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Donald Trump is going to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants
Donald Trump has ordered his new administration to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants. The US President’s sweeping new executive order on immigration, which he signed on the fifth day of his presidency, includes a paragraph mandating the Secretary for Homeland Security to “make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens” in the US. The list will also include details of so-called “sanctuary cities” that refuse to hand over immigrant residents for deportation.

Donald Trump is a Nazi. He has assembled a cabinet of Nazis to run his fascist regime. He doesn’t call himself a Nazi, because Nazis never do. From the start “Nazi” was an insult. We all now face a choice in how to respond to this. We can either resist or collaborate. There are no other options. This is a decision we all face, but it is a particularly pertinent choice for the American people, and, crucially, the political establishment in America. Both Republican and Democrat politicians need to choose, are they going to resist or collaborate?

Make your choice now, before people start being rounded up and put in camps, before tanks roll out and bombs start falling. If enough people choose to resist now then the worst can still be avoided.

To Propose

This is my impromptu thank you for reaching 1500 followers! Thank you so much my darlings- I love all of you and appreciate all of you- I am always happy to have a chat to you and get to know you, I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS!

Anyways- Here it is, my little thank you, 

How would the RFA + V + Saeran propose? 

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Guys. GUYS!!!!

So EverythingGeek have just had a podcast with Art and Doug, and someone created a summup on Berk’s Grapevine!!!


First a couple of episode names:

Gruff Around the Edges - very comedic, focuses on Gruffnut (who is most likely the Tuffnut-lookalike from the trailer!)
Twintuition - the twins think they have developed psychic powers and start predicting the actions of the others
Dire Straits - introduces the Submaripper
Gold Rush - the dragon riders work to get back Berk’s gold
The Longest Day - takes place on the week of midnight sun, when the sun doesn’t set for an entire week, which means we get to see the riders very sleep-deprived; this is also the same episode where Hiccup and Toothless are stranded together on an island and cornered by a new dragon
Midnight Scrum - focuses on several different villains all trying to hunt Hiccup down
Shell Shocked - introduces the Shellfire (or Shell Fire?) dragon and sounds like it’s going to be a two-parter

And then they also talked about the Dragon Eye for a bit, and mentioned that the way the dragon riders find it again is going to be very unique.

Futher more:

-the dragon Hiccup and Toothless meet when they’re stranded on the island is huge, and carries other dragons on its wings
-we can look forward to “a first” with Hiccup and Astrid, taking place in an episode called Blindsided (I think that’s what they said, the connection was a bit choppy) that’s the third to last episode in the season and they say it’s well worth the wait
-new species called Fire Terrors that live on Defenders of the Wing island
-the Triple Stryke will be returning

-we can look forward to “a first” with Hiccup and Astrid, taking place in an episode called Blindsided (I think that’s what they said, the connection was a bit choppy) that’s the third to last episode in the season and they say it’s well worth the wait

it’s well worth the wait



A parody of the credits from Durarara with famous cartoon characters! Something I wanted to try with motion graphics! 

We were a ticking time bomb.

Preparing for the end before we even began
Trying to figure out how we’ll call it quits
But making sure to never fall asleep without a goodnight kiss

We were a ticking time bomb
We knew this wouldn’t last
Doing 10 mph wondering are we moving too fast ?
Yet we told each other everything
Patched the cuts and healed the bruises
As long as when it got too serious we could distance ourselves with useless excuses

We were a ticking time bomb
Just waiting to explode
Our words and actions never quite matched up
No matter how much we tried it just never felt enough

We were a ticking time bomb
Most of “us” was a mistake
Sleep walking through this
convincing ourselves we were awake

I know you’re out there reading this
and I know I came to mind
I’m sorry you can relate
To such a lingering and devastating heartache


Rafelina Michelle

Ig : Rafelina_Michelle

damn the delivery boy.

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Expecting Parents AU / Fluff and Non-explicit smut.

Summary: Jeon Jeongguk is a computer science major working as a pizza delivery boy, and you are an uninspired published author who has just started an art degree. When you realise that the delivery boy is your old high school crush, he keeps coming back, but with more to offer than just puff pastry and vegetarian supreme. Though little did he know that he would end up giving you something much more that flips both of your worlds completely upside down in the form of two blue lines and nine months.

Count: 9,656 words.

month one.

Two lines.

The second is a little faint, but it is there, undeniably there, growing stronger by the second as your heart sinks deeper into the pit of your stomach and suddenly you are keeling over the sink, throwing up a combination of panic and regret. You wipe your mouth, sit back on the closed lid of the toilet, shut your eyes and take a deep breath, holding it until your lungs burn and your lashes fly back apart to look at the test still shaking between your fingertips.

There, right before your eyes, two fucking blue lines protruding like two middle fingers, poking up at you and saying – Congratulations sucker, you are pregnant!

