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Donovan: Love At First Sight

Donovan x Reader

Anon: Are you taking requests? If so, I would love something with Donovan and a living human (preferably female) reader. I love love love soulmate fluff, if you don’t mind. Maybe he lures her to a hotel room as a potential victim but then sees his name on her and his plans change? 

- Here you go, anon. Hope you liked it <3

A man you met on tinder planned to meet you at the Hotel Cortez. You’ve spent over 30 minutes waiting at the bar and he was nowhere to be found, you figured he stood you up. 

“Care for a drink now, hun?” The bartender, you learned her name is Liz, asked. Putting your phone down, you replied. “Yeah, might as well. I’ll have a Long Island." 

"Right away.” Liz smiled and started making your drink. 


Out of nowhere, this man sat next to you, then immediately spoke to Liz. "I got her drink, Liz. Just get me a whiskey.” He winked at you. “I’m Donovan. What’s your name, doll face?" 

"Y/N.” You blushed. “You didn’t have to, but thank you.” Those beautiful blue eyes drew you in so fast, it was almost hypnotizing. 

“Don’t worry about it.” He waved a hand. “But hey, Liz’s drinks are awfully expensive. How about you come to my room? I mean, it’s free." 

"I’m sorry, but I’m not like that. And besides, I just met you?” You said to Donovan, with a questionable look on your face. He came off pretty strong. That definitely was a bold move for him to make. 

“Oh no no no. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m having a small party in my room. I promise you, it’s completely harmless.” He looks to Liz for assistance. “You can trust me.” You look at Liz and she nods, then Donovan looks back at you and smiles. 

“Uh, okay sure. My date stood me up anyways, so why not.” You shrugged your shoulders and chugged your drink. I mean why not? It’s not like you had anything else better to do, anyways. “Hold on, let me go use the bathroom real quick." 

"Yeah yeah, go for it." 

As you started heading to the bathroom, Liz walks around the bar to stand next to Donovan. "Poor girl, she doesn’t know what’s coming to her." 

"She is beautiful. I bet her blood tastes amazing.” Donovan licks his lips.

Liz reaches over for a towel, then makes her way to start wiping down the tables.

Minutes later you come back. “Okay, I’m ready.” “Perfect. After you.” Donovan puts his arm straight out, guiding you to walk first towards the elevator. 

“So how long are you staying here?” You asked Donovan. 

“I live here, actually. My girlfriend recently dumped me too.” Donovan looks down and starts fiddling with his fingers. 

“Oh I’m sorry to hear that. Why? If you don’t mind me asking." 

"She um, just wasn’t ready to commit to me. She wanted to be with someone else, I guess.” Donovan sighs. 

“Wow really? That’s surprising.” You looked up at Donovan and patted his arm.

“And why’s that?” Donovan looked at you and asked. “Well I mean, to be honest you’re very handsome and you seem like a nice person. She doesn’t deserve you.” You said, sounding as genuine as you can. 

He smiles at your remark. That’s the nicest thing he’s heard anyone say that him in awhile, besides his mother. “You really think so, Y/N?" 

Finally reaching the elevator, you let’s you in first, then presses the button for the 5th floor. 

"Yeah I do. I know we just met. But I mean it.” You said, placing a piece of hair behind your ear. 

Hearing what he heard from you just may have changed his mind about making you his snack. The elevator was silent while he thought about what you said: Was what Elizabeth and I had real or was it just lust? Did she ever even love me? Is Y/N supposed to be my soulmate? I mean, she is very pretty and nice too. As thirsty as I am for blood, I can’t do this to this poor girl. Does she like me or is she just saying nice things to make me feel better? God dammit.

Donovan looks at you. You noticed from the corner of your eye, so you looked back at him and smiled. 


After the both of you walk out of the elevator, you continued to follow Donovan. “So how many people are at this party of yours?" 

"Not much. Just two.” Donovan responds. 

“Oh.” You said, sounding surprised. A party to you is 10+ people. But whatever. You went along with it. 

Reaching to Room 54, Donovan grabs a key from his pocket and unlocks the door. Entering the room, you see a gorgeous woman with thick wavy girls and an elderly woman with large glasses on. 

“Y/N, this is Iris.” Donovan puts a hand on your back and uses the other hand to point at Iris. 

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Iris walks up to you and shakes your hand, sniffing the air. She could smell the blood running through your veins. “Pleasure meeting you. You smell good.”

“Um, thanks.” You smiled, trying not to feel awkward. 

Then, Donovan points at the other woman. “And this is Ramona." 

