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Get With the Program: 5 (Gmail-Friendly) Tools that Help us Take Care of Business

We’re Dropbox junkies and Google Drive addicts, but we also seriously rely on a handful of other apps/plug-ins/what-have-yous that help us get things done SLASH avoid losing our minds. That’s not to say we don’t have Post-Its rimming our monitors like ol’ Sandra here, too, but here’s the quintet we (try to) turn to instead. —erica

This is a CRM—like, Salesforce lite—for people who don’t really know what CRM means. It integrates with your email so that you can track projects and contacts right there in your inbox. If you’re an editor, you can manage story assignments, if you’re a salesperson, you can keep tabs on your leads, and if you’re a person planning a wedding or an involved vacation, you can maintain your sanity.

Who’s this rando person contacting you? Well, install this Gmail app and see: It serves up details like social media links, LinkedIn profile deets, and a headshot whenever somebody emails. Genius? Duh. Stalkerish? A little.

Help Scout
We struggled in a big way to find a customer service program that we liked, and this sucker’s a real winner. It’s crazy-easy to use, and it doesn’t have those weird ticket-assignment or reply-above-this-line features that feel robot-y.

Claire’s been singing the praises of this thing since Justin Bieber was performing at malls. It lets you schedule Gmail to send a message later—i.e., when it’s not 4 in the morning—or get a reminder if no one has WBed after a certain number of days. Can’t deal with the annoying email that just showed up but don’t want to forget about it? Tell Boomerang to put it back at the top of your inbox in 5 days when you’ll have the wherewithal to address it.
My newest love! I still like keeping a pen-and-paper to-do list, but this sucker is stellar for logging things on-the-go. The bells and whistles are minimal—in a good way—but you can add things via your inbox or a Chrome extension that’ll sync with your phone. Turns out this makes it easier to keep track of those emails you read right before you go to bed and tend to forget about completely.


143 by Boomerang

Suffocated by the people and the place she grew up in, Addie thought university would be the chance to start anew. Enter Louis Tomlinson, the one anchor to everything Addie was trying to escape. Unfortunately for her, he’s not a weight so easily removed.

An AU filled with pranks and miscommunicated four letter words, where Louis is a conceited know-it-all, Harry is the troublesome boy next door, Niall is the hilarious meddling friend, and Liam and Zayn just get caught in the storm.

Rating: M
Chapters: 12
Completed: No