186 years ago #JosephSmith received the golden plates from the angel Moroni. This event lead to the translation of the truest book on this earth, the #bookofmormon I had the opportunity to serve in to place where the church was restored. I can tell you that the events that took place are real, and that there is a #God Don’t believe me? #pray #nyrm #sistermissionary #bomps

Home is...

by Flip_Fantasia

“Can’t you feel that tiny little bomp, bomp, bomp?”
“I don’t feel nothin’.”
Gale tried to pull away, but she held his hand tight and moved it lower, pressing his fingers into the curve near her pelvis.
“Feel that right there? That’s where the heart is. Our baby.” Katniss held his hand there for a moment, before he jerked it away.

This story started as an Everlark Drabble Challenge ~ I was challenged by my beta, ghtlovesthg, with the prompt Retail!Everlark. The first thing I thought of was Where the Heart is by Billie Letts. You will find quotes from the HG series and WtHi (I own neither).

Words: 2204, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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…wspaniałe wiadomości spływają do nas ze świata :)

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Często wracam pamięcią do tamtego czasu; miesięcy, zarwanych nocy, wspólnej pracy przy projekcie…aż w końcu poczucia, że nie ma rzeczy niemożliwych ;) Przygoda bezcenna..

Ogromne gratulacje dla projektantów wieży ESSENCE!

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Challenge #00880-B149: Feelers

“‘The flowers that bloom in the Spring, Tra, La!’ Have everything to do with the case.”

Prison cells on Amalgam were, for assorted humanoid species, a Ten Distance Unit Cube that accommodated the bare minimum necessary for existence. And monitors for all activity.

Shayde had chosen a rubber ball for diversionary occupational therapy and sat with her back pressed against one wall. She was currently engaged in throwing it against the floor so it would ricochet off the wall and return to her non-dominant hand.

Ta-bomp, catch.

And judging by the twitch in the cell guard’s door, she’d been at it since early shift-change.

Ta-bomp, catch.

She’d drawn her long, pale hair into a braid that went from her forelock to her nape, and then wound on to finally end in a knot of hair that rested on her chest.

“Ey up,” she said by way of greeting. Ta-bomp, catch. “Ye here tae keep me sane, aye?”

Rael personally believed that was a lost cause. “I’m here to escort you to your work assignment. Even pre-assessment, you can be valuable.”

Ta-bomp, catch. She put the ball down. “Physical, unskilled labour is it then? Doubt ye got many rocks fer me tae crack…”

“No, it’s recycling.“

“Trash-pickin’. Lovely.” She picked herself up and dusted imaginary dust off her unflattering grey jumpsuit. Then offered her wrists to the shield wall. “Ye like tae cuff me in t’ front or the back?”


“You already have your DR locator bracelets. Escape attempts are futile.” He entered the code that opened the wall a door’s width. “Follow me, please.”

“Jus’ like that?”


“I could be violent,” she said, falling into step beside him.

“We know you aren’t. You’ve been elevated from the status of study animal to that of a small child. In order to be trusted with yourself, you must exhibit civil behaviours.”

“Aye, and then I pay me debt back, I understand it… but I dinnae ken what ye do wi’ the violent ones.”

“Therapy.” Rael escorted her into a Veet. Dialled up their destination and watched her breathing exercises. “Society is geared towards ensuring that violent outbursts rarely, if ever, become necessary.”

“…at fookain last…” Shayde murmured.

Rael decided to ignore that. The veet piped a tinny version of Jennifer Juniper through the speakers. Just atonally enough to be irritating, but no more than that. He would have to have another little conversation with Eliza about being her experimental subject.

Shayde was jiggling. “So. Ye got a girlfriend?”

He glared at her. “No.”



“Intimate partner?”

She picked up things fast, it seemed. “No.”



A pause. Her gaze was taking in his entire form as a smile began to form. “Want one?”

Ugh. What was it with everyone who crossed his path coming on to him? “I don’t understand why all you biologicals are obsessed with coupling.”

“Basic instinct, isn’t it? The flowers tha’ bloom in the spring, trala… all that nonse.”

“Huh.” He folded his arms in a defensive barrier between himself and this twist in their conversation. “My biological particulars are a company secret.”

Shayde’s bio-luminescent eyes were built for boggling. They opened white and flared like a distant star in a startled white before fading back to a sort of purplish gold. “Ye don’t want closeness? No’ even a hug?”

“Hugs lead to other things. I prefer not to begin.”

“An’ yer no’ lonely?”

It was a precipitous moment that could either lead to hostility or closeness. And Rael was uncertain of which he desired. Fortunately, he was saved by the saccharine song of the arrival alert. The doors opened into the massive Station Recycling Centre and Shayde breathed in like she’d been underwater.

“Time for work,” said Rael, glad of the escape.

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s/o to boobsmuke bc I sent the romp bomp a stomp thing (im so dumb) and her response was ace ps. your blog is the least crappy blog ever I swear if you wanna see a crappy blog go on mine cause yours is flawless and you’re so funny and cool and like urgh talk about suddenly confessing your undying love for a person lol oops

I really wanna draw a lil animatic type dealio w/ schmooples and the song “who put the bomp” as she’s singing it at Alpine and embaressing the fuck out of her bc why not

But it’ll Probs never happen bc I’m laaaazy