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1. How’s Your Head Game? (Season 9 Episode 7)

I love Trinity Taylor. There, I said it. After winning another challenge, I can safely say that Trinity is a triple threat - she can dance, she can act, she can tuck. Trinity is honestly the total package.

But what really tickles my fancy about Trinity is that she is the epitome of a pageant girl. She always has her eye on the crown - even if there’s a bomb in it. Pageant queens have been known to play mind games and Trinity is no different. Survivor fans are sure to get a kick out this one:

You see, on the fifth season, there was a girl named Heidi Strobel. She has it all - brains, brawn, beauty, backrolls.

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The only issue with Heidi is that no one had a higher view of herself than she did. She was the Shannel of Survivor - but instead of 39 character illusions, it’s 39 days of the game.

Anyway, during the Jury questioning of the finalists, Heidi gives a very…interesting question. She wants them to say she’s the best player of the season, they know she wants them to say she’s the best player of the season, but that’s not what happens. And not being appreciated really…ahem…deflates Heidi.

So now back to Trinity Taylor. During this week’s Untucked, the girls brought up the issue of competition. Trinity proudly states that she sees two girls as threats - one of whom is sitting right next to her, and Shea.

As soon as those words come out of Trinity’s mouth, Valentina’s ears perk up. Like a bloodhound with the scent of stoning tights blood, Valentina is ready to accept herself as one of the biggest threats in this competition.

Now this is where Trinity’s pageant expertise comes in. This is why there’s such an astigmatism with pageant queens - they love to play with your mind. Trinity was probably gonna say Valentina, but she knows that Valentina wants to hear her name, so she says Alexis instead.

And then Valentina Strobel deflates. Because she thinks that she’s beautiful, she’s perfect, she’s a model. So when Trinity doesn’t acknowledge it…Valentina is shook.This is how you do it, ladies; this is how you detonate a (blonde) bombshell - take notes Sasha Belle!

-4 Funniest Moments From RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 Episode 7

Press Centre (Week 45)

Monday November 7th

Rebecca puts her plan into action. 
Laurel feels uneasy.
Emma finds James’s will.

Tuesday November 8th

Chrissie’s world falls apart.
Diane is hellbent on revenge.
The Bartons are left reeling.

Wednesday November 9th

Will the police find any evidence?
Ross senses an opportunity.
Rishi makes a decision.

Thursday November 10th — 7pm

Victoria drops a bombshell.
Belle is left reeling.
Diane takes action.

Thursday November 10th — 8pm

Finn worries about Victoria’s plan.
Belle compromises with Zak.
Robert tries to reassure Diane.

Friday November 11th

Diane’s problems go from bad to worse.
Will Kerry’s negotiations backfire?
Adam tries to hide his doubts.

New York, New York

This is dedicated to you 11maggyemm my awesome amazing fiance. ;) I really hope you enjoy this.

This is my first AU ever and I really hope you enjoy it.

                               Its long- VERY LONG.

So be prepared! Agh I hope you enjoy it! I enjoyed writing it. Something new and challenging! Love you! Always- J.

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TvLine: Once Upon a Time Creators Talk Baby Bombshell, Belle's Confused Heart, Lily vs. Charmings and Grand Romance

ABC’s Once Upon a Time threw curveballs at two frequently tested romances, by revealing that Zelena (as “Marian”) conceived Robin’s baby, while Rumple wore his (er, Belle’s) heart on his sleeve during a very tender moment.

Elsewhere, Emma reunited with childhood pal Lily, who it turns out is wholly aware of her fantastical lineage, and thus has a bone to pick with the Charmings.

Once co-creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis previewed for TVLine this Sunday’s penultimate Season 4 episode (ABC, 8/7c), which also marks the return of Barbara Hershey as Cora.

TVLINE | Are we going to get more reaction from Robin Hood, to Zelena’s masquerade and pregnancy? I was surprised that he wasn’t more affronted by what was foisted upon him, and instead was all, “But I cahn’t leave her”?
ADAM HOROWITZ | He didn’t seem affronted? I guess we cut out pretty fast….
EDDY KITSIS | We are going to get into his reaction and give it a proper “What just happened?!” scene in this week’s episode.
HOROWITZ | There’s a pretty extensive scene at the beginning, where we get his reaction.
KITSIS | He and Regina have a pretty lengthy talk about it.

TVLINE | In an ideal world, do you commit a whole episode to a drawn-out court trial about the custody ramifications for a baby conceived in such a way?
HOROWITZ | Custody is discussed!

TVLINE | What role will this week’s Cora/Regina flashbacks play?
KITSIS | Cora is back to help Regina figure out who her own worst enemy is.

TVLINE | I see the Sheriff of Nottingham among the guest stars roster. Does Robin appear in the flashbacks as well?
KITSIS | We will definitely be seeing the world of Nottingham….
HOROWITZ | Some Sherwood Forest action is on its way.

TVLINE | Can you promise in these final three hours any similarly grandly romantic scenes between any characters?
KITSIS | I would say that we probably have at least two more. And a third one is romantic in its own way.

NEXT WEEK: Horowitz and Kitsis teases the two-hour finale and its (hopefully still-)secret scene, and answer perhaps the most burning question of all.

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