bombed wall


read in 2018. truly devious by maureen johnson

look! a riddle! time for fun! 

should we use a rope or a gun?
knives are sharp and gleam so pretty.
poison’s slow, which is a pity.
fire is festive, drowning’s slow.
hanging’s a ropy way to go.
a broken head, a nasty fall.
a car colliding with a wall.
bombs make a very jolly noise.

such ways to punish naughty boys! what shall we use? we can’t decide. just like you cannot run or hide. 

ha ha.

truly, devious. 


The Wall Street Bombing took place in New York in the year 1920 when a horse-drawn carriage filled with 100 pounds of dynamite and 500 pounds of iron was parked outside the J.P. Morgan Bank in New York City. The bomb killed 38 people and wounded another 143.

There was speculation that communists or anarchists were behind the bombing, but unfortunately, the perpetrator was never caught.

Yearly Bomb Threat

Ok so, I go to a school in a fairly safe area, however we have a few absolutely insane and idiotic kids at our school. Well, one day during my freshmen year, some girl wrote on the bathroom wall a bomb threat and gave the time and place it was going to happen. Well, needless to say we were all sent home and the police were at the school for 2 days trying to figure out if it was real or fake. Well, it was fake and a prank from a senior. The girl got kicked out of school, which must’ve really sucked because she only had one more year to go. As of now, the following years have conisted of constant bomb threats around the same time. It’s become an ongoing joke. “Oh hey, we are in lockdown.” “Oh shit man, it’s that time of year again. The yearly Bomb threat.”
The good news is, every year we get to see a bunch of cute dogs come to sniff out fake bombs.