bombing the system


How do you get her to leave?

Does your pearl always walk next to you?

You are so patient with her. How do you do it?

Do keep up, pearl.

  • <p> <b>707:</b> did you know ducks can see colours much more vibrantly​ than us<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> huh<p/><b>707:</b> their retinas are much better than humans<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> what are yo-<p/><b>707:</b> their eyesight is so good, they can see UV radiation<p/><b>Yoosung:</b> <p/><b>707:</b> <p/><b>Yoosung:</b> do I do with this information<p/></p>
block b baking
  • Jiho: Doubles the ovens temperature to "minimize baking time", because that seems way more efficient. Everything is burned yet raw and he doesn't understand.
  • Kyung: says he "doesn't need measurements", just eyeballs everything. turns out he really, really, really needs measurements
  • Taeil: experimental baker. Would chili paste taste good in lemon cake? Taeil gotta find out. Makes the rest eat his creations later and smiles a little too much while they gag.
  • Jihoon: licks the bowl clean and wants to put sprinkles on the cake. Writes "I love Taeil" in pink icing. he's so cute.
  • Jaehyo: Was ridiculously exact with measurements, temperature and time, yet somehow manages to burn all his cookies. He tried though, he really did.
  • Yukwon: Calls Sunhye every 5 minutes for advice, because "she makes the best cakes like, ever", ends up having a 2 hour phone call with her next door.
  • Minhyuk: takes pictures, makes comments from the side, doesn't actually join the baking. He can't get flour on his YSL Blazer, duh.

“We don’t need to spend money making flats safe! The people living there can just organise a rota to make sure they don’t go on fire…..after all, it’s not like people living in flats might want them to be safe and not at extreme risk of fire, right?”

Lancelot "Meant to be yours" Parody Lyrics:

Edit 2: Made this so Keithis the one who rescues Lance

Edit: I revised some lyrics so it sounds better and adds a bit more context to it.

I was listening to Meant to be Yours from the heathers musical today and I was like this a perfect Lancelot song so I changed some lyrics and the setting and made this thing. Enjoy (I guess)!

Scene: Lance has been captured by Lotor and in attempts to escape he is severely hurt. Lance locks himself in a room on Lotor’s ship waiting to either die or until someone come to rescue him. Lotor tries to get him to come out, unaware that Lance has been hurt. Meanwhile Keith infiltrates Lotor’s ship to save Lance.

All is forgiven baby!
Come on, get dressed!
You’re my date to the battle tonight.

You chucked me out like I was trash,
For that you should be dead—
But! But! But!
Then it hit me like a flash,
What if this war went away instead?

Those paladins are the key
They’re keeping you away from me
They made you blind, messed up your mind
But I can set you free!

You left me and I fell apart,
I punched the wall and cried—
Bam! Bam! Bam!
Then I found you changed my heart
And set lose all that truthful shit inside
And so I built a bomb
Tonight this system is Vietnam
Let’s guarantee they’ll never see their conquest rise!

I was meant to be yours
We were meant to be one
Don’t give up on me now
Finish what we’ve begun
I was meant to be yours

So when the Galra Fleet goes boom with everyone inside—
Pchw! Pchw! Pchw!
In the rubble of their tomb
We’ll plant this note explaining why they died!

Lotor & Galra soldiers:
We, the soldiers of the Galra Empire will die.
Our burnt bodies may finally get through to you.
Your society churns out slaves and blanks, no thanks.
Signed, the Soldiers of the Galra Empire.

We’ll watch the smoke roll down the halls
Bring marshmallows,
We’ll make s’mores!
We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars!

I was meant to be yours
We were meant to be one
I can’t make this alone
Finish what we’ve begun

You were meant to be mine
I am all that you need
You carved open my heart
Can’t just leave me to bleed

Lance! Open the—open the door, please
Lance! Open the door.
Lance! Can we not fight anymore?
Please, can we not fight anymore?
Lance, sure, you’re scared,
I’ve been there, I can set you free
Lance, don’t make me come in there
I’m gonna count to three!
One! Two! Quiznak it!

*Sees Lance’s unconscious body in a pool of blood*
Oh my God! No! Lance!
Please don’t leave me alone
You were all I could trust
I can’t do this alone

Lotor & Galra soldiers/Paladins:
Still I will if I must!