She definitely had a strong personality by the way she carries herself. "Well she’s a pretty little thang you got here, Donovan.” Ramona said with a loud tone and strong attitude. It intimidated you a little. 

“Thank you, Ramona.” You replied, putting your hands behind your back while slowly spinning your body left and right. 

Donovan looks at you and says with a low tone. “Hey Y/N, can you give us a sec?" 

"Yeah sure. Of course.” While the three of them walked a few feet away to talk, you sat on the edge of the bed, then took your phone out of your purse to go through it to pass time. 

“Okay you guys, I know what this is supposed to be. But I’ve changed my mind about her.” Donovan whispers, while glancing at you to make sure you couldn’t hear. 

Ramona sat down, then shook her dead in disagreement. “Whatchu mean, boy? So you’re telling me that she ain’t our snack? Because momma’s hungry.” She really was hungry for blood and was disappointed that Donovan promised to provide that for them and didn’t.

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“No. I mean, she was. But not anymore.” Donovan added. 

“What are you talking about, Donovan?” Iris asked in confusion. 

“Boy fell in love. Love at first sight, hm?” Ramona asked.

“Something like that. She’s different. That’s the vibe I got off of her.” Donovan answers. It’s true, he felt something for you after what you said to him. He thought Elizabeth was the one, but it may even be you. He was willing to take the risk. 

Ramona rolls her eyes. “Yeah yeah yeah." 

Iris puts her hand on Donovan’s chest, looking at him in acceptance. "That’s alright, son. Don’t worry about it." 

The three of them break their secret circle. You noticed, so you put your phone back in your purse. With Ramona’s loud voice, she says, "Well it was nice meetin’ you sweetheart, but I gotta get going." 

"Me too.” Iris smiles at you. 

“Aw already? I just got here.” You pouted. Donovan said it was a party, so you expected a party. 

“Yeah, Miss Ramona is gonna go grab a bite to eat, then get some rest.” Ramona says as she hugs you goodbye, then walks towards the door, holding it open for Iris. “Donovan, you take care of that girl. Ya hear?” Ramona says to Donovan. You couldn’t tell if she meant it or if she was being sarcastic, from the way her personality is. 

“And Liz needs me at the check in desk. But it was nice meeting you, dear.” Iris waves goodbye to you and follows out with Ramona. 

Once the room accompanied only you and Donovan, you stood up and asked. “That’s it? Some party." 

At the table fit for two, Donovan sat down. "Yeah but that’s alright. I’m fine with it being just the two of us.” Still sitting, he pulls the chair out next to him and pats it for you to sit down. 

You realized Donovan had a point, which you agreed to. “Same here.” You sat down. On the table was a bottle of whiskey and a few glasses, you poured yourself and Donovan a glass. 

Donovan looks at you, mesmerized. “So Y/N, have I told how beautiful you look?”

It is 3am. All you felt waking up is cold. Cold and thirsty with no memory of what happened and how you got here. You wake up on the bed with your lover, Donovan beside you. “Donovan? What…What happened?”

Donovan looks at you with questionable eyes, scooting closer to you. “You don’t remember? I found you in front of the hotel with a stab wound left for dead. Luckily I found you just in time.”

“Oh now I remember. I was going out for a walk. I just needed some fresh air. Some guy was trying to steal my purse, so I fought back. And then he pulled out his pocket knife, stabbed me, took my purse and ran. I tried getting inside the hotel as best I could, but before I knew it, everything went black.” You were looking around and touching your stomach, only to find no wound.

Donovan sits up and says angrily, “you shouldn’t even be going out for a walk this late at night. Let alone by yourself! What on earth-”

You cut Donovan off as you got off of the bed, trying to feel around your body for a wound. “Wait, where’s my wound? What happened to it? How is it gone?”

Donovan gets off the bed to face you and cups your cheek with his hand, looking directly into your eyes. “That’s because I turned you, baby.”

Your eyes grew wide and you slowly started to panic. “You did what?!”

Donovan, takes his other hand and cups your other cheek with it, cupping both cheeks. He starts quickly looking back and forth on each eye trying to get his point across to you. “I couldn’t live without you, Y/N. I just couldn’t. I had to do it!”

You put your hands on top of your head and start pacing. “Oh my god, Donovan. Now I have to eat people?!” You didn’t know if you should feel thankful that Donovan saved you by turning you or if you’d rather just be dead because you knew that the only way you can really live is if you kill. 

Donovan puts his hands on your shoulders to stop your pacing and lowers his head to your level. “It’s going to be okay, babe. It’s not as bad as it seems. I’ll help you. I’ll teach you.” He closes his eyes while he sets a gentle kiss on your forehead.