, but deep down he’s stressing because ‘holy shit do they mean that?’. If you assured him that you did, he would actually let his guard down to say thank you. He would say it really quietly, while avoiding eye contact, but you can tell how much he means it. After that he’d awkwardly bomp his head against yours and yell you ‘all right all right, enough of whatever this is, let’s go back to sleep’, but he cuddles up a bit closer to you 

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HCs for the tfa autobots with a cybertronian s/o whose alt-mode is a big dog (like a maximal).


Optimus Prime

- Gosh, you’re uh… Really tall. I mean, he loves that about you, but wow.

- You probably tower over him and everyone in his team, really.

- He’s probably the best person to be around. He’s like the person who claims to not be good with animals but somehow attract every dog and cat in the area.

- This is, of course, especially true when it comes to ‘bots with animal alt modes.

- You managed to attract him too, though; now Bumblebee calls him a furry. Whatever that is.

- Whenever he’s stressed, you always know without a second thought to it. You’ll pick him up and walk off with him whenever he paces; only to practically pin him down for some good ol’ cuddling.

- He gives the best petting ever. He scratches you behind the ear while you’re in alt mode and you melt into a dog puddle.


- Wants to ride on the back of your alt mode everywhere.

- “No, really, just imagine it. I’m riding on your back into battle, you tackle down a decepticreep, and I slag em’. It’ll be so cool–! Hey, are you listening?”

- He’s the best to cuddle with when you decide you want to go full doggo on him. You’re big and warm and he’s a clingy smol. It’s like a match made in heaven.

- Your alt mode is so cool to him, though! He’d not really met many bots with animal/insect based alt modes before they arrived on Earth, but afterwards? Oh boy. He’s just glad you’re one who hasn’t tried to kill him.

- Cuddles up to you while playing video games. Claims it gives him extra luck. 


- Doesn’t really think of you different. You’re a nice bot, what does your alt mode make any difference? 

- Loves how tall you are! You’re around his size or taller, and it makes it easier for him to hug you(and be affectionate with you). Forehead bomps are easier; this way he doesn’t have to bend down.

- Pets you while you’re chilling out in your alt mode. He’s got clumsy ham hands, but you still love em’. Yes, good. Pet me.

- He tries painting you in your alt mode multiple times. He’s never really satisfied with them, but you love them all.

- “The colors aren’t right, though! Just look!” “Bulkhead, I’m colorblind. They’re fine to me.”


- Thinks you’re beyond graceful. Look at his s/o, as they propel themselves forward with their hind legs to attack an unsuspecting decepticon. Aren’t they lovely? 

- Will never admit it, but likes that you’re taller than him. When you pick him up to boop helms with him, his mood always increases– though it isn’t always visible.

- When you’re going Doggo™ on him, he usually just ends up letting you do your own thing. Want to be pet? Sure, come here. Wanna wrestle? Maybe not, but he’ll still let you do whatever. Boop? Boop. 

- If you ever become more primal as you’re in your alt mode, he’s definitely there to calm you down. His voice is relaxing; he’s like another Optimus but he knows he’s an animal person. 


- Help this poor old man.

- He loves you to death, he really does, but he doesn’t have as much energy as you do. You’re in your alt mode and decide you want to wrestle? “Darling, I really hope you’re joking with me.”

- He really does adore you, though. You pick him up and he has no objections; unless he’s working. Then he complains your audials off.

- You’re good for balancing him out. All you have to do to get him to stop overworking himself is fall asleep on him; then he can’t do shit. It’s illegal to wake up the doggo. You’re stuck here now.

*david byrne voice* i would have sex with my feet, but my dick wont let me ! bomp bomp bomp beep beep i drive my red car !