bombed walls

I got into one of those HELLA rare overwatch games where like, everyone was chill and nice on both teams. Like, were defending on kings row and I’m playing junkrat (of course) and were holding them at that first choke point after they capture the objective. I set my trap in the little left hallway and I get a soldier in it and I’m like FUCK because I just shot my full clip and had to reload and I’m low on health so he one shots me with his rockets

BUT!!! One of my bombs banked off the wall by accident and went right at the soldier and killed him and I just went ‘OH’ in the chat and the guy was like 'BRUH…’ And I said 'THAT WAS A TOTAL ACCIDENT’ and they just went ’ B R U H…’

At the end of the match we were congratulating the mercy on my team for her sick ass 5 man Rez and the dude went 'also the fucking junkrat, even when u die you kill people’ and honestly it made my night lmao

Ok like
If we do get a Steven and Lars fusion
I don’t want him to be a kickass fighter or anything

I want him to be as dorky as all get out.

Weapon? Nah. He just takes that shield and some random stick or the f***ing magic sword and voila, it’s a magic frying pan. 

His powers are the ability to cook anything and everything on the fly. Sometimes its not even food items. Sometimes he makes weapons to escape the clutches of homeworld and make it home!

“Thirty seconds in the oven and voila my dearies we have a ****ing WALL BOMB.”

When he gets introduced to the Crystal Gems, they don’t pressure him to be a warrior like Stevonnie or Smoky. They encourage his inventing/cooking skills, knowing he’s clever and passionate about what he does. Even if he is awkward and dorky about it. It makes him happy and boosts his self esteem!

Heck wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an episode with Sardonyx’s room again? And instead of a talk show, it’s the zaniest cooking show on cable? Complete with explosions?

“Add a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of FIRE, and you have yourself a delicious stir fry that also acts as a combustant!”

I know its a tall order, and to be honest, I have my doubts we’ll get a fusion, but Lars’ and Steven’s brotherly relationship means a lot to me, and I want to see this sort of upbeat development happen.

If You Get Killed, Walk It Off. (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Grieving, supposed death, explosion, blood, death


Request: woul you do one angst? The reader is in a mission with the avengers and then there is an explossion and the reader was in that building and everybody thinks that she died, and start to cry and remember how they love her, and finally she was ok, and goes with them and ask what happen? sorry if it is not ok with you

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You were in another country with the other Avengers on a mission. There was sightings of HYDRA and so you went to try and find them and stop them before harm came to anyone.

You had narrowed it down to a few buildings and you went in one with Steve, Natasha, and Tony. Clint was watching from outside while you four went in to try and secure the building. You ordered all the people inside to evacuate, and while they did that you went searching for HYDRA agents.

You saw a man trying to sneak upstairs. “Hey!” You yelled and took off running. Steve went off to follow you while Tony and Natasha helped get people out.

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