I finally finished up my submission for the Majora’s Mask zine

I decided to try something a little different and draw an enemy from the game. Garo Master. Ikana is my favorite area in the game and Stone Tower Temple is my favorite temple. There’s just so much mystery surrounding this area it makes it feel so alive even though everyone is dead. 

Also, I tried some different things with my coloring. It was interesting but I’m still trying to decide if I like it.

“I was the best man, in a size too small…
you were my best friend, going at it all…”

size too small by sufjan stevens reminds me so much of these two…

ah i usually try not to be too hard on myself about my art bu t this is honestly terrible and nothing else im drawing is turning out right either

its still really important to me though its autistic link forgetting what expression theyre supposed to use + anxious hand flaps (two things i do a aall the time)