Hobbit: Hair is Everything

Ok, picture this, dwarven hair is very tough and doesn’t fall out like it does with other races, with one notable exemption.

When a dwarf is dying their hair will shed slightly. Not enough that they’ll be bald by the time a pass into the halls of their forefathers, but enough to be noticeable. In fact, many dwarves find out their dying slowly by the hair in their brush.

So the whole point of this is that when Bilbo stays in Erebor, one of the dwarves find his brush, and the hair left behind in it.

Of course this sets all the dwarves into a frenzy and then some morning while a clueless Bilbo tries to understand what is upsetting his dwarves. He better find out soon,he doesn’t think he can survive another back breaking hug nor another bout of spontaneous crying when he walks into a room.

Bomfur, Determamfidd’s OC of Bombur and Bofur’s father. I don’t like his expression. But my previous image of the whole family captured his personality a bit more.

This was me experimenting with my iPad app again. I’m getting better, slowly. I’m waiting on a firmware update so that my stylus works properly with the iPad Air…which might be a long time. But it’s not half bad right now.

Next up will be a portrait of Genna, Bomfur’s lovely wife.

After that, maybe some actual illustrations of Sansukh, to keep me busy until the next update! ^_^