Twenty-three years old and pregnant.

You throw up again.

This has got to be the biggest mistake of your life.

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We never need popular music to let us know when the times are a-changin’, but we can always at least hope that the biggest songs of a period will help to reflect the national mood – and provide comfort, if not outright guidance, to help us get through the tougher parts. That’s the landscape that any new pop song invariably enters when debuting into the post-Brexit, post-Trump, pre-we-can’t-even-imagine world of 2017, and increasingly, it’s starting to sound like it.

The previously bubblegum-smacking Katy Perry set the tone for the year’s heavier, more topical fare in February with the incredulous “Chained to the Rhythm,” which Perry dubbed as the beginning of the “purposeful pop” era. The new epoch has gained steam in April thanks to comeback efforts from One Direction breakout star Harry Styles and pop-punk hitmakers Paramore – two of the most-anticipated singles of 2017, both of which go to great lengths to soundtrack the “Times” at hand.

Harry Styles’ anthemic power ballad “Sign of the Times” takes an optimistic, if largely fatalistic, approach to the state of the universe. Like the Prince title track of the same name from 30 years earlier – which asked “If a night falls and a bomb falls/ Will anybody see the dawn?” – Styles’ “Times” involve a likely imminent apocalypse, with the singer quipping, “Welcome to the final show/ Hope you’re wearing your best clothes” and “They told me that the end is near/ We got to get away from here” over swaying guitars and soaring strings. But Harry prescribes strength in solidarity and a gallows humor in order to push through, assuring “Just stop your crying, it’s the sign of the times.” Dark days, no doubt, but as Styles points out with a falsetto’d mix of frustration and serenity, “We never learn – we’ve been here before.”

Paramore, on other hand, seem to lack the resolve to face what looms on the horizon with such an unwavering gaze, dealing with their own Dusty Rhodes-like travails by yearning for “a hole in the ground/ You can tell me when it’s all right for me to come out.” The “Hard Times” that Paramore acknowledge aren’t the kind you can laugh off with a wry joke about impending doom, or even the kind that rouse you to action and inspire you to protest, but the kind that make you want to check out of 2017 altogether. There’s no guarantee that singer Hayley Williams’ rough patch as described in the song is due to national malaise rather than personal drama, but sentiments like “Hard times/ Gonna make you wonder why you even try” will certainly be familiar to anyone who’s spent an hour on their Twitter timeline this year and felt so overcome by current events that they needed to spend the rest of the day hiding under their bedsheets.

Styles’ and Paramore’s approaches to defining these “Times” may differ greatly, but they serve the same core importance of acknowledging that they’re happening at all. It’s a feeling you might not necessarily get while flipping between Chainsmokers and Migos smashes on your FM dial or Spotify chart. When front-page headlines become so loud and frightening that they invariably trickle down into the other sections of the newspaper as well, it’s important that top 40 not sound completely ignorant of this, and while neither “Sign of the Times” or “Hard Times” is directly topical, both assume a kind of baked-in world-weariness for their listening publics that make them feel inherently timely. In doing so, they might not actively spur anyone to join the movement, exactly, but they’ll let them know – as Styles’ hero David Bowie did in his day – that they’re not alone, in feeling frightened or anxious or simply overwhelmed. And for pop music, that’s the most important role of all.

It’s probably fitting that both Harry Styles’ and Paramore’s upcoming albums will drop on the same day, May 12. The rest of their respective albums may not feel so enormously weighted by their real-world backdrops – though considering Styles told Rolling Stone he wanted to call his LP Sign of the Times, and considering that Paramore actually did title theirs After Laughter, it’s hard to imagine either is marked by rampant frivolity. If the singles are any indications, it may be a valuable cultural marker to have two albums released concurrently that listeners can point to, decades later, to tell future generations, “This is what these times felt like.” - Billboard

I am part of a broken generation

I am part of a broken generation.

hearts marred and mutilated is the new normal
until stitches and scars form our backbone
and the stench of a world burning
and the sickness of poisoned waters
and the screams of ruined families
is the air we breathe.

I am part of a broken generation.

we watch bombs fall and economies crash
and guns blaze while children cry.
we watch violence incite violence
and hate incite hate
and we are told we must continue, we must
carry on, business as usual
as though we are not ruined
as though pain is not our daily okay
as though living with the fear of imminent ruin is not our reality.

But carry on we do.

I am part of a broken generation.

we are instructed.
we are told who we can blame
and who we can critique
and when we can say no.
we are told when we must feel sorrow
and when we are permitted to be angry
and which threats we may battle.
we can cry, but not for too long
and we can rage, but not in public
and we can shout, but only at each other.

I am part of a broken generation.

there’s no time for tears, they say
and your empathy serves no purpose
(your sympathy even less).
you can express grief
but only if you grieve every death.
you can pray
but only if you’re rich enough to donate.
you can help
but your actions can have no meaning beyond some
political agenda.