*Slightly above a whisper*
I came to rescue you.
*Normal Voice*

witchlog  asked:

Something that's always bothered me about most FAHC gavin headcanons is how inaccurate they are when it comes to flair. Gavin doesn't always necessarily go for flair, and FAHC gavin definitely would not torture with liquid gold, that's a waste of money, or leave roses at hit sights, that's more effort than he'd ever put out. Gavin loves efficiency. Not to say that he's lazy and doesn't value elaborate schemes. He's the type to work all day to rig something to do work for him in a second.

I would tend to agree with this but i wouldn’t say inaccurate - picking and choosing where to change his character is what makes everyone’s versions of the same individuals different and interesting, so i quite like to see all the creative variations. If everyone went for the exact same interpretations it would get boring pretty quickly i think.  

But yes, personally i see fahc Gavin as someone who will go to incredible effort in terms of the image he portrays (in facades and knowledge, in manipulation, not physical appearance) but far less so in many other areas. He’s not lazy, not at all, just values efficiency to an alarming degree, and can be remarkably impatient when he doesn’t see the merit in doing something. Gavin’s really just not interested in faffing about if the effort is going to be greater than the reward. 

That said, his idea of a worthy reward for his labour doesn’t always align with other people’s expectations; It’s perfectly acceptable to devote a whole week to setting up an unnecessarily complex trap just to see what will happen to a body placed under that much stress, but half a day spent tracking down some no-name low level dealer is deemed a ridiculous waste. Gavin can be wildly impulsive, and loves a good excessively elaborate plan, he’s just not going to commit to some long term superfluous action with no real payoff, because honestly who has the time. 

anti rant

Okay I really hate antis. I can understand disliking a ship, yes, but going as for to make a blog because you are so angry at a fictional couple?? Usually the ship discourse starts with an anti. You make an account solely based on hatred and are questioning why people are not siding with you?? I’m just going to say this now. Telling someone to kill themselves is different than saying you don’t like what they ship. Not to mention childish. If you’re really going to be doing anything helpful wouldn’t you rather stay away from discourse. I hate tumblr because of all these self proclaimed “SJW”’s who do quite literally the opposite of “social justice”. Calling people out and calling them human trash is not justice. I feel like this website is nothing but an overreactive bomb. Something passes through the system that is slightly flawed and you people nit pick at it like vultures, making a mountain out of an molehill.

Just listen here

I could like murder movies but completely despise the idea of murders

Just because you ship something doesn’t mean your okay with the ideology behind it, it’s called fiction people.

Manchester explosion: 'Suicide bomber suspected' after 19 people die at Ariana Grande concert

Police said they believe a suicide bomber may have been responsible for the deadly incident in Manchester that left at least 19 people, according to US officials reportedly briefed on what happened.

More than 50 people were also injured in the incident that took place at the conclusion of a concert by US singer, Ariana Grande, and which police said they were treating it as a suspected terrorist attack. Police carried out a controlled explosion on a suspect device several hours after the blast but subsequently revealed it had been a harmless bag.

Prime Minister Theresa May paid tribute to the victims and families of those involved in “what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack”.

If confirmed as a terrorism incident, it would be the deadliest attack in Britain by militants since four young British Muslims killed 52 people in suicide bombings on London’s transport system in July 2005. Reuters said US officials had been told police in Manchester suspected a suicide bomber carried out the attack.

Police said they responded to reports of an explosion shortly after 10.35pm at the arena, which has a capacity for 21,000 people, and where the US singer had been performing to an audience that included many children.

A witness who attended the concert said she felt a huge blast as she was leaving the arena, followed by screaming and a rush by thousands of people trying to escape the building. A video posted on Twitter showed fans, many of them young, running from the venue.

“We were making our way out and when we were right by the door there was a massive explosion and everybody was screaming,” concert-goer Catherine Macfarlane told Reuters.

“It was a huge explosion - you could feel it in your chest. It was chaotic. Everybody was running and screaming and just trying to get out.”

A spokesman for Ariana Grande, 23, said the singer was “okay”.

Manchester Arena, the largest indoor arena in Europe, opened in 1995 and is a popular concert and sporting venue.

Britain is on its second-highest alert level of “severe” meaning an attack by militants is considered highly likely.