bomber kids

Sagittarius & Cancer
  • Cancer, busts into the lecture room w/ a leather bomber jacket and boots:
  • Cancer, walks over to Sagittarius's seat, lowers shades: Sup' bitch.
  • Cancer, flips them off before struting up the stairs, accidentally bumps into someone's desk & makes their stuff fall down: OMG- OMG- I'M SO SORRY. LET ME BUY YOU LUNCH TODAY. PLEASE.
  • Sagittarius, pulls out phone & texts Aries: [ yup u won the bet ill give u ur five tomorrow]

Parts & Services

It’s all about the legs in this look because I’m gonna be sad to retire the summer 16 no pants uniform 😭👋🏼🌞👀❄️ Being that I was born and raised in Hawaiʻi, I feel most comfy when my legs are free so I’m milking the warm/cool SoCal Fall weather as long as I can.

This look is mega basic but it’s fun because it’s all about the tomboy glam! Mixing something feminine with something more masculine is my go to. The charcoal gray T-shirt dress is the perfect femme canvas for the oversized navy windbreaker. Went for my disco ball choker because I am obsessed with it atm and it just makes me feel like a bad bitch ya know 😎🤔🙃. These cutout boots are a statement piece so they really get their moment paired with this super simple outfit.

+ Blue lipstick for my alien soul👽🙌🏽💙.

T-Shirt Dress: >$7 (H&M)
Esprit Windbreaker: $8 (Thrifted)
Cutout Boots: $35 (F21)
Nine West Backpack Purse: $4 (Thrifted)
Disco Choker: Gift

anonymous asked:

kim is about to drop a kid's bomber that says calabasas all over it, and given the hat briana was wearing the other day and that "louis" and briana are liking her husbands clothing/shoes, should we expect F to show up in that bomber?? but also im doubtful he will because I highly doubt kim would pay briana to endorse her brand like other companies have, but honestly how funny would it be if F got pictured wearing it

Kim Kardashian? LOL Kim Kardashian has no idea who Louis is even less B and the kid. You guys… pls