I am part of a broken generation.

our lifeblood is death
and our oxygen is destruction.
we are numb to the sounds of terror
and we do not cry at wars raging on our doorsteps.
our voices are ragged from calling into an endless chasm
filled with people who hear but don’t listen
and our hearts are weighed by the exhaustion
of fighting for a world that’s too quick to hate
and our eyes are burning from staring
at the next tragedy unfold before us
and the next
and the next
and the next

And nothing learnt.

I am part of a broken generation.

as children we’ve watched the world
set alight and burn and smoke
while gasoline is thrown over raging fires
and the abstract concept of our youth is used as canon fodder
for wars that have hardened our hearts too young
and stripped away the innocence that you preach must be preserved.
we are your future and we are becoming your present
but you ignore our voices
and you sneer at our beliefs
and dismiss us as kids.

yet we are the same kids you use to defend your own violence.
we are the future you claim you wish to protect.
where is our protection from the endless violence
and the senseless hatred
and the determination to divide us?
what future can we have when we are silenced
the moment our mangled generation speaks out
against the world you are creating?

I am part of a broken generation.

we are not kids.
we are young, but our hearts are hard
and our minds are sharp
and we are rising in protest against the world we see.
if you dislike our methods
if you wanted to avert a generation
mature before all its citizens can vote
with clearer minds and bolder thoughts that it’s elders
perhaps you should have considered
how a child’s heart must turn to steel
and innocence is dissolved by reality
when confronted by a world of meaningless destruction.

I am part of a broken generation.

But broken is our new whole.

gravity falls was a great show and it had a wide variety of characters but out of them all dippy fresh was the best and everybody who says otherwise is wrong and was probably paid to say that

  • Sting: You've spilled coffee down your front.
  • Rogue, half-asleep: I am coffee.
  • Sting: ...You're hot, bitter and keep people awake?
  • Rogue, slightly more asleep: Precisely. Especially those first two.
  • Sting: ...Especially especially that first one...

Okay, Gravity Falls Fandom, hear me out

Let’s talk about Bill singing “We’ll meet again”

I, like nearly everyone else, went nuts on this scene. It was freaking awesome. And the fandom immediatly came up with all this crazy good theories: It was Alex’s very sweet goodbye to us all. It was Bill’s promise to come back someday, somehow (this one is backed up by others cryptid messages in the episode). It was “ahen” Bill’s love song to Ford.

It’s all very well, but let’s think about it a little. Why would Bill be singing Vera Lynn’s bitter-sweet World War II farewell song? In this scene, Bill is on the top, quite literally. He had just took over Gravity Falls, he’s having a blast with his friends, he has Ford in chains right by his side! So why isn’t he singing a happier/crazier tune?

Well, “We’ll meet again” is ALSO the song that plays in the final scene of Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is exactly the kind of movie Bill Cipher would LOVE. It’s 1964 black comedy movie that satirizes the Cold War nuclear conflict. In the movie, a DEMENTED SCIENTIST builds a DOOMSDAY DEVICE that, was it striked, would detonate dozens of nuclear bomb, bringing the APOCALYPSE to the world. As the plot of the movie goes, the USA Government tries to stop an attack sent by one of his insane generals against the Soviet Union, otherwise Soviet Union’s doomsday device would be triggered, the nukes would be controlled by a computer and nothing could be done to stop it. In the end, AFTER MANY ATTEMPTS TO STOP THE IMMINENT APOCALYPSE, THEY FAIL. But, as the world is ending, a few lunatics power-crazy war generals, including the demented and very creepy former nazi cientist Dr. Strangelove, actually CELEBRATE the nuclear holocaust of the human race.

So, in the final scene, “Wel’ll meet again” ironically plays, along with a footage of nuclear detonations.


Some points hit reeeaal close to the plot of the last Gravity Falls episodes, don’t they?

Alex Hirsch recently mentioned that there would be a scene in Sock Opera in which Bill revealed that he helped Staley Kubrick fake the moon landing. So, Bill would ABSOLUTELY have seen Dr. Strangelove. He would have laughed his ass off, thinking how stupid us mortals really are, with our petty wars. He would conclude how much human race actually crave to be destroyed, and be happy to oblige.

My two cents? Bill, being the little shit with a twisted sense of humor he is, is making a reference to this movie. He is celebrating HIS Armagedon and the ultimate the destruction of human life. He is calling Ford a Dr. Strangelove, a crazy scientist who brought the world to its end due to his arrogance and desire for power and knowledge. Above all, he is inviting Ford to ENJOY the apocalypse with him, to surrender himself to all this madness, like Dr. Strangelove does in the end of the movie, and become like Bill himself.

(Boy, this got longer than I thought it would, but if this doesn’t blow your mind, I don’t know what will)