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But I'm A Cheerleader! - Chapter 2 (Aja x Farrah) - Millie

A/N: I’m trying to apply their roles from the cheer challenge to their characters in this, so I apologise if it seems cheesy or anything. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated! Also to all the actual cheerleaders out there, I do apologise if I’m not using the correct terms for everything, I literally don’t know the first thing about it lmao

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Tuesdays in Tights!

Brent Stanton Stretches The Tights This Tuesday In Melbourne!

Nice Package, Baby!

Steele Sidebottom of the Collingwood Magpies and Mark Baguley of the Essendon Bombers in one of those unfortunate tackles where one of the players has his shorts ripped down revealing his underwear much to the chagrin of the sports loving public.