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People, please pray for Indonesia. There has been at least nine bomb explosions and there are shootings too reported in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia

At least one police officers has been killed. Offices are being locked down.

Those who are in Indonesia, you have my thoughts and prayers with you.

Just wanted to let people know that there was a bombing attack in a major tourist area in Istanbul, Turkey. 10 people were killed with 15 wounded. Probably won’t hear about it ‘cause no Americans died. Some lives are just more important than others.

BTW: When this was written it was 5:00 a.m. SO I did not know what exactly went on and didn’t even know it would gain as much media exposure. I apologize if I offended anyone. When I wrote this I had the intention of reminding people of how bad the media (especially American) is when it comes to representing global news. Yes it’s on the news. Okay. But there have been many other attacks occurring in Turkey the past couple months… October alone had about 100 deaths in Turkey. Most of y'all criticizing me didn’t even know that I’ll bet. This isn’t an isolated event… Yet the media treats it as some ploy against westerners. It’s a strategic attack against Turkey. ‘Cause if you haven’t noticed Turkey is in the middle of combatting conflicts between Syria, Russia, ISIS, and Kurdish rebel groups. I’m not talking about whether I’m against westerners or support this government or that. I’m against media portrayal of global issues.

Why Turkey Bans News About Terror Bombings

Barely one hour after a suicide blast ripped through an Istanbul square packed with tourists on Tuesday morning, the Turkish government imposed a media blackout.

Ten Germans died in the bombing in the historic neighborhood of Sultanahmet. Turkish officials said the suicide bomber was linked to the Islamic State militant group.

The prime minister’s office quickly rushed out a ban on media coverage of the blast, citing a 2011 Turkish law that allows the government to institute a temporary blackout to protect public order or national security. A few hours later, the ban was backed by a judicial order from an Istanbul court.

Tuesday’s media ban followed a pattern the government has established after recent attacks.

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Evgeniy Vahrushev was a quiet loner who enjoyed books more than people. He was bullied since the very young age and dropped out of college because it was hard for him to be around people. After that he was unemployed and spent his days playing computer games and reading. Evgeniy Vahrushev tried to commit suicide numerous of times. On 31th October 2007 his dream to die came true – Evgeniy was 21 years old when he became one of eight people who lost their lives when a bus was blown up in Tolyatti, Samara Oblast. Evgeniy’s mother Nadezhda was overwhelmed with grief. She didn’t know that the worst news were yet to come. Investigators found out that since September 2007 Evgeniy Vahrushev was building bombs at his home and then testing them in the woods. It’s unclear what exactly happened on 31th October 2007 and whether Evgeniy Vahrushev really had the intention to commit mass murder or he was transporting the bomb somewhere else and it exploded accidentally. But there is no doubt that Evgeniy Vahrushev is the one who is responsible for injuring 56 people and taking eight lives including his own.