Legacy time travel AU

Ash: Jon gets thrown into 2012 Starling, the week of his father’s return from the island
He meets his dad as THAT GUY

Abbie: oh man
as asshole ollie queen?

Ash: Experienced security professional Jonathan McGinnis seeks out Dig for a job


Ash: Gets hired on with the same firm, and they’re sharing duty on the Queen case
It was the first name he thought of

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thebridgetonarnia  asked:

I was wondering... hows thea doing in the aftermath of roys death? in bomn you said that she sometimes cant handle being alone but like whats her emotional state? do her an oliver sometimes get together and talk about the good ol days? or has she broken down in front of her brother because hes the only one she can do that in front of? thinking about roys death makes me really damn sad. and thinking about thea missing him makes me fucking depressed.

When the Gambit sank, Moira Queen sank into despair and let it close over her head. Thea didn’t understand how her mother could have done that - how she could hardly make a splash going under. Now she understands a bit better, but the water she’s treading is not despair. It’s bitter, seething anger.

Roy was supposed to grow old with her. They survived all the crazy danger of their youth, and they came through the pain and heartache and tangled resentments of her accident. As tumultuous as their relationship could be, they knew in their bones that it was always going to be the two of them. Whether they wanted to kiss or kill each other at any given moment, it was always each other.

And now it’s just her, and frankly it is not fucking fair.

But she’s keeping her head above water, because that’s what she does. She’s a survivor. And, you know, she’s tried bitter seething anger before and it did not work out well for her. That is not a headspace she wants to go back to.

So she works with the kids Roy used to mentor at Bridge House, and she makes her miracle available to as many people as possible with Couture for the Cure. She spends time at Oliver and Felicity’s big house full of family and house guests and Milena’s cooking.

Sometimes, that’s not enough, and she calls Sin in the middle of the night and says without preamble, “He could be a real asshole, though.”

Without missing a beat, Sin says, “Yeah, sometimes I wanted to punch him right in his stupid smirk.”

And they’ll rag on him for twenty minutes. Until he feels real again - until he feels like a cussheaded smartmouth whom Thea loved despite his pathological inability to rinse out the sink after shaving. Not like a saint who martyred himself for her. Then she’ll ask Sin about Bridge House, which is a reliable way to get the woman talking nonstop, so that she can cry without making a sound and Sin will fill the silence.

Sometimes that’s not enough either, and she calls Sara, who fought beside him, who loved him too, who passed the Canary’s mantle to Thea and said, “Watch his back, ok?”

“Tell me to stop whining and be grateful,” Thea says. “Twenty years with him? Way better deal than I thought I was getting when I married him. I expected five, tops.”

“Stop calling it whining,” Sara says. “Or I will reach through vidchat and shake you.”

Sometimes none of that is enough, and Thea lashes out at the one person whom she knows will still love her at her cruelest and ugliest. She has said terrible things to Oliver on days like that. “You pulled him into your crusade in the first place” and “You should’ve killed Risdon when you had the chance” and “None of this would have happened if you’d just…”

He takes it, a lot like Roy once took her frantic punches, until she crumples into angry sobs. “I miss him.” Blind with tears, padlocking herself around his neck. “Ollie, I just miss him.”

“So do I,” he says hoarsely.

Even so. Head above water.

Jon has only the vaguest idea about all this, because he sees her in exactly those situations where she’s at her best - either surrounded by family or handling a crisis.