Saudi bombing operation leaves dozens dead in Yemen

Yemen: Houthi defenses shoot down hostile aircraft

Yemeni security sources reported that air defenses belonging to the Houthi group “Ansar Allah” downed a hostile reconnaissance aircraft this morning, after the resumption of airstrikes in Sanaa.

The attack by Saudi Arabia targeting Houthi camps in Sanaa has resulted in 39 civilian deaths since the start of the airstrikes.

Houthi announced the formation of five fronts to confront Saudi aggression.

Via Al-Akhbar

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March 24, 1999: NATO’s 78-day terror-bombing campaign against Yugoslavia begins, destroying the last workers’ state in Europe and setting the stage for today’s war in Ukraine.

The bombing killed between 2,000 and 4,000 civilians, destroyed many bridges, industrial plants, many civilian buildings, public buildings and businesses, barracks and military installations. It should be particularly noted the destruction of two oil refineries, demolition Avala Tower, the Radio-Television Serbia, the Pancevo petrochemical, shooting bridge building, car factory Zastava from Kragujevac, in the buildings of downtown Belgrade, Embassy of the Republic of China and many other civilian targets.