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  • Name: Darian
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • Average Hours of Sleep: 5-7 hours
  • Lucky Number: ????
  • Last thing I googled: hawk hollywood
  • Favorite Fictional Characters:

LISA: Terry, Birdie, Hawk Hollywood, Big Lincoln
Undertale: Pretty much everyone
Mario: Vivian, Bombery, the Shroobs
Yume Nikki and Related: Poniko, Urotsuki, Aoshiru, Thomas
Smash: Ness and Shulk…..

Uhhh okay we’ll be here forever

  • What are you wearing right now: Shirt and shorts
  • When did I start this blog: ????
  • Amount of followers: Just passed the 300 mark and doing a giveaway right now!
  • What Do I Post Mainly: Games and social justice, I am the inversion of gamers
  • Do I Run Anymore Blogs: @fyeahrpgs @shit-city-dreamer @thatfanficblog (might ditch the second one because honestly fuck the rp g mak er community here) 
  • What Made Me Get Tumblr: I originally got a tumblr for writing stuff and it was originally meant to just be about my fanfics. Guess that went downhill lmao
  • Do I Get A Lot of Asks: Not anymore now that I actually use Skype
  • Why Did I Get This URL: It was URL for everything for years. But now I semi-regret it because it sounds like furry stuff.

Okay so I guess I tag people that she didn’t already tag:

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