bombed walls


The Wall Street Bombing took place in New York in the year 1920 when a horse-drawn carriage filled with 100 pounds of dynamite and 500 pounds of iron was parked outside the J.P. Morgan Bank in New York City. The bomb killed 38 people and wounded another 143.

There was speculation that communists or anarchists were behind the bombing, but unfortunately, the perpetrator was never caught.

I got into one of those HELLA rare overwatch games where like, everyone was chill and nice on both teams. Like, were defending on kings row and I’m playing junkrat (of course) and were holding them at that first choke point after they capture the objective. I set my trap in the little left hallway and I get a soldier in it and I’m like FUCK because I just shot my full clip and had to reload and I’m low on health so he one shots me with his rockets

BUT!!! One of my bombs banked off the wall by accident and went right at the soldier and killed him and I just went ‘OH’ in the chat and the guy was like 'BRUH…’ And I said 'THAT WAS A TOTAL ACCIDENT’ and they just went ’ B R U H…’

At the end of the match we were congratulating the mercy on my team for her sick ass 5 man Rez and the dude went 'also the fucking junkrat, even when u die you kill people’ and honestly it made my night lmao